Timeout: Move Over Dramas, Kvariety Reigns Supreme.

Read on for blurbs about Kvariety shows:

  • Roommate – first impression
  • We Got Married: Global Edition Season 2Puff Guo & Heechul pairing
  • KPop Star Season 3 – parting thoughts
  • Running Man – recent episodes
  • Weekly IdolGOT7 as guest
  • Superman Returns – brief thoughts

Quick announcement about drama-related write-ups:

I know some of you are here specifically for my Asian pop culture related write-ups – I’m not abandoning them, but I need to be honest that real life is so friggin’ shitty right now that it’s really hard to chug anything related to this. While it’s true I’ve never claimed blogphilic as a drama-blog, not everyone is as understanding as Heisui and you know, I totally get that. I’m trying really hard not to bog anyone with my Debbie Downer thoughts, regardless what you’re here for, but those of you who stick around here specifically for these, I ask for your understanding; there’ll be a lot of personal entries in this near-future. Of course you are absolutely free to do whatever you want, but I hope you won’t be so quick to abandon this space just cos I’m not writing regularly on stuff you’re specifically here for. School wraps in early June and I’ll be traveling until late-June, but I hope to return to my regular pattern of drama-related and personal entries come July. Until then, I ask for your patience and understanding. Cheers.

Logistics check; let’s talk about my current Kvariety tune-ins.



Roommate (2014)
Roommate (2014)

Last week, I caught the first two episodes of Roommate. As of this write-up, I’ve only watched the first two episodes and while I still don’t get why each episode is two hours – way too long – when all that took place was introducing us to the people and setting, overall I really like the show. I’m partially biased because the idea of a share house has always intrigued and interested me (because I can’t ever live in one) …okay, I’m even more biased because Lee Dong Wook is here. He is so deadpan and cool as a cucumber, forever and always – so awesome. As usual though, whaddya know – I came for Lee Dong Wook, but I’m staying for a certain Park Min Woo.

Admittedly, there are a number of folks I could do without of the eleven, namely the comedian whatshisname, the idol girl known as Nana who is narcissistic and vain as fuck (who brings her own cardboard cutout, like for real?) and at times, supermodel Lee So Ra and actress Hong Soo Hyun. However, it might just be me, i.e. their personalities don’t really gel with me. Episode 3 looks like it’ll bring the cute between roommates, which might be just the thing to change my mind about the comedian, but until then I can’t stand that kind of attitude – the kind of person who makes it seem like he’s doing work but honestly, it’s his mouth more than anything that’s busy. I’m not familiar with Nana but dear god, this girl is a vain pot. She’s got personality, but I can’t with the narcissism. I suspect Lee So Ra just needs more time than the others to warm up – I mean, if you’ve lived by yourself for 20 years and now find yourself in a house with ten strangers … this takes some getting used to, alright. I actually like Hong Soo Hyun‘s personality when she’s not trying to draw the guys’ attention towards her. I think she’s charming and has great personality, but there were a few moments in the first two episodes where she came off as a try hard and that rubbed me off the wrong way.

Fortunately, there are more folks that I do like – people I’m already familiar with namely my favorite guy with his deadpan responses Lee Dong Wook and that cutie pie actor Park Min Woo from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. The thing I like about Park Min Woo is that he doesn’t try to call attention to himself. He is himself and not trying purposely attention-seeking for the sake of screen time. That’s quiet confidence to me and as always, I dig that. The same can be said about Song Ga Yeon, who is so far, my favorite of the girls. I think it’s cos she’s an athlete and not a celebrity, so she’s chill and doesn’t try to hog the camera, but I really like that she’s not faking it for the camera.

I am not familiar with EXO other than the usual fan fare and news about them, so I came in with zero expectations about Chanyeol. It was more like, Chanyeol who? Which one? But you know, this boy is such a sweetheart! I love that he’s roommates with the eldest of the lot, legendary singer-actor Shin Sung Woo because despite their 20-year age gap, both of them are the sweetest, most polite, and down-to-earth guys, legit. I look forward to their budding bromance.

