Timeout: Where I Pretend I’m Still Watching Shows & Care Enough To Talk About Them.

So I Need Romance 3 has been downgraded to The Show I Watch While I’m Cooking, or perhaps more accurately, The Show I Stream While Doing Household Chores. It’s no longer The Show I Tune In Before Bed, or the one I’m excited to catch up on.

Guys… I’m still uncertain whether to drop or stick with it. I’ve made it through to episode 10, so there’s only six more left, you know? Last night I finally caught up to said episode 10, and I’ve ascertain this much: I don’t like anyone in this show. There, I said it. I can’t relate to anyone; not the too-perfect Sweet Potato, the sassy but rather childish heroine, and not even the spunky second female lead.

Then there’s the other issue – I can’t get behind the show and the ladies’ fascination with Nam Goong Min‘s character. I can get behind liking the actor because oh hey, who doesn’t? But the character though… He was really cool in the first four episodes, now he’s just… I don’t even know. A dick? A typical man? A broken-hearted wimp? A wounded hero? All of the aforementioned?

I mean, seriously – what is it about this guy that everyone’s all over him? Like, for real?

Then there’s the case with Sung Joon‘s character too, who’s adorable and harmless, but ugh I don’t know… I can’t get behind the whole “set the person you love free” idea, like he’s doing this big martyr move because he’s not clinging and forcing her to love him, instead patiently and selflessly being there for her. I… want to roll my eyes to that so bad, even though I do recognize it as a sweet gesture.

Kim So Yeon and him are adorable together, but you know… honestly… and maybe it’s just me… but ever since they started living together, suddenly the chemistry between them seems to be more older sister/younger brother kind, than romantic lovin’. I’m not trying to gross anyone out, honest to God, but yeah… I’m having a hard time staying onboard this ship, and the show is all about her discovering her romantic feelings, but with the intelligence of a thirteen-year-old. The last part irks the hell out of me, grrr. Yeah, clearly I’m having a hard time with this show.

I want to like this show, I want to like it so, so bad, but the voiceovers feel phony to me. All these “love is-“ or “reality dictates-“ or whatever else and I’m just like, okay please spare me the pretentiousness.

I keep telling myself I ought to just drop it, because I’m starting to pick on the show and that’s unhealthy, a waste of time, and pretty mean. I’m trying to convince myself that I ought to just stick to recaps to stay abreast, and wait for the real noona romance show to premiere – that one starring the original bad boy, Yoo Ah In and the ever-elegant Kim Hee Ae; dude, did you see the poster? It was smokin’.

But I Need Romance 3 is the last survivor of my drama-watching dying interest, and with finals not too far from now (and of course, the final crunch in the quarter i.e. when homework and every single assignment suddenly have nonstop back-to-back deadlines), I doubt I can pick up a new show – it’ll be too distracting. I want to pick up Miss Korea, but what if it’s so good that I end up marathoning it despite the reality check , i.e. my mountainous workload? I’m weak when it comes to addiction, gah.

Maybe I ought to switch gears for the time being, and pick up a Jdrama instead?

I’m strangely tempted to re-watch Osozaki no Himawari (tip: a re-watch is a fantastic move when you’re tight with time, but still appreciate drama-watching as part of downtime cos oh hey, there are no surprises!) because I’m still at that funky phase, so I think that show will surprise me with much-needed wisdom.

On the other hand though, the writer’s new show is still airing and it stars wonder boy Miura Haruma, so why not just pick that one up, you know? Then again, it’s also supposed to be a melodrama packed with terminal illness and true love, both of which I’m not at all in the mood for these days; too much emotions running loose.

Ahhh, maybe I ought to just fast from dramas until Hawaii happens…


15 thoughts on “Timeout: Where I Pretend I’m Still Watching Shows & Care Enough To Talk About Them.

  1. It definitely sounds like there’s no love lost between you & INR3!! XD I am staying cautiously away from that show until I can ascertain whether it’s worth it. I was burned by the first 2 instalments and veryyy upset with the franchise as a result.

    Would you want to consider a good family drama instead? The good ones tend to be satisfying to watch without being overly cracky. I’m really enjoying Ugly Alert right now. There’s enough cute to float most folks’ boats, and has that mildly cracky flavor that makes you want to keep watching, but not so badly that you’d turn your life upside down for it. ^^

    1. Funny thing is I actually loved INR2 – didn’t watch 1 – but loved INR2 like no tomorrow; legit screwed an exam because I watched it instead of studying… the weekend before finals week haha. But this one’s a try-hard for me, like trying too hard to be modern and forward and all that, but comes off pretentious instead. No love lost between me and INR3 – OMG actually you’re right! Come to think of it now haha.

      Ohhhh I didn’t think of family drama, but that might work… I think pinkblossom has mentioned Ugly Alert before too, the one starring Kang Sora (who I loved in Sunny) and Im Joo Hwan right? Maybe I’ll try to sample the show one of these days :D

  2. Started Ep1 but can’t continue. Somehow the show just didn’t gel with me. Miss Korea is very good, easily love the OTP. Jdrama Hanzawa Naoki deserves the ratings it got. The story itself is pretty interesting, but I was also questioning the J-culture & wondering if things like that what the wives did in the show still happens in Japan now? It’s only 11 eps, worth checking out, if you’ve not done so. Cheers fm hazy KL!!

