Timeout: Some of My Favorite Stars.

I just watched this performance, and could not resist sharing. What a beautifully done duet.

I’ve crushed on Jung Eun Ji for a while now thanks to her voice, but stage presence and budding acting skills have since been added to further justify just why she’s growing on me. Here’s one idol I actually approve in a drama ha cos I think she can actually act, and in fact honestly, I find it such a waste of her talent, being part of a sub-par girl group cos girl is totally meant to go solo, yo.

Then of course Youtube successfully lured me to watch another video, and how could I not? Kang Ha Neul! If any of you could tell me what went on in this radio show i.e. what they spoke about, I am forever grateful to you. *hands over virtual cookies* He sang two songs – the first was at the 19th-minute mark (with his acoustic guitar!) and the second was at the 50th-minute mark – and his voice; oh my god. I luff this boy so much.

Also, did you guys know he contributed a song to the soundtrack of still-my-cracktastic-show Angel Eyes? As if I’m not already completely smitten by his portrayal of Dong Joo in the show, now here he goes and sing…

Last but not least, thank you to all you lovely gals who left wonderful comments to me yesterday about different topics! It warms my heart, and gave me lots of “Oh yay!” moments to know that many of us are indeed enjoying Kvariety’s new kid on the block, Roommate. The irony though, that it’s performing so poorly in Korea but ah well, I am not even surprised; yet another show that appeals to international audience, but not its domestic crowd. I wonder why? Anyway I’ll get to replying each of you later tonight, I promise.

It’s a long weekend this week but unfortunately, I am so swamped with schoolwork (what else is new) that I’ve been at it from 10 AM this morning while most of my classmates are away at the beach, visiting Seattle, class reunions and what-have-yous. Sigh. But then again I suppose all is fair, cos I’ll be away next week for a close friend’s wedding reception (I can’t believe I’m at the age to get wedding invites now… Dear God hold me), and it’ll be a reunion-of-sorts with the other girls who are flying in for the reception. Pretty excited, and oh I might even go fishing in Yosemite!

Hope your weekend is a lot more fun than mine. Make the best of it!

PS So… WINNER was in Malaysia just yesterday, in fact right smack in my hometown, to open for 2NE1. Let me repeat that: they were in my hometown, i.e. the place I’m slated to fly back to in exactly a month from now (YES!). They were in my hometown… while I’m here. I swear everyone and anyone visits Malaysia when I’m on this side of the world, and no one comes when I’m back there. Damnit. WHY.


4 thoughts on “Timeout: Some of My Favorite Stars.

  1. Omo. I LUFF Jung Eun Ji!! She is adorable and has such a warm, earthy presence that I just LOVE. I can’t get enough of her, and would love to see her take on more acting gigs. Girl has natural talent and a lovely presence. ❤

    Weirdly, I’m understanding a lot more of the KHN video than I thought I would (my Korean is improving, I think!), so here’s a summary. I will accept those cookies now ;)

    The radio hosts (who joke that they took special care with their appearance coz of KHN, and dressed up respectively as Chun Song Yi, Do Manager and Song Yi’s mother, HAHA.) ask KHN about his start in musicals, and also ask if he took special lessons to help him act in said musicals. KHN says he didn’t have time for special lessons but everything was done during rehearsals, together with the rest of the cast. They would work on the songs and scenes and everything together.

    Then they talk about Monstar, and ask about whether KHN’s always been good with music. KHN says that because he had quite a bit of time between high school and university, he wanted to spend time learning something. He tried to learn piano, but that didn’t work out too well so he decided to try learning how to play the guitar instead.

    They talk about his character in Monstar, who’s supposed to be a music genius who’s great at many instruments. They ask KHN how that works, and if he personally played those instruments for the show. KHN explains how it’s not that he plays the instruments himself, but there’s a professional who does the actual playing, and his job as an actor is to match those actions while taking care of the emotions.

    The hosts talk a little about their own experience with music, before they ask about KHN’s guitar. He points out the drawings that he made on his guitar while playing on it, in particular Cielo, which is Spanish for “sky” and he explains that it’s because his name “Ha-neul” means sky. The other writings are quotes (I think), and the hello kitty decal is apparently *not* something that a girlfriend put on for him. ;)

    They ask about the first song he’s going to sing and he explains that it’s a song he sang in Monstar, but it’s been so long since he’s played it that when he started practicing it the day before, his hands trembled(?).

    Oh my. He’s so sweet. KHN says that the reason he likes the first song, is because this is a song that he wants to sing at his wedding, to his future bride. Thud. That is just so endearing!

    They then talk about him studying acting in high school. Turns out both his parents used to be actors, but he never intended to get into acting. He’d planned to just try it out along with modeling (I think), but when he actually tried it, he found that he liked it.

    And after that they go into the game, where it’s basically Truth or Lie. The hosts are trying to guess whether the stuff KHN is saying is true. :)

    Nuggets from his answers:
    -He considers musicals his “home-town” and would want to go back to them eventually
    -He would play Hyo Shin again, even if he could pick any other character to play in Heirs
    -If he were his own father, he would be supportive of his son going into acting.
    -He claims he doesn’t snore, coz his nose is big. HAHA.
    -He also claims he doesn’t lie to his manager. The hosts are skeptical, though, heh.
    -He says he’s currently single, having broken up with his previous girlfriend
    -He doesn’t have a fixed time frame for when he wants to get married. It’s more important that he feels that he can be married with that person, that he feels is the right time.

    HAHA. Hosts all guess that he’s telling the truth but KHN’s card is to lie. OMG. So everything is either a lie or a half-truth. He clarifies that he actually does like the idea of getting married early. And his goal isn’t to go back to musicals but to do well in acting.

    They make KHN eat a wedge of lemon as punishment coz he told one truth in the game instead of lying like he’s supposed to. I think it’s the one about whether he would be supportive of his own son going into acting. KHN says he felt too bad about lying about that one.

    Aw! The umbrella gift is so cool! Besides the sky which is coz of his name, it’s a line that he spoke in his first ever musical, when he was in high school. That’s so thoughtful and so sweet!

    Oh, the sentiment behind the gift is also so sweet. They hope that when he looks at the sky and remember his first musical, that he would remember and feel all over again, how he felt when he first debuted. Daebak.

    Phew, this comments was a lot longer than I expected. Hope you enjoyed my attempt at translating; hope it brightens up your day even as you go about all that school stuff ^^

    1. All day, I mulled over the best way to spread the love and decided to share this entry at the Soompi AE forum (I haven’t been on a Soompi forum in years!) – thank you sooo much Kfangurl, seriously, for taking the time out to translate just for me! Must’ve taken you awhile, so I hope you know exactly how thankful I am that you did this (also, how cool is it that your Korean’s improved soooo much?!) ^_^ You’re really an unni! :D

      1. Aw, you’re very welcome jan!! :D It’s not a very detailed translation, I’m afraid.. I hope the Soompiers who do come check it out aren’t disappointed! :P

        My Korean has improved a whole lot (which, yes, is VERY cool! I didn’t expect to understand so much of the interview, so I’m very happily surprised), but it isn’t good enough yet to translate many of the smaller details. Who knows, though. Gimme more kdrama and maybe in a couple of months, I might be able to do better! ;D

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