Timeout: “I… Usually Start With A Kiss.”

I Need Romance 3 (2014)
I Need Romance 3 (2014)

Here’s my what-I’m-watching Timeout, or more like drama-related rambles.

I am onboard the I Need Romance 3 wagon and enjoying – but not loving – the show. Honestly, these days I really wonder if it’s the drama(s), or it’s just me. Lately it’s so, so hard to sit back and just enjoy a show, even if they’re well-made ones like I Need Romance 3.

The thing is as I’m sure you’re aware too, there are so many things to love about the show, namely the casting of chameleon Kim Soo Yeon as our leading lady to her lover boy Sung Joon and of course, my personal favorite, Nam Goong Min. Then there’s the directing which absolutely does not disappoint. I love, love, love the director’s artistic flair such as the still shots like pictures in an album peppered between scenes, the fantastic choice of color – pastel, soft and trendy – and finally the tone of the show which is zippy, introspective and relatable. Of course, the tone is as much to the director’s credit as it is to the writer, who continues to impress me. 

But here’s my gripe, and thank goodness it’s being tackled in the coming episode because I just couldn’t move past it – Sung Joon‘s character, Joo Wan or adorably called Sweet Potato, is a creep. How or why the hell isn’t anyone voicing out the fact that he basically trespassed not just physical properties of someone else’s, but also personal space when he entered her house? Twice, I might add and even changed the lock code without permission! How is that okay?! That is not okay. That border lines stalker behaviors, and more importantly, that’s clearly trespassing another individual’s personal space. Just cos you’re a hottie doesn’t mean you get a free pass, please. 

That aside though and I seriously hope she gives him a sound verbal beating about this, the main couple is indeed cute. Their chemistry is au naturel and so, so there.

The thing I dig the most about this third spin-off is that there are two couples, which please rejoice with me because IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME NAM GOONG MIN GETS THE GIRL! Best of all, bless the second girl! I totally approve of this couple, I just know it. I am totally loving the character, Oh Se Ryung played by Wang Ji Won. She’s spunky, bold, sassy and proud. Sure, her past makes her seem loose or whatever they want to call it, but I like her self-confidence. 

Then there’s the friendship between the two women, which I also love. The patch-up will be great stuff to watch, because just watching them argue and jab at each other over petty things – kicking the pen and neither wanting to pick it up, anyone? – with the kind of familiarity that only exists between old friends, means the basis of their friendship is still sound. It’s the ones you love and trust the most that has the most power to break you, and here’s what happened between the two women.

Though I would argue that more than anything, it’s ego and pride that kept them apart all those years so it’s doubly interesting to watch them come to terms with the past, maybe or maybe not with pride still intact. The two women are outwardly different, but characteristically similar which makes their dynamics a gold mine to dig deeper into. Now that they’re within each other’s radar and already went batshit crazy with the hair-pulling and what-have-you in the second episode – well, that just means things can only go up from here on, right? 

A minor quibble I have is that I don’t really dig the junior girl with the civil examination candidate boyfriend – who seems like such a sweetheart – and thus, I’m still trying to get behind her push/pull with him. Okay, more like her “Let’s break up, I can’t do this anymore!” repetitive line, but maybe I just don’t or can’t relate. The male colleague is cute though, and if I remember right they’re supposed to have a love entanglement? But, but, but the current boyfriend is such a sweetheart… 

Prime Minister & I (2013)
Prime Minister & I (2013)

I’m also still watching Prime Minister & I and yes, happy to report that I’m still loving it. Yoona absolutely shines in this show, seriously. I continue to be gobsmacked impressed with her acting as the refreshingly optimistic Nam Da Jung and yes, her beauty. Who would’ve ever guessed there’s a day like today where I’m actually – gasp! – sincerely complimenting Yoona? Testament to how awesome the show is, totally.

The show isn’t perfect and I admit the past two episodes were pretty slow and kinda lagged, but it’s just so damn watchable and full of heart. It’s not totally zippy and trendy, but it sure is light and breezy; easily watchable. While the writing is generally simple, so far it’s solid. I don’t dig where the show seems to head where the first wife’s concerned, but I’ll wait for the upcoming episodes to confirm if crazies just rode into town, or somehow the writers can come up with a believable story line that ties everything and everyone. Here’s to hoping.

