Timeout: Korean Culture Reading List.

Ahhh I shouldn’t be here!

Promise I’m getting out of here after posting this, but here are some interesting links for those who are interested in Korean culture – pop-culture and just the general love or intrigue for Seoul.

If you walk the streets of Seoul, you may see little more than unremarkable gray buildings, as more than a few disappointed American tourists have noted. But if you visit South Korea’s jimjilbangs and epic lip gloss emporiums, you will see the country far more deeply: its culture of ceaseless self-improvement and corresponding quest for relaxation; its ingenuity and love of the new, twinned with stubborn conformity and oppressively narrow standards; the commercial instincts that have made Seoul the center of Asian pop culture and propelled brands like Samsung and LG around the world; and gender and family dynamics that can seem traditional except when they’re not (couples go for skin care appointments together, and if you want entertaining visual evidence of how seriously some men attend to their appearance, Google “Korean male perm.”)

Read the full article here: NY Times: A Look At Korean Bathhouse

Two magazines which dabble in lifestyle, fashion and op-eds with strong writing prowess (so I think):

My belief has always been that the best write-ups should be shared, because strong writing impresses regardless of content, so here goes. Hope you find things worth sharing and reading in these places, and happy reading!


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