barricade (spit fire).

“My mother said to look for moments that will become branded into you, she told me that life happens while you’re holding up a camera and trying to capture it, she said to make memories that were stronger than my weak grasp on reality, she told me to spend more time smiling because you never know when you’ll miss being happy.

One day I caught up to being older and realized I wasn’t where I wanted to be and it wasn’t until I started breathing in each moment like salvation that I realized I don’t need much to feel like I’m living.”
– r.i.d., the full poem is found here

This place is honest to God breaking every fucking wall within me, sometimes I feel like there’s nothing else left for it to break. Four months and I don’t know myself anymore, misplaced self-confidence and interest.

“But what is the big deal? If it doesn’t work, then try ten different ways until something does. Do you wallow in defeat, or rise to the occasion?”

Adulthood, I swear, fucking sucks and today’s one of those days I particularly want to spit fire at it. Curse and spew unwanted names at it, because I think it deserves it. Today I am broken, defeated and so, so angry.

“This is a phase; don’t lose yourself.”


2 thoughts on “barricade (spit fire).

    1. Thanks yupkigirl :) I keep telling myself that when I come out of this phase, I’ll be so much better for it but no lie, the journey is uphill and hard :(

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