Timeout: (another pointless entry).

happy friday!

So stressed out yesterday that I went to the Paris Baguette downtown, and treated myself to a red bean rice cake croissant. That’s basically the highlight of my week and guess what? It’s far from over. I can’t, I just can’t.

(I swear, sometimes I hate the quarter system, and kicking myself for choosing to continue schooling)

Happy Friday and have a good weekend ahead. Guess what I’ll be up to (okay, don’t).

When it hurts, at the thought you’re alone
When tear drops well up one by one
I will be there at the end of your hard day
Won’t you come a bit closer to me?
– Lee Seung Gi, An Invitation To Me

PS I’ve stopped watching Secret Love Affair – at least it’s on hold? The show makes me depressed, and I’m already goddamn stressed out, as evident here. I’m just re-watching feel-good fluff before I sleep to de-stress; these days it’s Long Vacation. Twenty years later and this show is still amazing – basically move over, other noona romance dramas.

Disclaimer: Lyrics translation is credited to www.kpoplyrics.net.

4 thoughts on “Timeout: (another pointless entry).

    1. It is superrrr good. You should totally try it if there is a Paris Baguette near you (I hear it’s a fad nowadays, this place). It’s like my pick-me-up food :p

        1. If not go look for a Korean bakery, not necessarily Paris Baguette is okay I think. I was told that it’s very common in Korean bakeries ^_^

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