Timeout: 2000 Won! Is! Debuting!

2000 Won debut

Heads up to all KPop Star 2 watchers, exciting news!

In case you didn’t hear, 2000 Won – the underdogs and victim to the judges’ blatant biased attitude – is debuting! I am pretty sure that their début single, Beautiful will be released on March 14. Check out the teaser below:

I am excited, and so happy for the two! I have waited for this duo to rock it on a bigger stage, and to prove to JYP and YG that the two judges have them all wrong. They think they have 2000 Won all figured out – that they’re talented, but old school and don’t appeal to the current K-entertainment scene – but honestly, I think they are wrong on that. I blame it on their blatant, disgusting, and biased attitude because they were so taken by a certain Bang Ye Dam.

Make it big 2000 Won, go all the way – you totally, completely earned it.

PS So, isn’t it amazing that at this point, everyone is debuting earlier than Lee Seung Hoon, i.e. lots of Season 1 and 2 folks. YG, what the fuck? Last I heard, you promised that WINNER would début “at the latest, a week or two after WINNER TV wraps.” Ugh you, I swear someone needs to sit you down and tell you that there is such a thing called deadlines and most importantly, walking your damn talk.


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