As for Park Bom and Seo Kang Joon, I think they’re drawing the most attention but funnily, I’m not all over them. I like their personalities and I do think they are being their natural selves which yay, but (and again) I think it’s just a personal preference thing – I’m more interested to get to know Park Min Woo, Song Ga Yeon and of course, my Lee Dong Wook. If we’re talking budding relationships, I’m actually more interested in the brewing bromances. I don’t mind seeing more Lee Dong WookSong Ga Yeon interactions, but word on the street seems to indicate that the show’s aiming or catering around a Lee Dong WookPark Bom pairing. I hope Park Min Woo gets paired with someone though, cos he seems all-around great.

The first episode does tend to drag, but if you’re still deliberating whether to check out this show – go for it!


We Got Married: Global Edition Season 2

We Got Married: Global Edition
We Got Married: Global Edition

So remember last year, when I was so smitte by the coupling of Lee Hong Ki and Fujii Mina? The spark was unfortunately extremely short-lived and though I did check out the original for a while last year with the new pairings, honestly I’m now kind of allergic to We Got Married. The show’s one of those is-this-or-is-it-not-real kinda thing, which isn’t a problem – it’s the obviously faking it moments that turn me off. Oftentimes the truth eventually catches up and it’s such a mood-dampener to realize that they’re so obviously acting, but luckily every once in a while we get truly compatible pairings. Whaddya know, Heechul of SUPER JUNIOR and Chinese idol and actress Puff Guo are actually awesome together.

Let me rephrase that – they’re fun, really fun. They seem natural and at ease with each other, and the kind of cringeworthy awkwardness that’s typically present – you know, trying to act all coy and innocent whatever –  is thankfully and surprisingly absent with this couple! Okay, so I cheated and didn’t watch the introduction episode cos I skipped straight to episode 4 with the intention of checking out the SHINEE dude but ha ironically, Key and Arisa gave me vibes similar to Taec and Gui Gui which ack, run far away! If I continue to check out the show, it’d be for Heechul and Puff – they totally have chemistry with each other. They’re kinda goofy, but totally game to go the extra mile for each other and that’s just super cute.


KPop Star Season 3

KPop Star Season 3 (2013-Present)
KPop Star Season 3 (2013-2014)

I meant to dedicate a separate entry to write my parting thoughts about the show’s anticlimactic ending, but alas that never happened. I wanted to say that I think I fell out of love with the show once Kwon Jin Ah got kicked out, but surprisingly, really enjoyed the last episode. It was incredibly low-key and lackluster compared to the past two seasons, but I thought the final two gave good performances  – not astounding, but fair enough – and the special stages killed me. I loved Yoo Hee Yeol‘s special stage with his favorite protege, Hong Jeong Hee – who I assume is signed to Antenna, or will be eventually – but my favorite was actually the JYP‘s special stage cos he brought all my favorites! That pianist/keyboard guy who bore the elimination brunt for short-lived EQ is really incredibly talented with an amazing voice, so it was great to have him open that stage. Here, watch below and enjoy.

As for Bernard winning – pfft, not surprised. I like his voice, but he’s yet to amaze me. Still, here’s the thing that’s great about KPop Star – it’s about potential. He has a beautiful voice, and I have no doubt that JYP will unleash his full potential cos the latter is friggin’ in love with him; favoritism at its most obvious, believe it. I’m not all over his win because I personally think Kwon Jin Ah deserved the title, but I’ve moved on and made peace. I look forward to Bernard‘s debut, and like Belle, I’m glad that runner-up Sam Kim signed with Antenna Music. Face it, if he signed to YG he’d be cooped in that basement forever but more than that, I think Antenna is a more suitable platform for him to grow into a musician, rather than into a star or idol of the season.