The one major quibble I have about the show is… it’s sorely under-utilizing Yoon Si Yoon that I kind of want to cry. Boy has so much talent and such expressive eyes but writers, what do you have him do instead? Mope, mope and mope. Bleeding angst, glances from afar and sad, puppy face expressions. I love that he’s part of the cast because I believe he can learn plenty from Lee Bum Soo and I also think he has chemistry with Yoona – I wouldn’t mind if they re-team later in future – but my dear writers, he’s too good an actor to waste as mere plot-plodder second fiddle!

Another drama that’s under my radar but not yet watched is Miss Korea. I’ve noticed a small but solid fan base for the show and I really love the plot so I promise I will check it out once it has finished airing (or if I can squeeze time for it!). I have a feeling I’ll love it because it sounds exactly my cuppa – when I get to it, hopefully I’ll write about it too.

The crack these days is none other than You From Another Star and sounds like it just went to town with the ratings, but I can’t pick it up now cos I’m already wasting so much time as it is – or is it not enough as it is? – and I’m … allergic to hypes. The drama blogosphere seems to be crazy in love with this show because everyone is raving left and right and that’s when I… retreat, back off and turn away. I’ve always been like this ha so don’t mind me; I’ll probably pick up the show when it’s done.

As for Jdramas there are so many that I want to watch, but alas time is really, really not on my side. I’ve decided I’ll wait until Boku no Ita Jikan finishes airing because if the show comes from the writer who gave me my wonderfully insightful Osozaki no Himawari…  aye yo, that’s tough. I strongly feel it’s best to watch the show through a marathon. Oh DramaFever is subbing this show by the way, so yay!

Last but not least, I’ve downloaded Matsumoto Jun‘s new show, Shitsuren Chocolatier and I tried to watch it since last week but ugh, unsuccessful due to time constraints. I’ve always personally thought he’s better as an actor than anything else – definitely not as a singer, ha – and since his Hana Yori Dango years, his project choices have all been rather interesting and distinct from each other. They’re not always hits nor my cup of tea, but I find that he has a good eye for picking projects so I’m interested to give this one a go and decide for myself whether to keep watching. Okay, that and Mizukawa Asami who I’ve grown really fond of.

Aight, that’s all for my drama updates. Nothing meaty or substantial, so I’ve nothing new to offer unfortunately. Plus argh, busy, busy! School… you… Let’s not go there.

Have a good weekend y’all!

Disclaimer: Posters credit to wiki.d-addicts.com.



10 thoughts on “Timeout: “I… Usually Start With A Kiss.”

  1. I agree with everything you said about I need romance 3.Cinematography is gorgeous and I like all characters,but behavior of male lead put me off a little.I think it’s not normal to secretly get into someone’s apartment,watching them doing things,listen to their conversations.Everyone has right for personal space.
    I love “Prime minister and I” to pieces.When I had hard times this show gave me hope that everything will be okay.It is so heartwarming.I love Yoona here,I didn’t like her before,but here she is just amazing,I like their chemistry with Lee Bom Soo very much.They are such a beautiful couple.That’s why I was SO angry after last 2 eps.I don’t like such stupid plot devices like “dead wife suddenly alive”.I can only hope that show won’t go downhill after that.
    I also watched man from another star and while it’s good,I think it’s a little overrated.It’s also hard for me to connect emotionally with male lead.He is so emotionless…But you should watch this show just for the main actress.I didn’t see her before but here she is truly amazing and relatable.
    Sorry for such a long post,I have many thoughts))

    1. Don’t worry about the long comments, Paloma. Seriously haha, just comment freely here!

      Yay to someone else also understanding my stance with INR3. Cinematography is absolutely GORGEOUS though, that I must affirm too. I also have minor quibbles with the break-up with the ex-boyfriend (a “test”, really??) but overall it’s a solid show, so I’m looking forward to how the story will play out.

      Ah I understand what you mean about PM&I’s recent plot development and also being surprised at Yoona here. Haha, that’s how I feel about her too. The thing about having the first wife alive is that it makes things complicated from a motherhood perspective cos one, there’s the ethical/moral issues i.e. abandoning her kids for seven years? and then there’s also the legal issue i.e. so… the PM is still legally married to the first wife then? So many sudden complications ugh, but hopefully the writers know what they’re doing.

