Timeout: When YG Strikes Again – UGH.

UGH, YG. I swear this dude is testing my patience.

So it’s just been announced that supposedly YG Entertainment and thus, the man himself, YG is working on debuting four new groups this year. Apparently, the four are:

  2. Akdong Musician
  3. The long-rumored girl group

And…. get this… possibly Team B.

Excuse my language for a sec, but –


I’m happy for everyone who gets to début, sincerely I do. It’s a tough idol-world out there and anyone who’s put in 200% effort and practically his or her life at stake deserves that silver lining and début opportunity.

But the fuck YG, if you actually début even half or some of the boys of Team B in the same year as the winning team’s much deserved and well-earned début??! What the hell was the point of WIN: Who Is Next and more important than that, how cruel of you to subject all eleven boys through that grueling process and then pull this, “Oh, gotcha!” card just cos you can?

While I’m taking this announcement with a grain of salt – YG and timing, ha! You and I know the man is absolutely, 100% punctual and delivers his words (snark) – but just the fact that he made the announcement and dangled the possibility of Team B… It’s like that moment in episode six of WINNER TV. You can give advice without rehashing old wounds, and likewise again here. Ugh.

Seriously I want to like this dude, I’m really trying here. Now that I’m watching KPop Star 3 regularly, I’m even trying not to snark at him there (whereas JYP naturally asks that from me) but dude, you are making it very, very difficult for me to like you. His favoritism is so fucking obvious it disgusts me.

Ugh, for the love of fair play, this is all I’m asking: don’t be a dick.


6 thoughts on “Timeout: When YG Strikes Again – UGH.

  1. Nah, he’s just trolling us. He was asked if it was Team B and he didn’t say either way because he’s not going to debut them. He just wants people to hope that he is. Cuz he’s a shit.

    1. “Cuz he’s a shit.” MMHMM.

      Did he really? I read one or two articles and they all mentioned he did. Ugh, him and his trolling though… He needs to get his shit together first, I think and quit with this “we’re postponing to ensure better quality” – but you do that for everything! From 2NE1 to BB to WINNER and of course, Taeyang’s album. *grumble grumble*

  2. I’ve read about these ‘rumors’ before. They first came up when he gave his projected plans for 2014 to the financial investors. Of course, anything YG says we have to take with a grain of salt (or a mountain load) but.. ahhhhhhhhhhh I really hope he does. not. do. this. I am mildly annoyed that he’s playing us right now. I will be super pissed if he goes ahead with these plans of Team B.

    1. I wonder if I jumped the gun actually because apparently another piece of news I read said he kept mum, but the reporters were the one who speculated that Team B is part of it (if any, honestly my money’s on BI & Bobby duo). Still though I hate that I feel like as much as he’s invested about WINNER (because money and rep is on the line), his heart/interest is so obviously more towards Team B because they’re more “YG style”. Poor Akdong Musician gets shafted to the side too, cos they’re not at all “YG style” then. All my favorite folks are in the company, I don’t know if that’s good or bad cos I really can’t stand this dude -_-

      1. Akdong Musician chose YG so he must have convinced them that he wanted them. They’re probably hard to market, those two. Like, their style of music, and the fact that they’re just a duo. YG probably doesn’t know what to do with them, lol

        1. Haha you’re right, he probably doesn’t know what to do with them. On the upside them joining is great for a change in the company’s direction, but possibly terrible for the duo cos they’re soooooo different than any of the artists/producers in there at least as far as I know. I hope they get a smashing debut though, I love love love them in KPop Star 2.

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