Timeout: Nodame Cantabile Korean Remake – Casting’s In.

This just in: Joo Won & Shim Eun Kyung for Nodame Cantabile Korean Remake

Yay? Nay?

I hope Shim Eun Kyung will jump onboard, because she can definitely bring the quirky and eccentricity of Nodame. Plus, compared to other names that floated before this like IU or God forbid, other idols – no. I would rather have a girl who can act and do so well, thank you. I get it that Shim Eun Kyung isn’t standard beauty fare per se, but so what? It’s personality and acting chops that matter and in Nodame’s case, all the more so.

Joo Won as Chiaki though… I… don’t know what I feel. Okay, here’s my honest take: it could’ve been worse. I like him, but I’m not all over him. I think he’s a decent actor and definitely a good singer, but he’s yet to impress me after playing the conflicted antagonist in Baker Kim Tak-Goo. I know, I should watch Gaksital – it’s still in my to-watch list, ha. I think he has potential and is incredibly smart with his project choices, but as Chiaki? I’m not completely against this casting – again, thank goodness for actually picking an actor who can act – but a part of me feels like someone else is more fitting for the role. I can’t think of any names right off the bet, but… sigh, he’s confirmed so I guess I’ll just have to accept this casting news.

For now, I really hope she signs on and I’m going to keep an open mind about this remake. They better not bring in any idols (who can’t act) though, or I swear I am going to FLIP. My love for Nodame is fierce, yo.


14 thoughts on “Timeout: Nodame Cantabile Korean Remake – Casting’s In.

  1. I’m all about Joo Won, he’s my fave actor after Jang Hyuk. You should see him in Ojakgyo Brothers, he is fantastic. My only worry is that he is clearly a bit too old for the role. Isn’t the character a bit of a flower boy? Joo Won is all man, which I love :) Maybe Jang Geun Suk would have been a better choice, but after Marry Me, Mary, and Pretty Man, I’m a bit tired of him.

    As far as Shim Eun Kyung, I only remember her from Hwang Jini and haven’t seen her other efforts, but I think she’s pretty in her own way.

    I’m still very excited about this as I LOOOOOOOOVE NODAME CANTIBLE. Can’t wait for this one.

    1. Hey! I’ve heard sooo much about Ojakgyo Brothers, ah I think I need to watch it soon :) I actually have it in my hard disk for the past two years or so now haha, but for some reason I’ve never felt the inclination… I guess now is the time! About Jang Geun Suk as Chiaki though… omg no :O He’s in this weird funk/phase now of being all flower boy and idol-ish, which no longer gel with me and his last project Pretty Man didn’t convince me. Personally I don’t find Chiaki a flower boy kind, more like (trying to be) serious – he’s got his wacky points, but there’s a groundedness to him, especially opposite the quirky Nodame that is compelling. They balance each other out so damn well haha, and I hope Joo Won will be able to encapsulate that.

      I absolutely loveeee Nodame too haha and although I obviously have my reservations about this remake, if they can keep the same tone/vibe/spirit with the Jdrama – eek, I’m a happy camper.

      1. Wow you’ve not watched Ojakgyo? Please watch! It’s a really lovely wkd drama, most things make sense in this show compared to my just completed MDSY and Wang Family.

        1. Aw man, it sounds like a gem. Okay okay I’ll sneak in a watch next week ^_^ (SLA is killing my positive vibes so I’ve slowed down tremendously in my watch… i.e. more free time :p)

  2. I am torn about Joo Won’s casting. I like him due to his 1n2d stint, but haven’t seen him in a complete drama, only from snippets of recaps and vid cuts from various sources.

    There is a certain maturity to Chiaki’s character (despite how childish he can be), that I do not get yet from Joowon. Hopefully, it’ll turn out good.

    As for SEK, I am fully onboard her casting. If not, can they get Park Bo Young instead?

    If I were to think of a Chiaki, the first name that jumps at me is Im Joo Hwan. I dunno why, since I also have not seen him in anything yet, hehe.. But I can somewhat see him pulling off that “maturity” thingy I mentioned above.

    Let’s just cross our fingers and pray to the drama gods, since that is what majority of NC fans are doing right now.

    1. OMG, ah you pointed out a super important trait of Chiaki and I hear ya about not sensing that from Joo Won. I’m holding onto faith that he can deliver though, cos he got his start as a musical actor and stage-to-TV actors are typically so much better at acting than the other way around. I can’t remember if he has the nuance, but I’m assuming that Gaksital gave him the 101 on that. Here’s to hoping.

      Park Bo Young – omg yes! Yes! Or the girl I have in mind is the awesomely quirky Im Joo Eun. Girl deserves to play a leading role honestly, and I have faith she will do justice to Nodame. She’s just not as big a name as others that I don’t think she even stands a chance :(

      And Im Joo Hwan, ah yes I agree! I could totally get behind that casting, cos that guy is surprisingly captivating onscreen and yup, has that maturity and depth despite his baby face. He totally got my attention in What’s Up!

      Here’s to lots of praying and hoping. I’m closely monitoring casting news and I swear my heart is beating so fast every time I read notice an update about this o.o

    2. If you had seen Ojakgyo Brothers or Bridal Mask you would have no fear on that score.

      In Ojakgyo Brothers the character he plays is very like Chiaki as far as maturity goes. Joo Won’s character in that is all about maturity. In fact the character of Hwang Tae Hee is so mature that he never had a childhood.

      Joo Won alone amongst all the other very talented cast, was the only younger actor able to truly hold his own in scenes one-on-one with the seasoned older actors in that drama. There is a stunning scene with Kim Yong Rim one of the Grand Dames of Korean character actors, where both actors are required to deeply emote and Joo Won clearly and easily takes control of that scene. You can actually see the surprise in Kim Yong Rim’s face as she interacts with him.

      He is a brilliant talent. One of those naturally gifted actors who can completely inhabit a role. His character was the love interest of Uee, and there were times that I could see Uee struggling to keep up in their scenes together.

      1. Wow thanks for the lengthy and detailed explanation. I’ll check him out in Ojakgyo Brothers then, it sounds like the perfect show to impress and change my mind about what he can bring as Chiaki.

  3. I don’t know the girl enough to comment, but I’m not sure about Joo Won. I love him but I can’t see him in the role. We’ll see, hopefully the casting directors know what they’re doing, lol

    1. UGH omg, ah you’re scaring me haha about him butchering the role of Chiaki :( I like him fine too, but I am still trying really hard to convince myself that he’ll do justice to the role and story as a whole. Not entirely convinced, but… I’ll try to get around to watching Ojakgyo Brothers before this remake rolls into town.

  4. I’m not sure how to react to the news either. In my eyes, Nodame IS Tamaki Hiroshi & Ueno Juri. I love Joo Won too but just unsure how he’ll potray the already perfect (ok, a little on the thin side) Chiaki/Hiroshi. And who else is Nodame, other than Juri??

    Sigh, I’m torn between wanting to watch and not wanting to spoil an already perfect drama.

    1. I’m torn, but I know that curiosity will get the better of it so I’m just gonna give in to that haha. But if it sucks, 99% sure I’m going to end up here cursing and ridiculing it to no end(!!!)

  5. I just can’t see Joo Won as Chiaki. I thought of No Min Woo immediately though. He can act as the cool, sometimes comical and proud Chiaki.

    1. Hey! I can’t imagine No Min Woo though, he’s too.. androgynous? I am watching Ojakgyo and now I kinda see Joo Won as Chiaki – like he’s not perfectly casted, but I think there is enough depth and skill in his acting to make the character his. My Nodame though… :(

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