      Everyone is raving about the actress! I watched her in The Thieves and some of her old movies but she never really piqued my interest, but wow the compliments that’s been given to her for her role in this show alone is I think, worth checking out haha. Which I will… eventually. I really don’t do with hypes with very well aha :p

  2. “I’m … allergic to hypes.”
    Ha, me too! *high five* Is this one of the perks of getting older? These days I’m easily turned off by dramas with huge fanbase. It’s not that I don’t like to see the dramas getting more recognition if they deserve it, I do; but things can get complicated when a drama is too popular, just like what happened with Answer Me 1994 and the shipping war.

    Okay, back to what I was going to write..I’m loving MIss Korea and You from Another Star but currently stuck at episode 8 of both series. Shelving Prime Minister and I and I Need Romance 3 for marathon later. I can’t juggle too much dramas at once O.O

    I might check out Sitsuren Chocolatier because of Mizobata Junpei…I miss him!

    1. *high fives back* Perks? I’m not sure I’d call it perk haha, but I think it is a consequence of growing older :p your reason for not jumping on the hype wagon is similar to mine – I can’t stand it too, when things get cray cray like they did during AM1994 and Heirs. I wasn’t watching either shows but my god, the amount of tension and crazy squealing around the drama blogosphere! *shudders*

      Ahhhh happy to hear you’re watching Miss Korea. I’m anticipating watching that once its run is over. I keep telling myself I’ll give You From Another Star a go but I never do… I think it’s a pretty breezy, light watch? Haha, I can’t juggle too many dramas too though which is why I’m only watching PM&I and INR3. I THINK I can take on one more, but so far no show’s piqued my interest enough to actually brave through the first episode.

      I like MatsuJun more! :D But let me know if you watch it, I accidentally came across a comment somewhere about the show’s episode 2 and ahem apparently there’s a “believable kiss” haha!

    1. I know you’re watching and enjoying it! Remembered seeing an entry about the show on your blog :) I’ll definitely watch it! …Someday haha. For some reason when there’s a hype is always when I jump off the wagon haha but I’ve read sooooo much about how awesome the actress is there and remember watching the two in The Thieves where I thought they had mad chemistry so yeah, motivation’s the only thing left now to hop on the wagon :p

        1. I didn’t watch it but heard a lot about it and people are basically of two camps: love it, or hate it. My old housemate did watch it though and raved about it. I’m not sure if it’s a straight-up melo (the anti-Moon Sun seem to hint it was) but it does err on the side of tears here and there I think. Tread with caution :p You should watch Dream High though haha, that one’s actually really cute.

  3. I am only watching two dramas ATM, INR3 and Can We Love.
    I really would like to love INR3, but I just can’t get fully on board. The cinematography is very pretty indeed. For now, I believe my gripe in the drama is I haven’t found one character to root for. I like the female lead, only when she’s acting vulnerable, but when she’s acting brash, prideful or a biatch, I can’t stand her. I am all for strong characters but I can’t connect with her except on her “soft” moments.
    SunJoon’s character also irritates me for some reason. Especially when he’s acting like a know it all. I just can’t subscribe to the idea that another person (SunJoon) can know more about one’s thoughts and feelings more than the person itself (KSY).
    The latest ep is starting on the triangle and I am hoping that it won’t go down that road. Season 1 and 2 have done that already.
    The set-up is already rife with issues that can hold the main couple apart, can’t they just address those and not muddy it a love triangle?

    1. Your commentaries about Sung Joon’s character is spot on. I’m not yet irritated, but I find that I keep rolling my eyes at when I read comments praising his character to the high heavens. Hottie or not please, let’s get certain things straight. I do like our heroine though, but I can see why she didn’t click with you.

      I am totally with you though, that there’s already so many issues the writer could easily work with as conflicts, as opposed to going down this same path again. Maybe third times the charm? But… ahhhh must they reallyyyyy go down the love triangle path? I friggin’ love the current dynamics and two-pairs as opposed to a triangle ugh whyyy. Plus Kim Soo Yeon and Nam Goong Min’s friendly best friend vibes are so, so cute as it is. Not sure if I am onboard this new plot development, though I suppose I need to actually watch episodes 5 and 6 first haha to confirm this.

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