An Appreciation Post (with Gifts!): You Are Some of My Favorite Things.

I recently reached a personal milestone here at blogphilic, and have been meaning to celebrate it with an appreciation post. My regular, occasional, lurking, new, and/or silent readers – everyone, this entry is dedicated especially for you!

While I don’t really trust the numbers on my stats to tell the whole story about my readership, especially regulars since I know that a number of my regulars aren’t WordPress readers – Rosie, Caitlyn, Paloma, Teri and oozzeee, to name a few – and with the sudden increase in new readers for reasons which aren’t clear to me (is this what happens when you start tagging properly? Gives me jitters…), I figured it’s the perfect time to put out this entry.

Initially, I considered organizing a giveaway of my favorite novel to a lucky reader to celebrate this milestone, but decided against it cos it’ll benefit and reach only one supposedly lucky person and nawww, that’s not my intention here. So I have done (okay, compiled) a few things. I figured that surely one of them will appeal to each person.

Things have been particularly rough lately, so please accept my apology for conveniently dumping my emotional baggage here. You’ve got to accept another apology though, cos I’ve no intention to stop chugging them… so subsequently, please accept my sincere thanks for your patience. If you’ve been sticking around for a specific genre of entries – personal, drama-related or whatever else – thank you for putting up with five random entries for every one that you are here for. To everyone – thank you for finding value in my writing and responding to them in your own ways: sharing tales of your own with me to remind me that I’m not alone in my struggles, shaking me out of my reverie and insisting that I stop thinking I am a tragedy, reading and thinking, “Ah, I relate” and maybe even, solidarity through silence.

However and whatever ways you react and respond, the bottom line is: thank you. 

I’ve no intentions to get lurkers out of your hiding spots, non-drama readers to jump onboard my crazy drama rants, and drama-readers to understand my personal plights – you are free to read whatever interests you just as I am free to write about whatever interests me, this I hold steadfast and true, but I really want to convey that whatever reasons that have kept you here, long enough that you’re still sticking around – speaking as a writer and most importantly as a person, I appreciate it. I really do, and I want you to know that.

On to the gift-giving, there’s something for everyone!

The first gift is a handwritten thank you note because it is kind of nice to pop in as my normal self and remind everyone (myself included) that I’m not just a pseudonym or a blog space. I’m not some writing robot who randomly pops in here spilling her thoughts for the world to chew on, rather yes, I’m a real person! Yes, I like to keep things personal! Yes, I have a really cool sticky in the form of a typewriter! Side story: I almost wrote thank you for reading me, but I think that just sounds kind of creepy? Ha. Reading me or not, thank you for reading and sticking around here :)

handwritten thank you

My second gift is my grade-level drawing, drawn using the awesome app Paper. I recreated the design on a thank you card by Rifle Paper Co. which I recently bought from Books Inc., a wonderful bookstore that I really love, located in Mountain View, CA. There’s one in Palo Alto too, but I seem to find more good stuff in the former. Here’s the original…

over the moon for you! (original)

And here’s what I drew! I’m over the moon for you indeed; thank you :)

over the moon for you!

If these aren’t your cuppa, allow me to gift you with a photo I took of the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen thus far, carefully handpicked from my travel diaries photo bucket. My wanderlust kindred spirits, this photo was taken at Hanalei Beach in Kauai. The purple hue is breathtakingly beautiful, isn’t it?

sunset at Hanalei BeachIf an orange sunset appeals more to you, here ya go :) Taken at the Spouting Horn (a natural blowhole), also in Kauai.

sunset at Spouting Horn, Kau

If you’ve been here for quotes, I am dedicating this to you – for your kindness, patience, and listening ear: thank you :)

I hold this to be the highest task of a bond between two people:
that each should stand guard over the solitude of the other.
– Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

For my lurkers, if there are any – really, it’s okay to continue lurking. Of the million blogs there are out there, thank you for choosing to lurk in blogphilic. I believe there is solidarity in silence, and I feels yours in mine.

