& yet again the clock rewinds to summer of 2012.

Kauai is reminiscent of Miri so much that I don’t know to laugh or cry at this fact. I had a moment of epiphany while at the dairy section of the supermarket (the only one in the town, of course), as I was sandwiched between two aunties going about with their grocery shopping. The scenario was oddly too familiar.

Like Miri, Kauai has a single main road-slash-highway that stretches end to end of the coast. Like Miri, heavy traffic is nonexistent and one can more or less make one’s own road rules. Unlike Miri, Kauai is much, much bigger with a canyon and lots of mountains but similar to when I’d jungle trekked in Lambir National Park, I did the same at the Waimea Canyon today. The lush green, the humid weather, the sound of the waterfall from a distance…

Today I thought, I can’t believe that I’ve wanted to visit this place for the past year, so much and so strongly …only to realize it’s pretty much like coming home to a place I thought I left behind. Meaning… I traveled 4000 miles to realize a dream, only to learn I have it all along and all the while. I don’t know to laugh or cry at the absurdity of this revelation.

What is it about small towns with big personalities?

3 thoughts on “& yet again the clock rewinds to summer of 2012.

  1. I had to laugh when I read the first sentence. Looks like I just need to visit Miri to feel that I’m in Hawaii?? Lol! Hope u had fun though

    1. The irony !! They’re not the same, but so many things are similar honestly and even my (Singaporean) friend agreed. In fact in terms of biodiversity honestly we are on par. The weather is a tad bit better haha, but again not distinct. The irony, seriously. I can’t get over this either haha but I had fun -a break is always welcome! :D

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