“lights, camera, struck a pose-“

Guess who finally got to catch Yuna live?! Guess who got to chat briefly with her and best of all, snapped a photo together?! GUESS.

(…but of course the photo’s not shared here, because y’know how I feel about showing my face here…)

You need to understand.. exactly how long and hard I’ve tried to catch her live – from one side of the world to another, one coast to the other in North America, one timeline after the next… oh my god, fast-forward to spring 2014 here at Stanford, it finally happened! I think I harbor an obvious girl-crush on her haha (not even going to deny it) but seriously… girl is amazing, ’nuff said.

Thanks to the Asian American Students’ Association (AASA) and Muslim Students Awareness Network (MSAN) for organizing this (free!) concert tonight – specifically for bringing Yuna right under my roof here at Stanford. Not lying, I’m still starstruck. If you don’t know her – have a listen below. Girl is AMAZING. What a talent, though what’s really commendable is how down-to-earth and modest – plus incredibly Malaysian! – she was throughout the show (and after, when I got to quickly chat (…gush…) and snap a photo with her). Girl does all of us proud :) 

Plus! Gotta give props to Run River North too – go listen to this band, they were phenomenal. Damn it, where have they been all the while?! I just bought their album from iTunes and linked my favorite from them, found below. Give them a listen guys! I thought they were like a cross between Coldplay and folk music, but that violin – damn that sexy violin sound – changes everything and gives their music a wholly different feel.

Pictures speak a thousand words, so I’ll let them do the talking instead!

Songs from Yuna‘s latest album, Nocturnal:

My favorite (new find!) from Run River North:


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