From Me To You: A Pick-Me-Up Playlist on Heartbreak & Hope.

Some of my personal favorite tunes, carefully put together for your listening pleasure. Hope you enjoy.

A Medley on Heartbreak & Hope

Total Songs: 23 | Duration: 1 hour, 40 minutes



Songs featured, in deliberate order:

  1. Satellite Call – Sara Bareilles
  2. Growing Up – Run River North
  3. Underneath – Hanson
  4. The Age of Worry – John Mayer
  5. Take A Walk – Clazziquai
  6. Penny & Me – Hanson
  7. Donna Donna/Blowin’ In The Wind (live in Japan) – Joan Baez 
  8. The Person Who Gives Me Happiness – Kang Yo Seop & Han Suk Kyu
    *forever my favorite scene from my favorite movie, My Paparotti
  9. Nada Sou Sou (lit. Great Tears Are Spilling) – Rimi Natsukawa
  10. Childlike – John Park
  11. Jalan Yang Hilang (lit. The Lost Path) – Letto
  12. The Wind Blows – Lee So Ra
  13. December – Sara Bareilles
  14. Edge of Desire – John Mayer
  15. The Wind is Bitterly Cold – Loveholics ft. Whale
  16. It Has To Be You – Yesung from SUPER JUNIOR
  17. Come As You Are (Nirvana cover) – Yuna
  18. Ruang Rindu (lit. Longing Abyss) – Letto
  19. Akai Ito (lit. Red Thread) – Kobukuro
  20. Sleepless Rainy Night (Kim Gun Mo cover) – Andrew Choi
  21. I Will Be Found (Lost At Sea) – John Mayer
  22. Wild Flower – Park Hyo Shin
  23. Badge & Gun – John Mayer

4 thoughts on “From Me To You: A Pick-Me-Up Playlist on Heartbreak & Hope.

  1. I love how your guide for our “listening pleasure” is a medley of heartbreak… even if there’s hope attached to it. Haha.

    I think I need this. Not that I’m heartbroken or anything. I just like being melancholy some days :)

    1. Oh you listened to it? Aw thanksss :) And I know, they’re mostly on heartbreak – but I maintain that there’s underlying hope in each of them ;)

  2. Thank you for the music. A long playlist for an afternoon of casual blogging but I intend to listen to the whole thing. Very good start with Sara Bareilles. Run River North as well, I like that. But I may have to skip the Hanson song..

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