for the two who love me unconditionally: my parents.

Sending extra hugs and love to everyone on this lovely day! Plus, of course – a poetry, from another wonderful Tumblr poet I recently discovered.

“She was a great story
until one day, her lights died
with so much red dripping
from the glitter of her eyes.
Her name is the epiphany they
forgot to speak.
You should’ve seen the explosion
in her chest, shedding luminous
fragments, chasing tides in the
coast of the horizon.
Nobody remembers her anymore,
even me; but in was, there she lives
in silence and in truth,
the great and the awing she.”
— supernova | spilledraindrops


4 thoughts on “supernova.

  1. Hugs and love for you too on this day)This poem is beautiful) Shame on me on my tumblr there are only kdramas and gifs for them.) How do you discover all these poems? Tumblr is so big))
    By the way how are you ?

    1. Hi paloma, aw thank you thank you :) tumblr is hugeeee. I go through the poetry tags, and sometimes other related tags. Scouring for quote sites also eventually takes me to these wonderful Tumblr poets :)

      I’m fine this week, thank you for asking! Exhausted mostly and my (unwritten) term paper is still bugging me, but I’m off to watch Frozen and have warm Korean tofu soup tonight so yeah, life is good this week :) how about you? Hope you gavr a good weekend!!

  2. Wow,you’re lucky frozen is so good and heartwarming.I went to the cinema last december to watch it with my friends.It’ll make you feel better like it made me)so have a good time)
    I only have sunday as a weekend because every saturday I study too((
    But today evening I’ll watch some good dramas I hope)
    By the way did you finish prime minister and I?It’ll be interesting to heart what you think about it)

    1. I will write a review soon! Finally finessed it last night ( after many, many delays (although I could hardly open my eyes -_-) I’m of two minds about it, so ahhh let me sort out my thoughts about it first!

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