Timeout: Barely Alive (but) Fortunately, Still Lovin’ Angel Eyes.

I’m sorry for the recent rather downer entries. I’ve nothing else to add apart from what’s already obvious and it’s that this term needs to end… I’m terribly burned out and I know I have a bad case of it because I’ve caught myself twice now, suddenly in tears while studying. The exhaustion is unreal and the workload is nonstop with deadlines one after another. I can’t remember ever being this busy, honest to God, not even in undergrad when I took full loads of 19/20 units per quarter. If working life is like this, frankly I don’t know how to deal. How is this life, what is life, if you’re out at 8 or 9 AM and back twelve hours later, seven days a week? Four weeks left of the term (please just end already).

There’s also the ever-pressing future woe, only this time with an update that has left me visibly shaken and even more unsettled. I gave my verbal agreement to a likely future career a few days ago. This shouldn’t have been a surprise really, because I’ve thought about and considered this seriously for the past two years. Hell, I would even say I’ve prepared myself for this, so I don’t understand why I reacted the way I did – uncertain. But… more on this in a separate entry, because people are here at blogphilic for different topics and I kind of want to keep it that way.

Now on the topic of drama-watching – I’m sorry I’ve been conspicuously absent about this. I’m generally slower at drama-watching these days, checking in and out of shows and episodes at random depending on my mood and stress level. So far, none but one has survived my emotionless cut and it is none other than Angel Eyes. Surprise? No? I heart this show. Even top-quality Secret Love Affair has been put on indefinite hiatus. That show is great, but it is such an exercise of the heart, mind, and soul that my god, it depresses me. It depresses me too damn much to keep watching. I know it wrapped up this week though, and the buzz seemed to indicate it ended favorably; I’ll get there eventually.


Back to Angel Eyes – this show is total mindless fluff and well, thank goodness for that. It doesn’t attempt to be what it isn’t which means that to a large degree, it is predictable as hell from a mile away, but like other weekend dramas – think comfort food. You know what’s going to take place and even if you don’t, the stakes aren’t meaty enough to call for an introspective response and yet, the show doesn’t feel old – not the recycled plot, cheesy dialogue, PG-13 flirting, and (groans) family secrets. Nope. The chemistry continues to be cute like fluffy bunnies, which – I’ll take it.

I am aware that the plot has slowed considerably, and like everyone else, I’ve no idea where the story is now headed. With ten episodes left to go, do we have to brace ourselves for a train wreck of a plot? I have a feeling we might arrive in Crazy Town very soon, but since we’re already at the halfway point, if they do insist on pulling the crazy on us – well, sigh a breath of relief that we’re halfway there? Another upside is more obvious: our darling couple is still together! Episodes 9 and 10 were adorable. I agree with a lot of people that the adult counterparts don’t have the same magic as their younger selves did, but in my opinion they light their own torch just fine and damn right, it’s flaming alright.

Unsurprisingly, I can’t stand Kim Ji Seok and his character. He plays the same kind of character in every damn show he is on, so I don’t get why he keeps getting billed as the perfect man, especially in this one. Uhm – no. Sure he’s a sweetheart here, but he’s also incredibly clingy. He’s somewhat delusional too, though I don’t fault him for that because of the overbearing mother and coming to terms with a broken heart. Like the rest of the supporting cast in this show, I don’t understand the significance of his character other than as plot plodder. I assume that with the big secret reveal though, who knows – things might just shift to his advantage, even if I still think crazy is coming to town.

I attempted to screen cap some scenes this week because this show is a total visual killer. I think they’ve downplayed the cinematography somewhat, but the pastel colors are still incredibly well-shot and fit the mood of the show. In short, still lovin’ it. These two – seriously, can they be any cuter? Thanks for lighting up my Monday nights, you two. You’re my saving grace, honest to God. Too cute for their own good. Fluffy bunnies.

Angel Eyes ep10_4

Angel Eyes ep10_3

Angel Eyes ep 10_2

That’s a wrap for now. I’ll be back when free time and mental strength permit, with more blurbs about new Kvariety, Roommate featuring none other than my favorite Korean actor (who picks poor projects, unfortunately), Lee Dong Wook, and a few other shows, both oldies like Long Vacation – yes, that awesome Jdrama of the ’90s – and the other currently airing Kdrama I’ve meant to write about, Golden Cross. Take care. … Wait, on second thought – let’s not end on a downer. Let’s end with a shot of Mr Dimples (you’re welcome).

Angel Eyes ep10_1

6 thoughts on “Timeout: Barely Alive (but) Fortunately, Still Lovin’ Angel Eyes.

    so sorry to hear that things have been so stressful lately :( T_T *bigbigbighug* just remember that this, too, shall pass. you can do it, my dear friend!!
    i hadn’t really thought about it until this moment — as i’m typing lol — but perhaps “angel eyes” hits our sweet spots bc it’s such a beautiful — and much needed! — reprieve from the stressors of school… there’s no better escape from science than mr. dimples! ^^
    hang in there, my fellow angel-lover — we can do this!!! :D :D :D

    1. Are you on holiday right now? You sound sooo much cheery and (almost!) free lately :) Thank youuu honey, thanks sooo much for the constant cheering. I know I’m definitely still watching this show because it’s a much-needed reprieve… I’m following other shows inconsistently, popping in and out depending on my mood – which is really shitty of late :(

      Thanks again though pinkblossom, you’re so awesomeeee and I’m so happy you’ve been popping in around here to read my Angel Eyes write-ups. I’M the one who is humbled by your gleeful mentions ;) :D

      1. i’m in the thick of things — 3 weeks left before i’m freeeee hahahaa! the material has been mind-boggling this block, but i’m trying to tell myself “just finish strong!” hahhaa ;)
        spazzing over “angel” helps keep me away from feeling too poopy — it is I(!!) who thank you for this outlet! ^^
        when things get stressful, i shut down everything else, stick my fingers in my ears, and go “ladeedaaaah” hahahaa! block out the stressors — worrying won’t change anything, right? :) — and just focus on one thing at a time. right now: i’m spazzing with you! and in 5 minutes, i’ll look at the cerebellum :P and then in an hour i’ll dump the cerebellum and squee over mr. dimples again hehehheee! :D ;) :D

  2. I decided to give it a try. I believe Kim Ji Suk’s best role was the dream guy in “I Need Romance 2”. The writer really made the perfect dream character… But then again, perfection tend to get on people’s nerves xD Anyway, I’m starting catching up, so let’s see if I can handle it. Wish me luck!

    1. Oh you’re here! :D OMG good luck!! You are gonna need it… I like this show, flaws and all, but I do think it tests its audiences loyalty to stick to the end… Let me know what you think of the show when you’ve the chance :)

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