Happy Easter!

My mid-weeks are ridiculous this quarter. It’s not Monday blues – it’s more like Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday blues. Needless to say, I am exhausted. So this evening, I said yes to one of the girls who invited me over to…

Easter eggs!

Paint some Easter eggs! Ta-da!

My first time doing this haha, and of course they laughed when they found out I’ve never done this before. I corrected one of them who thought it’s because this isn’t done in Malaysia, which no. It’s cos I don’t celebrate Easter so there was no reason or thought to do this. This was so much fun though! Half the fun was definitely the friends, which aw – I’m so glad I am friends with these awesome folks :)

Have a good Easter weekend to those of you who celebrate it! Hope you painted and decorated some eggs too, or will get to do them over the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

    1. To quote my friend (the overzealous one about this):

      “Everyone needs to have done this at least once! I haven’t skipped a year yet.”

      Time to revive it, probably? :) Happy Easter to you btw!

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