There are people who talk so much, but says nothing.
And there are people who says nothing, but his silence screams.
– Phelps Schneider
Poetry readers, if you’ve been around here savoring my selection of favorite poetry, I came across this particular one months ago and kept it safe all the while, waiting for the right time – now. This one’s for all of you, with love.
a poem for everyone
If you’re a music wunderkind and only accept gifts in the form of songs, rejoice and believe it! I’d handcrafted and meticulously put together a pick-me-up playlist just for you.
If you’re around here cos of our shared love for the WINNER boys, I put this together a few months ago. Love them!
winner love
Last but not least, if you’ve been around here for – gasp – little ol’ me, please allow me to borrow rustyvoices a.k.a. Yasmin’s words (as usual) and overlay them with care, on a photo of a red hibiscus that I took in Kauai, HI yet again. Consider it a pinky promise between us, from me to you, to keep writing here for as long as I am able and willing.
water them while I'm away by Yasmin

I hope that at least one of my gifts will appeal to each of you. If all else fails – or even if they don’t – here’s the best one, my secret weapon and one that never fails: keeping each of you in my prayers tonight, so sleep soundly ya?

From the bottom of my heart – thank you, everyone!



24 thoughts on “An Appreciation Post (with Gifts!): You Are Some of My Favorite Things.

  1. Wow! Gorgeous sunsets!! :D That purple-hued one is just out of this world, seriously. ❤

    Um, what milestone are we celebrating? Or did I miss that detail somehow? :p

    1. Aw thank you! And HAHA. Noooo you didn’t miss the details – in fact you’re sharp ;) The milestone was not explicitly disclosed, because I’m trying (very hard) not to fixate on my blog stats i.e. base my readership on followers, likes and visits haha. BUT having said that, I’ve always only imagined reaching 100 on my WP followers and… reached it a week ago. Kinda crazy, don’t know what happened there (still don’t) and I know that realistically it’s more like 50/100 quality readers that I have, but still… a milestone indeed. And! An excuse to publish this entry I’ve been meaning to since forever :D

      I take it that you have ‘accepted’ the sunset photos ^_^

      1. It’s a milestone indeed! Congrats jan!! :D *hands over tiara* Definitely a milestone worth celebrating! ^^

        And yes, I’m accepting the sunsets – sooo pretty!

  2. I just found your blog yesterday, after searching through Google for any mention of Im Joo Eun in Nodame Cantabile. lol

    So far I really like your blog. It’s rare discovering people who post about Jdramas nowadays. Particularly older Jdramas.

    I was wondering, have you ever watched “Bara no nai Hanaya”? That’s another favorite of mine.

    1. Aw thanks! :) And yay Google? I am kinda low-key in the drama blogosphere… cos this blog is just my personal space and not totally drama-centric so I’m easy to miss (plus I think I don’t tag things properly haha). I am really happy to hear you enjoy my write-ups on older Jdramas though! I think I’m like an old soul when it comes to that – the 90s and early 2000 ones still rock my boat like no other. I’m hoping to eventually write about Long Vacation (what’s with all the noona romances hype, people need to be educated on this awesome one that existed wayyy before the hype) and basically, chances of me writing about older Jdramas are definitely greater cos I don’t watch the new ones much anymore… Though so many are back logged… Still attempting to write about Nobuta and Sora Kara haha.

      About Bara no… yes! I loved it too, I remember thinking it was so romantic and surprisingly well-done. Not sure if you’ve scoured around my Jdramas Collection, but that’s my record-keeping attempt of dramas I’ve watched :) I’m so glad someone who loves older Jdramas found me here! I love discussing about them :)

      PS It’s like 3 AM here, so if I stop responding rest assured I will in a few hours from now :p

  3. Aww,it’s so sweet Jandoe:) Thank you too:)These photos are gorgeous. )Also thank you for this playlist of songs,it made my morning much better.

  4. hi jane! Had to delurk cuz I wanted to congratulate and encourage you on your milestones before I chicken out. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for write ups on angel eyes and dare I say a kindred spirit. Through your blog, I’ve learned and found new things ie poems ( was never much of a poem person before). You have such a wonderful writer, expressing emotions and putting thoughts into words that I admire. Wish I too have that same talent. Loved the photos of Kauai and the poems. Looking forward to more of your sharings and emotional baggages too. Hang in there and keep em coming. I’ll be here reading. =D

    1. Aw thank you thank you! I’m glad you delurked, and you can keep lurking again after this haha but I’ll just point out that I don’t bite heeee :p thank youuuu for everything you said though about blogphilic and my writing (and sticking around!), it means a lot <3 :)

  5. Hi J, I’m ‘late’ to the party….but CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I remember coming across your blog via Nodame. I’m glad to have found a person as crazy as I was over Nodame. And I stayed, for various reasons. I like what you write, I like how you write, I marvel at the breathe of topics you write on, I envy your life as a student, I’m amaze that you manage to do soooooo many things in a day……and mighty proud of you as a fellow countrywoman! Haha……

    I can’t admit to reading everything you write, eg. poems are not my thing :) And I accept the purple hues of Hawaii, bunga raya, your handwritten note, your drawing as my gifts! I’m so greedy aren’t I. Thank you!

