Way Back When: Back In The Orange Days…

The gentle sound of the violin stopped me short.

Stanford’s White Plaza is an open, outdoor space. It sits directly across from the student union and the bookstore. I was on my way to the prayer room in the union; a quick break from the crazily long hours spent studying. From a distance, I heard the melodious tune, but could not find the source. The day was sunny and gorgeous; an early taste of spring.

I swear to God, it was like I was suddenly transported to Kai and Sae’s first encounter.

I was brought back to that brilliant, fateful, sweeping and unsuspecting moment when Kai first heard the sound of Sae’s violin. She looked at him perplexingly with her eyebrows twisted to form a frown; half-annoyed, half-angry. He looked back at her just as quizzically and in true Kai-fashion, started chattering a mile a minute to break the awkwardness. Suddenly, she extended an arm towards him and splayed open her palm. She shook her hand once, twice. Sae did not budge – neither her posture, nor her glare.

Kai fumbled and fiddled around in his pockets, trying to retrieve loose coins; no luck. Sheepishly, he handed her an orange he’d just plucked – stolen, more like – while on his way to the university, in place of the cash he thought she was requesting for. She took the orange, examining it with the same deep, penetrating gaze she gave him. Throughout this brief encounter of theirs, she did not utter a sound. Not once. She kept mum, and he puzzled over her deliberate silence as he continued to fill it up. The air was heady; potent with unspoken words.

Orange Days episode 1

The way the sun tilted at just the right angle towards them, the carefully placed orange on the wooden makeshift bench, a hand-drawn flower with red petals on the violin’s leather case, the death glare she gave him without flinching even once, and his signature, sheepish smile in response…

Two words: Orange Days.

The spell broke; ah damn you, reality. I looked around the wide plaza, but of course I did not spot anyone with a violin. There was no Kai, Sae, and we’re no longer in 2004.

Ah damn. Damnit. Now I miss Orange Days. Badly.

Disclaimer: the screen capture used is credited to this site

9 thoughts on “Way Back When: Back In The Orange Days…

    1. I wished for that too T_T That would’ve made for SUCH fantastic storytelling and writing but alas (sigh) haha. Totally deja vu though, it was crazy. Like I was suddenly in my favorite drama \\indescribable feelings.

      1. We’ve seen too many dramas. :P It is so easy to dream up a scenario that is like something straight out of the dramas..but that I know would never happen. >_< And wow I wish I could have that kind of deja vu feeling. Except I think it would leave a really bittersweet taste afterwards…since it's not real..

  1. I was just rejoicing on Satoshi Tsumabuki’s return to drama via The Youngsters, and now I saw your awesome post on Orange Days! Thanks for the lovely and insightful post! I really love this drama, and while I only had the chance to watch it last year, I felt the connection and the joy of seeing other bloggers loving this! :)

    1. Thanks Jed! This show is just GOLD. Absolutely golden, I can’t believe you only watched it last year! I rewatch it like once a year haha. Orange Days love totally gives me joy too :’)

      1. I was late in discovering Japanese drama, and it was only in 2012 that I started to enjoy many of the shows. I was lucky to discover Orange Days since the leads are some of my favorites. Your thoughts gave me more perspective of the show, and I just can’t help but react! :)

  2. You remind me that I haven’t finished my rewatch yet. It’s shameful that I haven’t! But now that I’m pseudo sick fighting off a cold, maybe now’s my chance?

    I loved your scene recap. I could picture it all. xD I’m sorry there was no Kai or Sae or oranges around, and it’s no longer 2004. 2004.. I was in college back then. Woah! This drama was basically made me for back then! And sadly I never knew it existed. To me this is also a kind of nostalgia. Missing moments in time and only belatedly realizing that a world unbeknownst to me was happening/had happened.. all unrelated to my existence..

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