Timeout: Nodame Cantabile Korean Remake – Casting’s… Moot.

So… Shim Eun Kyung turned down the Nodame Cantabile K-remake.

EEEP! Oh noes.

Oh gosh, I think my stress level just spiked at this update. This means we’re back to square one i.e. anyone is game to play the titular role and ugh, it’s ridiculous to get so worked up about this but it’s SO HARD not to. I love Nodame to death, and the Japanese live-action dramas, SPs and movies are still my go-to favorite re-watches. You don’t mess with Nodame, period and I know I’m not alone in this. Get it right, Korea.

I’m hoping against hope that IU isn’t back as a candidate. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against her – honest – it’s just that no matter how hard I try, it is so difficult to picture her as Nodame. I’ve tried, promise. She has the cuteness factor and budding talent (…more or less…), but not the quirkiness – not quite. A certain X-factor is missing. My personal pick is Im Joo Eun – if you haven’t seen her in Wild Romance, you’re missing out – but what are the odds that this will come true? Sigh, especially since she’s not yet an A-list name yet.

Maybe we need to get a praying circle ’round here on this, guys! I’ll continue to keep a close eye on any updates about this. Can anyone recreate the magic by these two, below? We’ll have to patiently (anxiously on my part) wait and see…


7 thoughts on “Timeout: Nodame Cantabile Korean Remake – Casting’s… Moot.

  1. Joining you on the prayer circle.

    On a sad note, I can’t find my fav Nodame Cantabile MV on YT. The vid clips scored to Keith Urban’s Stupid Boy was a perfect fit for me and now it’s gone… :(

    1. Aw :( I will try to YT search for that later, in case I luck out… You’re making me curious, like maybe I should’ve watched that while it was still up :(

      1. I hope you didn’t go out of your way for my account. The dramagods were friendly today. Found a copy of the vid on a friend’s mobile. :)

  2. I think the only K-actress that can play Nodame is really Im Joo Eun. No one else!

    Nodame is an extremely difficult role and it takes a very versatile actress. They can’t just cast a pretty K-pop idol here.

    Im Joo Eun is extremely hard-working and talented. Just read her interviews. She cut her hair short, lost weight and exhausted herself for the drama “Hon” (Soul). She was fantastic in “What’s Up”. And she played an oddball perfectly in “Wild Romance”.

    Now she appeared in two dramas that scored huge TV ratings: “Heirs” and “Empress Ki”. It got her tons of exposure.

    She’s the perfect age to be Joo Won’s co-star (only one year younger), her schedule is clear, her popularity is on the rise… so she’s basically the PERFECT candidate! :D

    I’m crossing my fingers and praying that she gets this role. She’s one of my favorite Korean actresses and “Nodame Cantabile” is one of my favorite Jdramas. A match made in heaven!

    I will be SO disappointed if they end up casting an inexperienced and untalented pretty singer that is like… 10 years younger than Joo Won. Urgh!

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth!! YES to everything you just said, and I am 100% in agreement about Im Joo Eun. I didn’t watch Empress Ki and Heirs, but I agree both shows gave her a ton of exposure which I really, really hope will direct attention to the right and necessary PD (ahem, Nodame ahem).

      I will honestly boycott the remake (by choosing not to watch) if they cast an untalented, inexperienced singer/actress but for sure I will (verbally) murder someone if they cast an idol – God forbid grrr.

      1. If Im Joo Eun gets cast she’ll do a fantastic job… and it will surely shoot her to A-list status.

        This is one of those make-or-break roles. Just like “Coffee Prince” made Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye big name actors.

        Joo Won is a good actor, but his co-stars have all been wrong for him. Either they couldn’t act, or they were too old, or they simply didn’t have chemistry. Thankfully Im Joo Eun is one of those actresses who has chemistry with anyone.

        “Nodame Cantabile” is supposed to air in October — 5 months from now. But this kind of drama requires a LOT of planning in advance, because of all the musical stuff. They need to pick an actress ASAP. Or else they’ll have to delay the premiere date.

        1. Yes to everything you said :) even the bit about Joo Won’s leading ladies hahaha, I quite like the dude but honestly I think the only time I enjoyed his show chemistry-wise was in Tak-gu (though I’ve heard lots of good stuff about him and UEE in Ojakgyo).

          As for Im Joo Eun, let’s hope she actually gets casted! (PD-nim I hope you hear us out!!)

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