cloudy with a chance of bullsh*t.

Scrolled down my Facebook news feed and realized the only interesting thing about my life is where I am, my love for words, and nothing else.

Yesterday it was full of public displays of affection, flower bouquets, and as many snarky singleton martyr for every love confession. It’s a long weekend, so today the feed is full of exciting getaways; I’m writing this in the school library. Joy.

On the other side of the world, another wedding reception in the family just took place – no one new got married, it’s simply the third and last reception of Eldest Bro’s, which has spanned a year’s worth now – cue lots of smiling faces and pretty dresses.

On this side of the world, my stress level is expectedly skyrocketing over this still-unwritten term paper and the cloudy days aren’t helping with my writer’s emotional block, or rather it’s one of those days I just want to wax nostalgia bullshit. I love that term so much by the way, because in many ways that’s what I feel I do – exactly that.

Why do I feel perpetually stuck between time zones, neither here nor there?

Life is what you make of it, and today I am a blank slate.

Facebook sigh, you’re always such a farce. Hope y’all have a good Saturday.


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