& there you go again, Malaysian overseas students (yes, I’m snarky).

Sometimes, honestly, I am so done with Malaysian overseas students who suddenly feel they are entitled to wax pseudo-intelligent opinions to the world about Malaysia’s shortcomings, from the comfortable confines of their adopted home pads and now four season weathers, because they’ve seen and supposedly experienced what the supposedly greener grasses are like.

It never fails to amuse me, one to four years overseas and suddenly wow, this is so lame! That is horrendous! This is unacceptable, that is a failure! I see their credentials from Oxbridge and the Ivy Leagues and whatnot, but y’know? As much as your résumé is impressive, it is character that makes a person. When I was 17 I might’ve absent-mindedly take everything in, but thankfully I am now almost 23, and I’ve experienced firsthand some of what’s written and expressed.

Please dear sir and madame, your wit and fluidity with language, your coherence – with knowledge comes responsibility, with opinions come action. Of all the ways to channel your strengths, you choose to condemn and whatnot? There is truth, and then there is slander; learn the distinction. Yet there you go, writing for the people. What people? What is the point of being so great and advanced, but it is you, only you, and people who are similar to you?

Please, here – have some humble pie.

(& while you’re at it? Cut the crap too, thanks)


4 thoughts on “& there you go again, Malaysian overseas students (yes, I’m snarky).

  1. Gahhh people like that are intolerable. I get that having spent some years overseas is not easy feat but truth be told it doesn’t mean that they can criticise the county that they were brought up in. Be it with flaws or not, home is still home so I’ve always felt like if they criticise the country that they were brought up in it’s like they’re slapping themselves in the face without realising it. Overseas students may not agree with everything that’s going on with their country but they have a responsibility to try to uphold the best image of their country when facing foreigners by at least not bad-mouthing the place. I’ve met Malaysians who’ve painted Malaysia in a not-so-good light and to be honest, I got really mad, and embarrassed (for them) and also ashamed that they’re making us look bad internationally. They think they’re being impressive/smart but actually they’re not. They reminds me of a Malay phrase ‘bagai kacang lupakan kulit’ (omg I haven’t used Malay since forever don’t know if it’s the correct one to use). Sigh.

    1. Your Malay is fine – don’t doubt that aha, then you’re too conscious of it and it becomes A Thing. I’ve met so many different kinds of Malaysians in the five years I’ve been here, it never fails to amuse me. Plus, I think the ones who end up in the US are always so … loud. Maybe they simply or unconsciously end up adopting the ways here, but ugh sometimes they really take some getting used to. I agree to a degree with what you said about upholding the best image – I don’t believe in trying to paint everything 100% beautiful or perfect, but I definitely think one needs to stress that one’s opinions and experiences don’t represent the million other Malaysians. Plus, and this is what always irks me the most, it’s very different, your childhood and exposure, based on where you grew up. The urban folks are honestly a very homogenous society, rubbing shoulders with like-minded peers and friends etc. If exposure is only as far as one’s urban bubble, perhaps stretching somewhat to other smaller cities but never beyond there – to whom, for whom, do you speak? That is ignorance, too. I don’t believe in letting sleeping dogs lie, or denying everything (like for instance the Allah word usage debate/rife is ridiculous, to say the least) but my beef with these high-flying Malaysians is that they’re our cream of crop, and my god this is where you channel your energy and fluidity with language. This is where your talent goes, and I hate it even more than all these chuckles and complaints are done while they earn their fat paychecks, or have the left the country with no plans to return. Like please, if you comment, comment, and comment – I’d much rather hear it from the everyday folks back home, like my siblings and parents, who are hard at work and genuinely believe in playing an active role by being and staying home to be part of change. You are the choices and decisions you make, that’s fine – but don’t ridicule and yap if you’re not gonna do anything beyond that!

      (okay, this is an essay – I am clearly irked)

  2. It’s funny how I have grown up noticing the reverse of this too: Americans who “suddenly realize how stuck up our country is” and then bash America to their foreigner friends and visitors, as if to distance themselves by saying, “We’re not like everyone else..” I used to fall victim to this myself in younger days, until I discovered that the overseas countries I mistakenly idolized had similar and even worse dissimilar problems with their systems of government, cultural racism, and/or histories. I’m not a blatant patriot, but I still love my country- and occasionally tear up during a rousing national anthem at a sports arena with everyone singing.

    Then again, I’m also a Texan.. and we Texans love our state sometimes more than our country (it’s another ego thing..) and having lived in several totally different from another localized Texan communities, I’ve seen the scope of it all. The best and the worst of each side. Know what? I still like my state. I was born here. That’s why. :)

    1. Love it when you take a different perceptive and spin on the same topic. I hear ya, and honestly I think that’s a common problem regardless American, Malaysian etc – maybe it’s an acceptance thing, hence people conform or make negative commentaries – because who doesn’t love gossip? – but I think there is a fine line to what’s acceptable. Honestly though, I love it when my friends are patriotic about their home countries. Sometimes they sound patronizing and/or ignorant, but can anyone fault another for actually appreciating one’s home land? So far my answer is nope (unless of course, one’s a dick about all countries except one’s own).

      HAHA about being Texan though. I shall… refrain from commenting on that, but I’ve heard stories aha ;)

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