Timeout: Improving Readability.

So I’ll be the first to call BS on myself about a hiatus; I acknowledge my nonexistent (yet again…) so-called hiatus. I’m sorry for all the drama about this…

It’s totally crunch time now though, officially. If I could still slack off last week, I’m now paying the price for that relaxation and this will unfortunately continue for the next two weeks. I kind of want to cry (what am I even doing here?!), but I’m mostly just soldiering on.

I’m not watching any dramas now (ain’t got no time for this) and my default feeling at the moment is just stressed, so apologies and warning in advance that you’ll probably get the batshit-crazy version of me in the next two weeks. I’ll try to keep it moderate, but you know… you can never tell with me. I’m sorry if I sound crazy, oh my god haha.

Anyway, I popped in quickly because I’ve been thinking about this, and tinkering here and there because I’m really interested to improve readability here. This new theme is the first step reflective of this mission, because it’s so clean and easy to read, don’t you think so too? I love it.

The addition of four new tags – Itazura na Kiss and Jang Ok-jung, Live in Love because I wrote the most about both shows last year; YG WINNER because duh, obvious enough and KPop because I do write (okay, rant) about them – is another step. I’m incredibly selective of creating tags (because I think it opens the world wide web my way, and that’s kind of scary) and mostly stick to categories cos they’re my internal cataloging, but here’s my quick question: anything else you wish I added or have, to make the reading experience and navigating around here easier? It’s cos I feel like I have links scattered here and there, but they eventually get lost as new entries are published.

Last year I think I actually wrote a lot (more) about dramas, Kvariety and reaction Timeout here and there, and though I’m writing less now, I wanted to make those past write-ups more accessible-friendly? Or what about the poetry and quotes and the like, if you’re here for that and/or have enjoyed them, would you prefer they’re inventoried properly?

Or… it’s totally fine, how everything is over here, as is?

Just wondering, since I’ve some ideas myself aha. Thanks for reading and happy Saturday, cheers!


6 thoughts on “Timeout: Improving Readability.

    1. Suggestions for them though? What are you interested in searching for haha. By shows? By actors? By… I don’t even know haha. Right now I only have them under a large umbrella of “Kdramas” etc…

        1. (OMG that’s a lot of work..)

          Okay I’ll think about it, and see what I can do. Thanks for the suggestion!! (I’ll probably take a peek at your blog to get an idea too ;))

          1. Well maybe you can just start doing it for your new posts. I think it would be way too much work to do it for ALLLL your old posts. But if you are gonna change the tags for the old posts, you can do it through the ‘quick edit’ option. It is a bit faster hehe.

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