Apparently Season 4 is confirmed – probably because Roommate is pulling disappointingly low ratings – but I’m kind of tired of KPop Star now, so hm. But then Yoo Hee Yeol‘s also confirmed to stay on as a judge so hmmm…


Running Man 

Running Man (2010-Present)
Running Man (2010-Present)

Last Friday night, I found myself exhausted and… bored. Too depressed to watch a drama and having caught up to Roommate, I decided to revisit Running Man. I chose an episode at random and watched the first episode of the camping special – Im Joo Hwan! – and it was so much fun! I watched the other two parts too, where they played the Mafia game and aw man, what a well-played game. These days Running Man is unpredictably hit-or-miss, but I thought this camping special was really good. I really enjoyed all three episodes – they kept me on my toes in suspense, speculation and no doubt, gave me lots of laugh out loud moments.

The newer episode which featured 2PM, 2NE1 and guys from Mystic89 though, that was just alright. I honestly don’t get why they keep bringing 2NE1 because frankly – these girls are boring. I watched that one episode when they were featured – the first time they came on the show, I think – and oh my god, that was painfully boring. I think these girls are great and have lots of personality, but they hardly do anything on Running Man! Plus both times the script or pairings were so obviously set up to accommodate them. I just think that you can be girls and don’t need to be Song Ji Hyo-awesome to still show spunk; funny that their image is often all about that. I enjoyed the episode cos of Yoo Jae Suk‘s awesome live-emceeing moments, but I think this episode would’ve been a lot more exciting had they bring in girls who’re actually in it to win it.


Weekly Idol: GOT7 as guest

This group cracks me up. They remind me (and everyone else, I’m sure) of their sunbae 2PM way too much, but everyone is adorable and seem really down-to-earth. I have a thing (and so does everyone, ha) for Mark who is just ridiculously good-looking, but it’s Jackson that’s slaying and killing everyone. This guy is a hoot. He’s so unabashed and game to do whatever people ask of him that he’s awesome. Above all though, it’s his personality that’s definitely killin’ it – he’s hilarious. He seems to have good rapport with everyone from his team members to the emcees in all the shows I’ve watched the group on. I cracked up when he admitted, totally nonchalantly, how he’s always wanted to model for an underwear ad and just as coolly, proceeded to demonstrate a pose. Okay Jackson

I’ve never watched Weekly Idol before, so I’ve no idea if the format that they had for this episode is typical. If it is, then the show is basically a 30-minute introduction platform to who’s who in the idol scene? Here’s to hoping that WINNER will get to be featured here when they (finally) debut…


Superman Returns

Superman is Back (2013-Present)
Superman is Back (2013-Present)

I tuned in to Superman Returns late last quarter and enjoyed it, but it’s one of those shows that’s such an easy watch; I don’t really have anything much to say apart from the fact that I really do like it. It’s pretty much Dad! Where Are We Going redux – cute, funny, and heartfelt. I love everyone in the show from the dad to their kids and even the mums – they definitely struck gold with the casting.

That eldest boy – you know, the actor’s kid? – man, his mannerism is impressive. For an eleven year-old, he’s so mature. His little brother cracks me up; they remind me of my nephews, who are both about the same age. Choo Sarang is the cutest little button and Haru, just like her parents, is bad ass. I wish Tablo and Kang Hye Jung would have a second kid though, cos Haru is so spoiled… but who am I to say anything haha. Last but not least, the twin babies are definitely the most adorable of all! Kudos to these awesome dads and their equally awesome kiddos.


And that’s a wrap of Kvariety shows I’ve been enjoying lately! They’re all great downtime de-stressors, and can easily be watched at random. I watched most of them by breaking them into 30-minute ‘blocks’. Happy watching!

18 thoughts on “Timeout: Move Over Dramas, Kvariety Reigns Supreme.

  1. I think you mean Flower Boy Ramyun Shop? Maybe your love for Shut Up is just a bit too potent. ;)

    Ahhh, GOT7! I’m really only familiar with the three members who appeared twice on WGM-TV (Jackson, Mark, and BamBam), but omg I love what I’ve seen of ’em thus far. Have you seen Jackson and Mark on Eric Nam’s After School Club? Friggin’ hilarious, I tell ya—I ship Markson already. I also saw the group make an appearance on Idol’s True Colors hosted by SJ-M’s Zhou Mi and miss A’s Jia and Fei. I definitely got a down-to-earth vibe from them, as you said—they’re such a lovely bunch!

