Readers From Another Star: Curiosity Takes Rein – Where Are You From?

Here’s my version of The Sunday Social (a trademark of op-ed Seoulbeats), and it’s something I’ve actually wondered about for a while now. Heisui did a similar piece, so you’re not wrong to think this entry’s actually inspired by her.

As you’re all probably aware by now, I’m an avid traveler, and like all travelers, I love nothing more than conversing about different places, locales, cultures and discovering more places worth visiting. I’m having serious wanderlust pang these days too, which makes me want to talk about different countries and places even more lately – if I can’t get to them, hey, I can at least learn about them.

One of the things I love checking when it comes to the blog stats is where my readers are from. I’m Malaysian and currently based in the US, so naturally on average the highest hits are from Malaysia and the US. These days I seem to get a significant number from Singapore too, which again, is not surprising since we are neighbors.

Lately though, I’ve noticed an interesting spike in readership from… Belarus! I wonder if I now have a reader in Belarus? Forgive me for being ignorant, but I admit I had to Google and read some about the country. Here’s a screen cap of one of the most interesting days, which you can see that there’s significant (I usually don’t get more than ten) hits from Italy, Libya, and even Canada!

Someone in Libya read me; Libya! Wow, I don’t know what else to say except… wow.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 6.53.24 PM

Since this is my version of The Sunday Social, here are questions I have:

  • Where are my readers from?
  • Are you like me, i.e. a citizen of a country, but currently residing elsewhere?
  • What do you do, i.e. is our kinship student-student, or does it stretch widely?
  • Are there… do I… have Japanese and Korean readers?
  • If I do, aw man – am I… doing justice to your home country shows and talents?

If you don’t mind coming out of the lurking and/or wandering closet for a quick second, I’d love to hear from you!

You can even add a tidbit about yourself, or if talking about yourself is creepy and uncomfortable – share a trivia about a place, whether that’s where you’re from, currently residing, a favorite place; anything!

For the Malaysian folks, don’t underestimate home – I don’t know everything about home, so go ahead and surprise me (and everyone else!). For the US-based folks, I’d love it if you could share which city and state (or just state, if city is too revealing!) you’re from, since I mention the east and west coasts a lot, aha.

PS Last blog trivia – I managed to screen shot the day this blog reached 111,111 page views! Crazy awesome number :)

b-philic reached 111,111 views!

Have a great Sunday!! I really need to do work today, grrr.


16 thoughts on “Readers From Another Star: Curiosity Takes Rein – Where Are You From?

  1. Yay here’s a more positive take on your stats. ;) Well I think you already know where I’m from hehe. I also think it is interesting when I see that I had some views from a far away country. O_O

  2. Hello! I am from Dominican Republic, but I’ve been living in Puerto Rico for the last 20 years of my life. What do I do? A lot, actually. I work, I blog, I am a wife and a mother of two boys, which is in itself a full – time job. I really like your blog.

    1. Hi Sheila! *waves* I’ve noticed your readership for the past year, so yay to this first comment! Thanks for the personal blurbs, I’m so happy to have a Dominican Republic reader :) I’ve been to your blog before, but unfortunately can’t understand anything, though I really like the idea behind it! Very cool.

      Two boys are definitely a handful!! I see my nephews and aw man, they’re adorable but they get pretty rowdy…

      Thanks for your kind words and sticking around here, it really means a lot to me :D

  3. U.S. rep here – no but seriously.. what HAVE you heard about Texans?? ;)

    I just checked my stats and I’ve had a surprising surge in viewers this week from both Poland and Israel.. Hmm. But the usual suspects are the US, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Then other west European countries and Canada.

    1. What HAVE I heard? That’s for me too keep secret heeeee ;)

      It’s kinda crazy where the surges and spikes are from, totally agree. Israel though? Woah… Now that’s pretty awesome.

      Honestly I wish I have Korean and/or Japanese readers though, personally haha, but alas I don’t think that’s the case… (and come to think of it, why would they read an English-language blog on stuff they can easily and directly get from their native sources??)

      West European countries make me wreck my brain and actually put my (poor) geography knowledge to good use, but it’s really cool whenever I notice that there’s a pretty significant number than the usual 1-2 hits from those countries. Always kinda makes me excited, haha.

    1. Oh yay! I figured or kinda had a hunch it was you, but wasn’t sure. Now I know, and that is so, so cool! :D

      Don’t worry about your English, you sound fine! (it’s not like I’m so great at it too honestly!)

  4. I think your english is perfect)When I started reading your blog I didn’t think it’s not your native language.)Your writing is very beautiful)
    My english is far from perfect but I’m really proud that I can communicate with english-speaking people)I met so many good people in the web recently)

  5. Hi Jandoe! I started reading your blog occasionally from last summer when I found it on asiandramablogs website. I started watching Kdramas about 5 years ago when my son first went off to college. I’m from California(actually only 2 hrs drive from Stanford) and what drew me to your blog was that some of your posts were about when you were just starting out at Stanford and how lonely it was there. My daughter also just went off to college at the same time and I was hoping that she was not feeling lonely like you. I felt for you when you were going through all your struggles at maintaining your identity as a Muslim female student in the US. I hope that staying busy with all your studies doesn’t give you too much time to feel lonely. You will make some good friends that will understand you. It just takes time. Meanwhile I see that you also keep up with Kpop and some dramas. So enjoy and keep blogging.

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