Jalan Yang Hilang (lit. The Lost Path).

I can’t believe I did this, but I did.

I’ve just translated one of my all-time favorite song, Jalan yang Hilang by Indonesian band, Letto who is one of my favorite bands – almost ten years now, I think. This is my go-to song when I feel wispy and in my funk; the tune is melodious, the singer’s voice is soulful, and best of all – the lyrics, it speaks of my heart. It reverberates, and that sense of loss sung about translates so, so well. It’s a song that’s directed to God, as the singer mulls if this lost path can still lead him towards the Almighty.

The song is an absolute beauty that I really want to share, so I translated it to English.

I’m by no means a qualified translator, since I’m not a linguist or anything of that sort. While the Malay language is similar to Indonesian – think of them as cousins – there are enough distinctions to set the two apart. I can understand phrases and terms, and make out the interpretation by understanding the flow of words and through the context, but some words are just foreign even to my Malay tongue and ears.

Just to play it safe, yes I did I double-check some of the words used here with my fluent Bahasa Indonesia-speaking parents, namely Dad who is more fluent than Mum – they did their undergrad in Bandung, Indonesia many, many moons ago – and so I’m quite confident I got the meaning and interpretations right. My translation of the lyrics isn’t literal, rather capturing the meaning of each phrase.

Also, I learned a beautiful word through this: temaram (lit. dim light; soft flicker).

I actually have plans to translate a few more of their songs, just cos I love them so much. Can’t believe I’m doing this but yes, believe it haha. It’s a personal project, and honest to God – just because. For now, I hope this translation breathes newfound appreciation towards the song!

PS If by some crazy chance, anyone wants to share my translation – this isn’t KPop, is there even an audience for this? Plus the song is an oldie… – all I ask is to properly credit me and this space, and link it back to this entry. Cheers!

Jalan Yang Hilang (The Lost Path) by Letto

Langit tampak hitam
Belum juga terang
Aku sangat takut
Ku sangat pengecut

Mataku terpejam
Dan sangat berharap
Bukan aku yang terbuang

Lampuku temaram
Tak tampak terang
Hatiku terdiam laksana karang
Ketika kucoba mencari-cari
Jalan yang hilang

Aku tak peduli
Apa kata orang
Hanyalah untukMu
Seluruh rinduku
Harus kutemukan sekali lagi
Jalan yang hilang

Kan kutempuh

Hidupku terasa pekat
Nafasku tersendat-sendat
Kulakukan semua itu
Hanyalah untukMu
Ambil semua yang Kau mau
Hidupku pun bila perlu
Bolehkah ku menujuMu
Dijalan yang hilang

Dijalanku yang hilang

Ulang Reff

Dijalanku yang hilang 2x

The sky appears dark
It isn’t dawn yet 
I’m frightened
I’m a coward

My eyes are closed shut
And I plead
Don’t abandon me

The light is dim
Barely a flicker
My heart is rendered silent, as if sunken
While I anxiously attempt to find
The lost path

I can’t care less
What others say
It is only for You 
All of my yearning
I need to locate it
(Once more)
That lost path

I’ll brave through
This darkness

My life feels strenuous
I am out of breath
All of my doing (are)
Just for You
Take all that You desire
My life too, when it is time
Can I still reach You
While on this lost path?

Repeat Reff

While on my lost path
While on my lost path

Disclaimer: Full credits for the Indonesian lyrics is thanks to Lirik Baru

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