Timeout: I’m All Out of Time (Reality, You Suck).


I think I need to accept the fact that I will no longer be able to watch everything under the sun. I think I need to come to terms with the fact that Real Life is real, pressing, short, and time is key – truly, madly, sincerely. I think I need to suck it up, and learn to prioritize better because my life and free time can no longer consist of drama-watching, as it has been for the past oh, just fifteen years or so.

I am a firm believer that life happens outside of the television screens, so I don’t lose myself in the dramas, but they’ve always been my downtime entertainment. For a time they were literally a form of escapism too, and then they eventually morphed to become part of my (alternative) cultural background and interests. For the past two years, I’ve grown to really(mostly) enjoy watching and then writing about good (and terrible) shows, because good stories are meant to be shared and absolutely worth dissecting further while the bad ones need to be publicly defiled with strict caution. Blogging is now a pleasurable activity ergo time well-spent, because now I count my time like I do with money.

I think I need to accept the fact that I will fall behind on the drama-watching and drama sphere buzz and whatnot, plus I’ll no longer be able to write about all the shows and scenes which captured me so. I think it’s time to accept that I can really only keep up with live-watching one, just one, currently airing drama, and time permitting, play catch up with those in my to-watch lists.

School is all-consuming not just time-wise – though dominantly time-wise – but it’s also physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding. I am super stoked to learn the stuff I’ve wanted to for a while now with my set of classes this quarter, but the workload is madness. My weekly reading list for one class – one class – is no joke, and it’s only Day 3 of the new quarter. The other courses I signed up for are problem sets-based, and I’ll receive them tomorrow. Joy. I should get used to the quarter system, I know, because its been what, 5 years now? But ugh, mostly I’m just angry at it.

Just when I’ve gotten over my slump, and emotionally and school-wise things are finally looking up, reality strikes again.

This sucks.



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