“We are strangers. We are lost hearts.”

New Tumblr poet alert! Okay not so new, but she’s rather hit-and-miss, though it’s really cos she writes mostly on eating disorders, which I can’t relate to. This one is totally a hit though: Letters to Old Best Friends. I can totally, totally relate.

“The nostalgia of warm faces
and sloshing secrets
out of drunken lips
smacks our faces
rough like concrete
running like kids
through the neighborhoods
we don’t belong to.
We are strangers.
We are lost hearts.
I will hold you
at three in the morning
when he breaks your spirit
and hands you the pieces. 
I guess this was just
a really long way
of saying I miss you
and I’m sorry everything fell apart.”
— Michelle K. | michellekpoems

Make sure to follow her via the link provided and/or check out more of her pieces! She writes shorter poems, but they’re often on-point and strike a resounding chord. I have a few other works of hers which I’ve saved to my laptop, really good.


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