    One of the Tumblr posts I came across read, “Got7 seemed pretty cool for like the first 0.3 sec of their debut but then Jackson opened his mouth.” Ahahaha, Jackson is such unfiltered goodness, I swear.

    1. Haha OMG you are right! How could I have missed that… Shut Up was definitely too potent ;) Corrected now, hehe thanks for noticing that :D

      GOT7 is too much like 2PM redux honestly – not a bad thing, but makes them … less original? As in I worry for their longevity in this highly saturated and competitive idol playing field. I don’t really sense an X-factor that’ll make them stand out; I find them more like “been there seen that” since all the goofiness etc are sooo 2PM-like. Still though, they’re reallyyyy growing on me. I kinda have a thing for Mark (ahem hahaha) so yes I did watch that After School episode :p I remember reading somewhere that these two are roommates and I think being 2/3 non-Korean in the group, it’s really a no-brainer that they’re so close. Jackson though, omg he is… I don’t even know where to begin. He’s hilarious! You’re totally spot on that he’s such unfiltered goodness. Gotta give it to him for being so game about everything, especially when nine out of ten times it’s about making a fool out of himself.

      PS Off-topic but I’m curious where you’re headed to for college and if it’s still in civil/ENVE? Since I know that college-picking season is over :p

      1. Ah, maybe that unique spark will come later down the line, since they’re new and all. Mhm, I’m really diggin’ the camaraderie between Markson—they’re like the perfect combo of good looks and sense of humor. ;’D

        Okay, this might come off as a super long and annoying sob story, but the whole college acceptance process… was a lot of happiness, heartbreak, hopes piqued and shattered. Basically, I got into all of my schools (CSUs and UCs) except for one UC that I didn’t care about (no surprise—I applied as a MechE major, which was not at all reflected in my application) and… my dream school, UCLA (excuse me while I hide in a corner and re-bawl my eyes out). I did get into Berkeley, which I would’ve loved to go to but ultimately had to turn down because it’s way too far and way too expensive. So now I’m headed for a Cal Poly, which is really great for civil, but I can’t help but feel like I’m losing out somehow, especially when so many of my peers are UC-bound. I know it’s irrational of me to think this way—yet I also know that this mentality won’t be going away anytime soon, at least not until I start college. Battling this notion of prestige over fit is so, so hard; I wish I cared less about what people think, and I wish I could appreciate that Cal Poly does in fact cater a lot to me as an engineering student.

        So, yeah. Sorry for the can of worms that I just opened on you. :'(

        1. Oh my god, not at all don’t apologize! Honestly, I am SO honored and humbled that you entrusted me with your can of worms :) I hope sharing this made you feel better, and I’m gonna be that annoying I’m-just-a-few-years-older-but-I’m-gonna-say-this person and tell you that you did great – every step of the way! I mean wow, getting accepted into what sounds like 8 out of 10 schools that you applied to? That’s amazing! UCLA pffft- they don’t know what they’re missing out, and shame on them. I’ve heard so much good stuff about Cal Poly – that’s the one in San Louis Obispo right? – cos one of my classmates did his undergrad there and he absolutely loved it. He talks about his undergrad years as often as I do mine haha, so I think you’ll be in good hands and in for a defining college experience :) I totally understand feeling like you’re losing out though, and honestly, sometimes the best way to deal with it is to just accept it – accept that this feeling sucks and that yup it’ll probably haunt you time and again especially over the summer ….but when it does, look it right in the eye and snap, “so what?” The truest lesson I have learned is that what matters more isn’t where you’re at, but what you do and how you live it up where you’re at. I know this nagging doubt and feeling like the odd one out sucks (it really sucks – I remember these sentiments vividly) but sometimes we need to arrive at the lessons by ourselves and at our own pace. You’re getting there and it sounds to me like you’re holding your own pretty darn well :) If nothing else, don’t you just love it that years from now you can look back and go “aha, remember back then-” … Stay positive and enjoy your summer, college life is the best yet in my opinion haha and you’ve chosen a great place to live it up! :)

