Spring 2014, by that I mean Aloha Hawaii!!

summer blogphilic

NYT feature: Kauai, HI in 36 Hours

Ever since I read the article, I’ve just been incredibly drawn to the place (hiking haven! nature haven!) and whaddya know, it’s happening!

It’s official: Hawaii for spring break 2014!!

I will spend eight full days there with half at Honolulu, Oahu for the city-in-an-island feel (oh who am I kidding? Definitely the city feel!) and the remainder days at Kauai island for the being-one-with-nature feel, also my go-to wish list now come true.

Turning 23 in so-called style I hope, haha! But legit, OH MY GOD SO EXCITED.

PS If anyone has suggestions of things to do and try, please do share!


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