this anger is here.

Frankly speaking, at this rate, everyone who is anyone is basically a reporter/journalist/newscaster.

I’ve never loathe social media as much as I do in the past few days, since the MH370 disappeared. I have been in and out of so many news sites, most of which are highly and internationally credible but at this point honestly, I don’t even know which news sites to trust, and what more which ones that I can follow without having to put up with their denigrating, biased, exaggerated, overhyped or worse, all the above, tone.

Like I just want objectively written news and updates, is that so hard?

You can talk about snark without being snarky, y’know? You can talk about dirty politics, corruption and whatever else without sounding condescending, or finger-pointing like you’re on friggin’ Facebook reporting so-called news to friends. There are enough keyboard warriors out there doing their thing with their damn finger guns and unfiltered, sometimes truly disgusting and highly uncalled for point-of-views. Case in point, the opinions that appeared when the CL/Qu’ranic verse fiasco blew to proportions – yes, I will write about it and no, it is not an easy topic as it is. If I were looking for opinions or snark about news, I’d look in friggin’ blogs, thank you very much.

Give me objectively written news dammit, give me that. Whatever happened to unbiased journalism?


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