          PS I totally didn’t mean to sound preachy/patronizing/self-help, but I totally relate and I have heard sooo many good things about Cal Poly. The smaller class size for instance, which I’m sure you’ll come to appreciate honestly; a smaller class size is sooo much better than the hundred-somethin students per class in UCs (trust me on this). Another point is exactly what you pointed out – that Cal Poly is a technical school, specifically an engineering school. If you’re committed to becoming an engineer (and/or staying within the technical field), then this is to your advantage cos you get to cut straight to the chase and learn what you’ve always been interested to learn more about. I’ve heard that Cal Poly is pretty specialized, especially given its size. So many other good stuff I’m sure, but half the fun is in the discovery. Such exciting times, I’m so happy for you! :)

          1. (Sorry for the late response! I’ve been insanely busy these past few days. =__=)

            Recently, my school had an assembly in which all the seniors in the honor society were recognized onstage for the colleges they were headed to. I was… one of only a couple CSU-bound kids in this rather large group, which made me feel like a total black sheep standing amongst a swarm of spirited UC-goers. I can’t even begin to describe how inferior I felt, and in retrospect I’m so, so ashamed of myself for having felt that way. Truth be told, I could’ve chosen not to have my college announced—in fact, an initial mixup caused me to be excluded from the list—but I took the initiative to ask the club president to get me on the lineup, so that I would suck it up and face the fact head-on in front of ~1500 other students in the audience. It was my version of the “So what?” you mentioned, though only somewhat successful since I still did feel like the odd one out. xD Baby steps, I guess.

            Having said that, thank you sooo much for recognizing the merits of Cal Poly. All of this prestige nonsense (well, mostly) has been getting to my head these days, so it’s truly a breath of fresh air to hear from someone who can empathize with my choice. I’ll be attending the Pomona campus, which isn’t as great as SLO but doesn’t pale too much in comparison, to my understanding. ^^ The Cal Polys tend to be hands-on whereas the UCs have a more theoretical approach, and who knows, that might end up being better suited for me!

            Ahhh, I feel so much better after pouring my heart out to you. While it still stings that I can’t go to a “better school,” I do acknowledge that Cal Poly is a really great place for me to pursue higher education. ^^ I’m stoked that you have a fellow classmate who’s relayed his Cal Poly experiences to you in bliss, and although it’s not SLO I’m not headed for (again, distance issue) I have a feeling that I’ll take away similar sentiments from my time in college. :)

            1. Sorry for my late response too, I first read this when I was in office hours a few days ago and whut, it’s Friday now?! Ha anyways I wanted to cheer you for such a courageous move! Facing the fact in front of 1500 students? Voluntarily at that? Go you! I’ve been studying with one of my classmates who did her undergrad in UCLA and so after reading your comment, I actually asked her what she thought of Cal Poly vs UCs and she said that after getting to know our friend who went to Cal Poly, she thinks that in Cal Poly it’s more hands-on and technical, whereas the UCs are more theoretical. Of course not all UCs are made equal, but I thought it was kind of amazing that she said the exact thing you did here. In short – girl, you made the right choice. Now it’s your call on how to do right with it :)

              I’m sooo happy to know you felt better after sharing with me, don’t hesitate to do so again if you’re in need of a listening ear especially when college finally starts in September! The jitters, expectations, anticipations, excitement – ah, good times haha. I’ve no doubt you’ll love it, though it’ll take some time to adjust etc. In the meantime though, just enjoy your summer break! You deserve it :)

  2. I’ve somehow done exactly what I did last year and stopped watching We Got Married Global after a few episodes. It’s not intentional but there are other things to watch and WGM just gets shafted in the end.

    2NE1 in Running Man – Yes! Totally agree. I don’t know why they keep bringing them back either, they’re not particularly great at variety at all. Bom is fine in Roommate but the 4 of them in Running Man is nothing special at all!

