“Things are never gonna be the same.”

You can’t spend so much time in a place
and not carry a bit of it inside you.

— Frank Beddor

But I know Philadelphia
The winter wind will slowly take
Your heart and soul until it makes
Nothing of you

Flash a peace sign, take a bow
Though we may not know it now
Things are never gonna be the same
– Peter Cincotti, Goodbye Philadelphia


If I close my eyes,
I can still vividly picture the city skyline;
I can recreate that bridge I used to walk on,
the same one I’d linger for a second –
in awe.

The city is no beauty, yet she’s captured me so;
I can imagine the way the sun tilts itself,
soft shadows and fleeting sparkles
that twinkle on the surface of
the Schuylkill River.

I miss you.

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