Timeout: Shall We Slow Dance? (Quick Shout-out of Thanks!)

There is this guy, his name is Eddy Kim. His voice is kind of amazing. His music videos were shot in Amsterdam; the backdrop is stunning. I was here two years ago, though we only stayed for a night. Still, this brings back memories.

(Paloma, you would absolutely love this video)

My favorite track from his impressively put-together début album is Slow Dance. It’s coy, sensual but cheeky.

There is this other guy, his name is Park Hyo Shin. Wild Flower is still my jam, if I could call it that. It is gorgeous, evocative and heartrending. I’ve gotten hold of his older albums, and I’m currently basking and rejoicing in the glory that is his voice. Just his la la la does things to my heart, I swear. He’s amazing.

There is this singer, I think she’s new? Her name is Tristan Prettyman. This song is cute, it features Jason Mraz.

This week is the shit in terms of workload, and I’m pretty sure this will last until Thursday next week. It’s getting really busy around here and as usual, I kind of want to cry at the amount of workload and constant time-crunch with back-to-back deadlines. Moments like this, I really hate school. It’s week 6 of the quarter system, so it’s understandable really – but I kind of want to cry nonetheless.

I apologize, I don’t really have the time to write lengthy replies (speedily) to each person, so I’m cheating by writing this entry as a general response. I really want to do a quick shout-out of thanks to the three girls who stepped forward and shared their thoughts and stories with me (and in many ways, everyone else) in the last entry. It’s funny, that entry was never meant to have come out the way it did. When I started on it, I meant to chime (rant) about the grad school life but whaddya know? That happened instead.

Thank you for sharing your sides of the story; it’s always nice to remember I’m less alone than I think I am. I think this is true for anybody, with anything. Thank you for opening up, because surely this is hard to do, lonely souls and all – why do we commune and extend ourselves so easily on cybersphere? Funny, we’re funny. Though over the past year, blogging and more so, writing in here feels so real …and necessary. This space is definitely an extension of myself, and I’m forever grateful to still be here, because of readers like you.

To borrow Yasmin’s introspective voice, as always – here’s my version of heartfelt thanks, sincerely.

“There are poems 
I am still too scared to write
for fear they aren’t ready yet.
Please let me bury them underneath your skin
until they learn the taste of bravery 
and know how to stand on their own.”
– Y.Z, Water them while I’m away | rustyvoices

Back to reality, ah this shit is real. I hate this stress, so much work (!!) – y’all take care!

PS I’m sorry this is kind of a pointless entry. Really sorry – thanks as always for lending an ear.

4 thoughts on “Timeout: Shall We Slow Dance? (Quick Shout-out of Thanks!)

  1. I want to thank you too:)Your posts keep me going and it really helps I’m not the only one like that. Strangely I’m really much more open and honest here than in real life.I always tell my friends that everything is fine and ok even if it’s really not true. So here I can really say everything I want to. I need that.So thank you for this.

    1. Aw Paloma :’) I’m glad this is somewhere you could express your innermost thoughts rather freely, I’m here to listen to my best ability :)

  2. Likewise Jan. We are funny indeed. But you can’t deny that it’s comforting to know that we’re not alone in the situation.

    And thank you for introducing Eddy Kim! Amazing singer! I can’t believe I only heard of him now ;_;

    1. Aw thanks, and yes there’s a weird kind of comfort to that – I’m glad this one’s not a bad-weird, more good-weird :) Eddy Kim is pretty amazing right! I’m glad I got to “promote” him to someone new :D

      Side note: I think he’s a bit cocky (I watched a few videos like interviews etc) or more like very confident of himself? Not necessarily a bad thing, that, haha but didn’t strike me as a down-to-earth kind of musician. Apparently he’s a student at Berklee, so well that explains the extra boost (in credentials too, of course haha).

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