    Roommate is awesome though, I’m loving it so far. When I first heard about it, I really didn’t think much of the idea, and the only reason I watched the first episode was because of Chanyeol (he’s adorable and polite and talented and good looking and I luff him), but the rest of them have really made me keep watching. Shin Omma being the best neighbour Ahjumma ever (lol), Seo Kang Joon being the favourite of like, everyone, Nana being annoying at first but kind of growing on me after episode 1, Lee Dong Wook and Jo Se Ho being hilarious and cute together, Park Min Woo getting upstaged by Kang Joon (I find that so funny; Kang Joon has been around for about two seconds), Ga Yeon being herself because she’s not a celebrity and can’t be anything else, and Bom seemingly not caring about her image at all. I hope it continues to be so enjoyable.

    1. OMG you basically described all the folks in Roommate as how I would. On-point! I agree completely hahaha. And thank youuu for agreeing that 2NE1 in RM was oh my god so boring. Didja watch GOT7 on Weekly Idol? That Jackson is really hilarious hahaha. About WGM, I’m with ya, but if you pop in to check this one out – per my suggestion in this write-up, check out Heechul and Puff! He’s sooo not my type personally, but his candidness and sass are honestly kinda awesome, plus I think she seems awesome. Let me know what you think if you do check em out ;p

      1. No i haven’t, although it’s saved on my Watch Later list on YT, lol. I’ll never get around to watching it, but at least I had the idea, ha ha. I always think “i’ll go and watch this” and then while i’m on my way to that link, I’ll see something else, get totally distracted, and forget all about the original show I was gonna watch!

        I’ve been watching Just You lately, the 2013 Taiwanese drama starring Puff Guo, and it’s made me want to keep watching WGM Global. She’s kind of annoying and kind of adorable at the same time, lol

        1. Watch it when you have the chance, or rather – make it happen! ;)

          I’m still stuck at whatever episode I last left off In A Good Way sighhh. Haha really need to finish that.

          PS GUESS WHO WILL BE IN SYDNEY IN JULY?! And Adelaide… Not sure if I chose the most interesting places haha, but I’ll make it a fun trip nonetheless I hope! :p Alsoooo how familiar are you about Sydney and its public transportation? If you are can I ask you a quick Q about the 7-day multi passes for visitors? I’m so confused which one I ought to go for…

  3. Not a lot happens, but Roommate is surprisingly interesting.It’s a really odd mix of people, but somehow it works. No one’s really hit a nerve with me yet (though I understand your annoyance with Nana), but I like Shin Sung Woo the most right now. He’s such a cool, laidback guy and he’s always looking out for everyone else. I also like watching all the guys together like when they went to the Mexican embassy and their late night talk in episode two. I hope we get all the girls bonding like that soon.

    I’ve never watched WGM before, but I thought this season would be worth it for Key and Ari, but… they’re so awkward. They click sometimes, but you can tell this is just for the show. Heechul and Puff are much more friendly and relaxed with each other which is weird since 90% of their conversations are done with hand gestures, but they’re definitely more fun to watch than the other couple. Heechul does get on my nerves sometimes because he’s a little immature, but Puff knows how to handle him so I don’t get too annoyed.

    1. I am with you on liking Shin Sung Woo. I kinda wish he would get more screen time though, and if this can only happen through Chan Yeol well… okay, I’ll take it. It really is an odd mix of people though that this show casted, but you’re right – somehow it works. It does come off as slightlyyyy fakey here and there but for the most part, together they look like a really fun crowd. Oh thanks for understanding my annoyance with Nana! Hahaha. I just watched episode 3 a couple of nights ago and while my annoyance has lessened, it didn’t subside so imma just make peace with the fact that it’s a personality thing and I can’t stand her… I also wish the camera would focus more on Ga Yeon cos she seems awesome, but like Sung Woo – they seem to be bear the brunt of getting axed in the editing room the most. Sad, hopefully this will change in the later episodes.