    1. Hey! *waves* Have you been around here for awhile? From hazy KL no less :D (I’m reading about water rationing and drought too? Very worrying…) If it didn’t gel with you from the first episode, then I’d say you made a good choice in dropping it cos the first four episodes were the better portion of the show, in my opinion.

      Ah, Hanzawa Naoki! I’ve heard soooo much about it, but procedural dramas tend to bore me. A lot… Still though, I’ve also heard about the (super mega crazy) ratings the show achieved, and your take on it sounds positive and affirms the ratings hit were well-deserved. I’ll look it up again and reconsider, thanks for the suggestion! :) Not sure about the J-culture bit you brought up since I haven’t watched the show (…yet…) but I’m not surprised if whatever that is, is still happening in their society today. They’re… rather unique :p

      1. Yes, I’ve been around, keeping low profile. Hehe….yup drought & haze rule the days. Soon our area wl oso b affected with water cut :( U r better off far away :) if u ever watch hanzawa, do write a review, I’ll join in the discussion then

  3. i really couldn’t have put it better! the show started off cutely enough.. and then.. it’s defs no longer on the top of my mon-tues watch list xD totestotestotes agree with your assessment of every character! nam goong-min has been wasted. AGAIN. *sigh*
    i know it’s gettin’ down to crunch time (how is it week 8 already?!) and i can’t imagine how tough things are up at stanford(!) but i know you’ve got this! :D ajah ajah hwaeeting!! <33

    1. Thank you pinkblossom!! I’m powering through the last three weeks or so, or trying to at least – it’s only Monday and I’m positively exhausted already! Crazy… I can only imagine what it’s like to be in med school though, for you! I think yours is likely 10x more challenging and time-consuming than my program o.o”

      Nam Goong Min. Wasted. Again. SIGH. SIGH. I feel ya, I totally feel ya. Dude really needs to pick better projects :(

  4. Ha,exactly my thoughts about this show.I’m on ep 12 and actually I want this show to end and then pretend it never happened to me.It started well and went downhill.I also don’t care about the characters I’m even starting to hate them but not because of the actors but because of the script itself. Also I’m agree with you about main leads.When they started living together their chemistry disappeared.For me he is like her younger brother.(
    I love INR 2 I enjoyed it last summer)I loved everything about this show.That’s why I’m so disappointed with 3rd series.

    1. “I’m on ep 12 and actually I want this show to end and then pretend it never happened to me.”

      HAHA, aw man that’s a red code alert that it might be a good idea to drop it. I have a feeling I’ll still watch it, but yeah, more like letting it stream and catching enough bits and pieces to understand what’s going on. I totally agree it’s the script, not the actors because they have a stellar cast here and Kim So Yeon IS such a chameleon.

      Ah, someone who thinks so too, about the chemistry! I keep having to remind myself that no, don’t think that way whenever they cuddle up at home, but I just can’t help but think it’s adorable in a siblings way….

      INR2 was really, really good right? I think Jung Yu Mi did it for me; I love her a lot haha. This one’s not a total goner, but it’s… what comes to my mind is it’s tonally pretentious, like it’s attempting to showcase how wise and worldly it is when it comes to matters of the heart, and it’s trying too hard.

  5. I love Jung Yu Mi too in INR 2,it was a modern look on love and relationships. It was exactly the show INR 3 trying to be now but failes.
    I dropped too many dramas in the past so now I have a rule not to drop dramas after I watched more than a half of.it.So I won’t drop inr 3 till the very end.

  6. Drop the show! I did watch the first 6 episodes and then somehow it dawned on me that I could relate to none of the characters and that I actually did not love the show as much as others. At first I thought Joo Wan was kinda cute and adorable but the thing is, I like my characters to be imperfect. While he’s swoon-worthy (loved him in the first 4 episodes), he’s too perfect for my liking, and I don’t think guys like this even exist in RL. Tae Yoon is a jerk, period. I fail to see his appeal, and I just can’t agree with him using Joo Yeon to get back at Se Ryung (so selfish of him). I can probably go on and on about what didn’t work for me but I probably shouldn’t heh.

    For me, the tipping point that signifies that it’s time to drop a show is when my complaints about a show outweighs the good things that I loved about the show. If you start picking on a show a lot often then it’s probably a sign to drop it (I guess?). I understand how having only 6 more episodes left might prompt you to stick on but hey, you don’t have to feel compelled to finish something for the sake of finishing it.

    I dropped Man From Another Stars after 14 out of 21 episodes because I realised Jeon Ji Hyun was the only good thing about the show (for me, anyway) and while I liked the show moderate enough to keep going on there’s just no spark there, I don’t love the show so there’s no point continuing.

    Bottom line: If you don’t love something enough, it’s probably the right thing for you so don’t be afraid to say no in such circumstances. It’s okay to be different.

  7. I only vaguely skimmed the article, but I came here for the title Lol. I keep finding myself talking to other people around the internet about dramas.. “yeah yeah I loved x drama, it was the best! I marathoned it! y drama was so so but worthwhile” then I realize, everything I’m talking about.. it’s been years since I watched.. I feel like I’m living in the past, pretending it’s still the present.. Siigh I need something fantastic to watch to get me motivated again. I’ve had to resort to American TV. Because suddenly The X Files and the West Wing are way more addictive than Asian drama. :/

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