    Keep it up! Chin up! Take care in the great big country!

    1. Noooo you’re not late, never too late! No worries about not reading everything especially poetry, they can be a handful and takes a lot getting used to :p I kinda realize I write about a gamut of topics too, especially lately… It’s like there are days when I’m all spazzy about a boy band (ahem cough WINNER cough), another day it’s like I’m writing my dying wish what’s with all that emotional baggage, and (hopefully) the rest of the time I sound normal. I think 90% of my daily 24 hours goes towards studying though… so there’s really nothing to be envious about and I’m not really sure if this means I do a lot of things everyday… I guess humans are always such that we want what the other has? I would love to be out of school by now, honestly… School is really not all that exciting especially now with a midterm, two project write-ups, homework, reading list and a final exam all lumped in these two weeks T_T I’m cramming drama-watching and Roommate at like 1-3 AM (you gotta do what you gotta do to get your fix :p) but nonetheless thank you thank you for all your kind words, even going so far as to list the whys – awww, I’m really honored and thankful.

      I’m really glad you found me here, legit! More Malaysian readers, the merrier it is :) All the gifts are up for grabs, so you’re totally not being greedy – rather smart ;)

      Thanks for the kind words of encouragement too ^_^ Oh yes, in exactly a months time I’ll be home! Yessss. At this point I can’t wait.

  6. What a lovely post this is! Hehe, you’ve such a cute handwriting and I love the drawing! Kauai is indeed a gorgeous place. I would love to go there someday. I’ve a soft spot for islands and beaches. It has been awhile since I went on vacation, hoping I’ll get to go on one this upcoming semester break :D

    1. Thank youuu :) Let me know where you end up going! I’ll be home in a month (YES) and planning to cuti-cuti Malaysia here and there haha, it’s been too long since I’ve re-visited places like Ipoh. Honestly though, between you and me, I’ll admit this – Kauai reminds me of Sarawak, more or less. The blue, blue ocean and natural landscapes are the more striking and unique appeals but I daresay that visiting the beaches and national parks in Sabah and Sarawak does the trick. It’s amazing to realize we’re not really missing out because we have similar natural landscapes right where we’re at :)

      1. Alhamdulillah. One month is not a long wait!

        Quite honestly though I haven’t had the chance to go anywhere outside of peninsular. Still stuck in Selangor due to time and financial constraints. Hoping I will get the chance to go to Sarawak one day since it’s the nearest spot close to what Kauai has to offer xD

        1. Alhamdulillah indeed :) Selangor is the best though… I mean, so you’re totally stuck in the right place ;) But seriously – make Sabah & Sarawak happen when you can! They’re definitely worth it, plus you’ll get to glimpse a Malaysia that I believe in haha – it’s hard to explain, but the muhibbah? Give and take of course but melting pot, harmony etc terms that have been overexploited, it’s a different level there than peninsular (and of course ironically, the latter is where there’s so much noise about “1Malaysia”). Alsooo insyaAllah I’ll be there by end of next year too, so aha you’ll have a friend you could visit then :)

  7. Jane, that sticky notepad thing is awesome, I want it! And those photos of the sunsets are beautiful, they look like something you’d find in a travel magazine.

    “This is the poem, for all the tired ones, losing sleep over themselves”. I think that line is my favourite from that poem, and it goes with the second line “This is the poem for all the thinkers trapped inside themselves”. The amount of times I’ve been lying in bed trying to think and my mind just won’t shut off and it’s dredging up all of those things you’re trying to forget!

  8. Ok, my memory is so bad that I checked to see if I liked this post and apparently I did. But I can’t remember if I liked it just now as I was reading it, or if I somehow liked it back when you first posted it but never read it? What the heck?

    Anyways yeah I somehow missed this one. Congrats on your 100 subscribers! And your drawings are so cute hehe.

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