to snarky, singleton martyrs.

It fascinates me when snarky singleton martyrs come out of the closet, chiding every love confession because yesterday was that supposedly special day. Admittedly some couples make it hard not to do so, what’s with the public displays of affection – there’s PDA, and then there’s what’s-this-doing-on-social-media-PDA y’know?

These days everyone runs amok trying to prove A Point – we geddit, trust me – and all that came to my mind were, are you that insecure? I don’t even celebrate V-day nor am I one-half of another, but the air yesterday was vibrant with a potent fragrant; happiness. My lovely friend wore a beautiful red dress for our “date” last night – even if we just had Korean tofu soup and watched Frozen (sing along, it was hilarious!).

Enlighten me please, because I fail to understand why your happiness is dependent upon the presence of another person in your life? Maybe it’s true I just don’t know what I’m missing out on, hence I’m able to write this, but realize that your life is whole when you are whole. YOU are whole. It’s not about fitting a missing piece of puzzle, that you’re forever 2/3 incomplete without a yin to your yang.

YOU complete yourself – the person who comes your way to love you is lucky to have you in his or her life, that’s all. You are luckier – blessed – when you love yourself; flaws, scars, and all. Let me rephrase that: you’re already whole.

I swear this cloudy day is doing things to me.

(back to work!!)


4 thoughts on “to snarky, singleton martyrs.

    1. True, but then I have snarky, singleton martyrs on my FB feed chiding people who have significant others, belting out single hood vows or those along the same lines. I think of it as a day of love, just love in general – to yourself, to others be it your significant others or friends or just loved ones. There’s no need to get snarky and loud about other people being happy with their other halves, even if they unfortunately, emphasize your own loneliness.

      That’s my two cents, anyway.

  1. What I “love” about Valentine’s.. (emphasize the quotes in my “love” here) is how everybody’s emotions get unbottled on this day in particular. Like, you can’t be happy for being in love any other day or the year, or notice your single status any other day of the year. Why do we have to celebrate or not celebrate just because of one out-dated holiday, of which the original ‘holiday’ has long been lost to the depths of the past.

    I largely ignore Valentine’s, and I instruct my husband to as well. Our boss laughed at us last week for my making the most UNromantic comments about valentine’s day. (I insisted that there was no real need to hold a valentine’s banquet at our church just.. because..) Hah. Okay maybe I’m unromantic in the traditional sense of what our society thinks. But I try to generally enjoy my life with my significant other, and one day doesn’t necessarily make me think “OH I need flowers and chocolate hearts today!” I guy out the day afterwards and buy discount chocolate ;)

    Okay – maybe this is just me and holidays in general. You may remember how I dislike Christmas because of the I hate how commercialized it’s become. I treat birthdays the same way, as much as possible.. I think I’m weird. But oh well.

    Going to warm up some of the Korean tofu soup my mom brought yesterday. Hell yeah! – we had a girls’ night too yesterday. Husband at work, so me, mom, and sis watched Exo showtime and Winner TV and had a ball. :D

    1. I did notice you’re rather unconventional when it comes to holidays, haha. But what a fantastic way to spend time yesterday! Jealous, almost. Did you guys watch the last episode of WINNER TV together? (sobs)

      I absolutely second and love all your points in your first paragraph though. I’m all for love confessions and what have yous and even yes, special days, but all in good spirit and not to jab or jest or over do them whether in good (the PDAs) or bad (the single hood vows) quotients. Unfortunately, my FB feed was filled with lots of the latter than just good spirits, le sigh.

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