Timeout: Nodame Cantabile, The K-version Anyone?

RE: Nodame Cantabile to have a Korean Remake

Dear Korean Entertainment,

Don’t, I repeat and beg of you, don’t you dare screw this one up. You either do right with the franchise and story, or keep your grubby hands off them and leave ’em alone!

My Nodame and Chiaki oh my god. The same two characters who breathed to (my) life repeatedly regardless of the medium: the manga, anime and of course, live-action dramas and movies – dude, I made the trip to Singapore just to watch the movies when they were released – and namely the latter, played to perfection by Ueno Juri as our titular Nodame and the charismatic Tamaki Hiroshi as Chiaki.

Look at them! Look at them! Can anyone top their chemistry and characters embodiment any better? Here’s the thing, and I know you know it too – Ueno Juri was Nodame, and likewise Tamaki Hiroshi was Chiaki.


Honestly I am extremely torn, skeptical and obviously, very protective of the original franchise. As much as the thought of a Korean remake is exciting, honestly you don’t exactly have a great track record when it comes to remakes, cracktastic notwithstanding. Hello, Playful Kiss? Ring any bells, To The Beautiful You? Dare I even stretch it by mentioning Boys Over Flowers?

One more thing: you cast idols left and right – even worse, if the idols are the two leads… You and I need to talk. I swear I won’t let you off this one – I can’t and I won’t.

Super-staunch Nodame Cantabile fan
(don’t mess with my devotion for this show)


19 thoughts on “Timeout: Nodame Cantabile, The K-version Anyone?

  1. What?! Noooooooooooo…say it ain’t so!!!! I know I’m getting ahead of myself here but what are the chances that the Korean version will have a completely unnecessary love triangle? Some dramas are just not meant to be remade *coughJINcough* Can’t Group 8 pick something like Gokusen or something? At least with that franchise, they can cast as many idols as they want and it might actually, y’know, work.

    1. “Some dramas are just not meant to be remade *coughJINcough*”

      Exactly my thoughts!!!! They need to leave some things alone seriously, because it just gives a bad aftertaste and rep to the original. Ha brilliant idea about Gokusen, I can totally see how that’ll work and to everyone’s benefit from Group 8 to idol-management companies hard lobbying (surely there’s a lot of lobbying these days what’s with every single Kdrama having at least one token idol) and even the actors themselves.

      Sigh, I’m legit genuinely worried about this. My Nodame Cantabile-stance self is having a hard time accepting this cos my gut feeling tells me they’re gonna butcher my precious :(

    1. Apparently it’s just confirmed, so realistically it’ll actually take some time to actually come to light (if it does) but given the success of Nodame Cantabile’s J-version live-actions, that’s basically confirmation of the money train. Which to me, means this remake is actually possible than just being mere hearsay.

      I really shouldn’t be, but ugh I’m worried. Ueno’s Nodame and Tamaki’s Chiaki are like WAY UP THERE in my fave ever couple list, the story line’s one of my faves and the ensemble of characters (and thus actors) are both close to my heart too. It’s the only show I actually went to the source i.e. manga and anime after having watched the live-action.

      Long story short seriously I’ve never been so invested and concerned about a possible remake as I am now O_O

      1. Just watch, I bet a lot of kdrama fans who’ve never seen the original will go on harping about how the kdrama version is better. (JK…OK NOT REALLY……yeah I’m thinking of the experience with the whole BOF vs. HYD vs. Meteor Garden and PK vs INK vs ISWAK…)

        1. Aw man I can imagine it too. But for realsss, HYD was pure gold, even if BOF was cracktastic and we all know how I feel about INK vs the other remakes.

          *puts on my Jdrama-devoteee cap*

          I’m ready to fight back!!

            1. +1, well said. Sigh I’ve had my fair share of love for Kdrama-versions and it’s not like I wanna spew hate on them, but they almost always lag behind the Jdrama-versions – for me, at least.

              Let’s just hope if Nodame really goes through, at least the casting is convincing. I’ll keep my ears and eyes peeled for news on this particular remake, we’re just gonna have to wait and see for now. If I read any news about this, you can bet to hear it from me haha!

          1. A stranger butting in to say I am wearing the same cap as you when it comes to HYD. I can rewatch that show over and over and not get tired but I can’t say the same for BOF.

            1. Nawww no stranger, hi friend :)

              But yes I know what you mean! There’s something special about HYD (another show I went crazy for and dragged my sister and her ex-boyfriend way back when just to watch the movie with me haha) and as much as I enjoyed BOF and have fond memories of it, I can’t say it sparked the same kind of special sentiments that HYD gave me.

  2. I’ve seen vehement reactions on Twitter too. Oh no, I am wary of remakes regardless on who does it because the track record ain’t looking good, be it Hollywood or Asia.

    Regardless, I’m still curious on who they will cast. But no one else can be Nodame and Chiaki senpai in my mind but Juri and Tamaki.

    1. “But no one else can be Nodame and Chiaki senpai in my mind but Juri and Tamaki.”

      This is exactly my issue, that the two played the characters to perfection and literally brought them to life. Maybe I am too biased or whatever, but ugh I just feel like the Korean version will be more on the romance and less about the journey which is totally not in the spirit of the show (as much as haha, I wish I had more lovely scenes of the two together in the original J-version). I read Koala’s post this AM and also skimmed through the comment and oh man, total uproar there too!

      I stand to be corrected, but as of now I just don’t have good vibes about this remake news :( and if they cast an idol or idolS I will seriously lose my cool…

  3. This is akin to drama blasphemy!!!
    Nodame is one shoe that is so utterly wonderfully Japanese, and works because of that, and only will work in that way.
    If a show simple takes the basic plot of a piano genius girl who’s not so disciplined and an OCD senpai conductor, it’ll just be cliches filled and lame and dismissable.
    Sigh, I agree this’ll happen though. I’m not sure whether I want the cast to be good so they won’t embarrass the original or themselves, or I want the cast to be bad so I have no obligation to tune in.

    1. “Nodame is one show that is so utterly wonderfully Japanese, and works because of that, and only will work in that way.”

      You’re absolutely right!! That’s what I feel about the show too, and exactly why I’m so worried about this piece of news. I can’t stomach a bad remake though, so as much as I’m highly skeptical I want them to do justice to the origin!

  4. Yeah, this is going to be terrible. As emsterz said above, Nodame is soooooooo Japanese. There’s no way they’ll be able to replicate that properly in Korea. I mean, I didn’t love the original as much as you did. I liked it, and watched every season and movie, but I didn’t LOVE it. Actually, thinking about it now, the k-drama version will probably change so much that it won’t be Nodame anymore. And that might actually be a good thing because then you won’t have to compare the two, you can just watch them as individual products. It’s still going to be terrible though, lol

  5. I primarily watch kdramas. But honestly, this wonderful show cannot be remade into a better version. I can’t imagine it as a kdrama, because the japanese one is perfect. For me, Nodame and Chiaki will forever be these two. I do wish they’ll make a japanese sequel though – with all my heart. The movie seemed to end without any resolution. I really wanted to see their concert.

    1. YES to everything you said! I agree about the movie’s ending, though I think they meant for it to have that open-endedness. My take is they did so to relay to us that life goes on – together – for these two and since we’ve watched them go through so many ordeals together and apart, we know any future challenges are small bumps in their relationship and personal growth trajectories.

      I recently read the manga and found out the manga has a short sequel the Opera-Hen …which was poorly done but nonetheless, means they have one more material they could turn into a live-action! Hoping against hope they’ll reunite and give us another J-sequel.

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