Timeout: Baby It’s Cold Outside (Quickie Updates).

Surprise, I’m back!

Okay, kinda. Let me rephrase that – I’m indeed back from my weeklong trip where I happily enjoyed being on island time, but life continues to chug along without mercy. Today was the first day of the new term, and oh boy. I’m not about to apologize for the past week – who apologizes for being away from cyber life to live real life, y’know? – but at the moment, things are pretty crazy again ’round here. I’m still shopping for classes, need to update my resume, work on applications, file my tax (sh*t when is the deadline?), edit and upload photos… busy, busy.

I’m sorely behind on my watch-list too, which I’m trying to play catch up on as well. I didn’t watch anything while I was in Hawaii, though I did watch some shows before leaving and on the flight back. Not disclosing what they are just yet, because I’m still hoping against hope that I can give them their much-deserved individual limelights. The one show I will mention is none other than Secret Love Affair, which I did write a few paragraphs on once I finished episode two …it’s still in the drafts folders. I wonder if it’ll ever see the light of day…

There’s the other sticky issue related to this. By now, you ought to know how I am when it comes to shows which are buzzed about online, and though I swear that I’m trying to get over this pet peeve (which isn’t really a pet peeve, I know)… sigh. The more people talk about this show – and believe me, so many people are because this show does things to its audience – the less I have to say. I don’t know if it’s because I think they’re saying exactly what I have in mind, or more accurately, they’re saying these thoughts better – I really have no idea, I just know that it feels like an allergy. I love the show though, no doubt about that. The second episode sealed the deal for me – this show is such a layered beast, total wunderkind. Unfortunately, I am behind on my watch, so… sigh. I’m sorry, I can’t promise anything anymore.

I do have things on my mind to write about related to the trip, drama-watching, some unpopular opinions related to KPop  (yes, I am that girl who bursts your candy-filled bubbles) and perhaps even pimp a Kvariety show that I’d sneakily tuned in to watch during final exam week (looks around guiltily). The challenge though, is that while it’s true that there are hundreds of thoughts swirling through my mind, there’s only one me, two hands, ten fingers, and twenty-four hours in a day. In other words, grad school is proving itself to be a real b*tch when it comes to time. Grrr.

If things stay crazy busy – as in Real Life and the doom and gloom of grad school prove invincible – then I might just publish rough, point-form thoughts on the shows I’m watching. I’m still holding back because I would really love to talk about them (they’re all in my head just there, I swear) but to do so, I need to write about them first! Ugh time, why are you always playing so hard to get? You’re such a tease.

I’ll end with a light note, and it’s this: Akdong Musician‘s finally debuting!! I absolutely LOVE the teaser.

Can’t say the same about YG‘s nonexistent schedule and empty promises though, but that’s another write-up for a different day. Is anyone even surprised? Ha. I’ll just gladly count down to the above duo’s debut for now. Cheers.


5 thoughts on “Timeout: Baby It’s Cold Outside (Quickie Updates).

      1. There was only one day when it was above freezing. It was miserable! I loved it! (I like cold weather). And I got to do a ton of walking because all my worries about my leg hurting were useless. I usually limp after about one block, but when your legs are frozen ice cubes, there’s no pain. hah hah! I walked at least 2 miles every day.

        1. 2 miles is quite a feat! The hiking tracks I did were approximately 2 miles each and aw man, they were tiring… HAHA to you loving the cold weather though, I’m… glad to hear that? Not common, that’s for sure ;p
          I think we did more driving in Hawaii, but it’s also probably cos we rented the car already aha and Kauai is definitely more remote and less convenient to walk. Did you take pictures with the bean?? I love that bean!

          1. Yup. Lots of pictures with the bean. My husband and I went by ourself the first day and did the typical “wooahhhehaoaohhahaha” reaction that all the tourists have. Then the next day we went back with his sister and brother and we got to sit out and pretend to be immune to it while they walked around and around and under and back around taking more pictures. Such a cool tourist trap! (And it’s free!)

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