Timeout: Seriously, I Am So Done With YG.

Trying not to lose my cool about this, I really am trying…

I am…

Ah, fuck this. Fuck this dude.

YG 4 debut groups

Really YG, really?! Honestly if you have a conscience, don’t you think that it’s only fair and necessary that you put a year’s worth, minimum, of distance between the two cos for one, the fan wars will never end. They’ll always be compared, the hell? “Who won number 1?” or “Who sold the most singles?” etc etc.

But what I’m angriest about is the clear as day unfairness towards WINNER, the winner of your damn reality show which you had them partake with or without their consent and willingness with the blatant dangling stake that it was do-or-die. I know you friggin’ love Team B – please, your favoritism has always been so friggin’ obvious – and I’m not saying they don’t deserve to début too, but there is a time and place for everyone. For God’s sake, WINNER hasn’t even debuted yet and you’re talking all this shit, building up a so-called thunderous storm.


Ugh, I am so angry with this dude!!!


5 thoughts on “Timeout: Seriously, I Am So Done With YG.

    1. Haha omg now you’re making me curious… :p

      Now that the initial shock and anger have worn off, I do wonder if I’m acting mean and insensitive about the dude and everyone related to this news. I feel kinda bad now… :p (but I really wish he’d put his shit together and walk his talk more than just media hyping…)

      1. I still don’t think it’s going to happen. I’ve been googling looking for info, and that tweet is the only thing that suggests that YG said that. Which makes me think it never actually happened. But… I was a Team B girl during WIN, so, if they debut this year, I honestly can’t be upset about it. I love WINNER and it’s not fair to them, but I also know how much the Team B boys (at least BI, Jinhwan and Bobby) deserve it as well, and how much they want it, and how hard they are training just to get another chance at debuting. So if they do debut, I have to be happy for them.

        1. Caitlyn, the news made it to YG-Life:


          I… rest my case about this dude. (URGH).

          As for Team B, noooo please don’t feel bad about being happy for them. I’m honestly indifferent towards them and still feel iffy about the vocalists (except for that one guy who belts out all the high notes), but yeah I’m impartial towards them – no need for me to rain on your parade though, about them. I honestly wish this dude would treat WINNER more fairly (and seriously if he debuts both, WTF was the point of the show??! Can’t get over this bit…) but sigh, I guess it’s ultimately win-win if/when both teams debut.

  1. Sighs… long and sadly… sigghs… I just don’t know anymore.. But following up on the general moodiness a lot of 2ne1 fans about how the group has been inexpertly promoted in the past few years makes me scared as shit that if Winner doesn’t turn out as well as they [really should!] that somewhere down the road, they might be looking at the same kind of shitty treatment 2ne1 seems to be faced with, especially with this whole ‘do or die’ attitude the girls have going on right. :( :(

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