      Ah did you pick up this season’s WGM global and watching it consistently then? I totally agree that Key and Ari are omg so awkward. If you take a quick peek at last season’s pairings, I’d say their awkwardness is on par with Taec-Gui Gui, though the difference is I think Key and Ari are like super young – or she is? – so it’s like watching a terribly played out (and dragged on) date between two high schoolers. Initially I cringed in embarrassment for them but couldn’t bear to keep watching so I skipped them altogether. Since I actually caught Puff and Heechul for only an episode, I’m gonna nod along to everything you said about them. Didn’t notice that they did lots of hand gestures (but then again it was the wedding photo shoot episode I watched) but haha, I’m not surprised that Heechul got on your nerves. I’m like 50/50 about him – like I can’t stand him and he is totally not my type, but at the same time he’s so sassy that I’m kinda going along thinking, “Alright Heechul, what now?”

      1. Ga Yeon is adorable, I officially love her after episode four. She definitely needs a bigger cut.

        Lol, your description of Key and Ari is spot on. They’re trying to match each other, but it’s just not working. I looked at some Taec-Gui Gui clips and yeah, I get the same vibes, but I think I can tolerate Key-Ari because something about Taec rubs me the wrong way. So you missed the worst of Puff-Heechul (though their first meeting was hilarious, it was mostly scattered English, Korean, and Chinese with gestures and drawings). Heechul was kind of childish in the beginning (I’m like you, he’s just not my type), but he improved a lot during the photoshoot.

        1. OMG I am totally with youuuu about Ga Yeon. Yesss I officially love her too cos I caught episode 4 last night and her and Min Woo – gahhh, super cute. Love their rapport. Love her no-frills attitude and habit at speaking formally. Love him for being just the right kind of person, the one who’d take the initiative to go out of his way or whatever to encourage a more reserved person to open up. Love his quiet confidence. (okay, maybe I just love him a bit too much…) Also YES she totally needs more screen time! Honestly I will take 20 extra minutes of her than Nana… T_T I wish we’ll get to see her interact with Dong Wook more too – for some reason I think they’ll be a hoot together. Another dude who is really growing on me is Chan Yeol. I’ve zero knowledge and interest in EXO but omg this boy! He’s so adorable! So polite! And oh Se Ho is growing on me too haha. I think at this point, everyone but Nana is on my good book :p

          I love talking about Roommate the more I am watching it haha, so keep this coming :D

          1. Yeah, this is a definitely a show that grows on you the more you watch it. I’m glad I’m not the only person that’s obsessed with this show. Ga Yeon isn’t very image-conscious like everyone else, so she doesn’t hold back, like when Dong Wook asked if she had dated before she was just like, “Well, my agency said to say no, but I don’t really care, so…” lol. I love her formal speech too (the way she calls Shin Mama “Chef-nim”), and then her serious poses when she takes pictures with fans. She’s just awesome. I’m not as into Min Woo as you are, but if she had a love line with him, then I’d be all over that just because their outing was so cute and I think she lets her guard down around him. Roommates has already brainwashed me into believing Bom and Dong Wook (I don’t know why, I just want this to happen), but if they paired Dong Wook and Ga Yeon, I think he’d be able to draw her out a little more too. And if Ga Yeon gets a love line that means more screen time for her. :) Ok, I need to stop fangirling over Ga Yeon now.

            I’m with you on EXO, I honestly can’t tell one member from the other, but Chanyeol is so cute. He’s so polite and smiley all the time, even when he’s tired. He’s like the sweet little brother that everybody wants. I wish EXO wasn’t promoting so he could be at home more, I think everybody would dote on him. Lolol, I don’t think you’re ever going to like Nana, she’s definitely a little too self-absorbed, but I don’t know, she’s bubbly so I can’t hate her.

            1. HAHA at your fingerling over Ga Yeon. I like her too though, so I’m all ears! :D I super duper hope she’ll get more screen time, and hahaha have you seen this gif of her and Min Woo floating around Tumblr? Someone giffed the scene where he said, “I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend for the day” and her response was just golden “Thanks, but no.” Love that gif so much, cos it speaks volume about her.

              I am still hoping for other love lines, if need be, when it comes to Dong Wook. Like I kinda like Bom, but at the same time… can we not… But between her and Nana, uhm okay I’ll take Bom anytime haha. Chanyeol is such a bumble of joy and politeness! Too adorable.

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