Timeout: Note-to-Self – Don’t Feed The Whiner Trolls.


ygrookies-confessions 2

I need to stop feeding the trolls, I know, but this situation is getting ridiculous, immature, and just nasty.

My god some Team B fans – what are you guys… preteens, tweens? Cos if you’re adults and acting in this manner across the world wide web – or is it because we’re in a virtual space, masking behind pseudonyms and hollow gray figures? – then I’m embarrassed for you, legit. Frankly though, even if you’re thirteen and acting this way, putting up those kind of commentaries – sweetie, go back to your schoolbooks.

The above is the second or third confessions published at ygrookies-confessions this week and well, this is entertaining. Apparently, that site is now the Anons Bashing WINNER (and their fans) Central. I… have no words at the ongoing petty-fest. Of all the things to spend time, emotions, and words on, it is something so trivial – fandom verbal jabs. It was frustrating the first time, ridiculous the second time, and now it’s just petty and silly.

Also, since we’re at it, I’ll just say it – if you’re going to play hard, then grow some balls and courage. If you’re going to talk big, why act so small? If you’re going to play dirty, why hide behind anon facades and measly, trivial confessions? If you’re going to put up a fight, then put up a fucking fight.

If you can’t do so, then do everyone a favor. Four words: calm the fuck down.

Don’t feed the trolls y’all, don’t. Moving along now.



One thought on “Timeout: Note-to-Self – Don’t Feed The Whiner Trolls.

  1. I just looked over that tumblr blog. I want to cry with how stupid they all sound.. Well, if it makes them happy thinking my day is ruined… haha.

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