my traveling summer.

Guess who’s headed to Sydney and Adelaide, Australia in July??!

Cat’s out of the bag, trip is happening and I’ve 90% of the logistics done. I’m still working out (public) transportation means and go-to locales to check out – I have 4 full days from my original 6, because the other 2 days I’m off to Canberra to visit and hang out with an old buddy – so I’m just throwing this out there… if you’re familiar with the visitor pass i.e. those MyMulti zones passes … help! If you’re particularly familiar with Sydney and places I should check out – ahem, if you’d like to build my itinerary for me… – please feel free to suggest in the comments! I’m all ears.

Philly city skyline
Philly city skyline

I’m also heading back to the east coast next week (YES!) for a short trip with Mum. I’m flying out to Philly for a couple of days to visit old friends and professors (left my heart there so I need to return and pick it up, y’know), then I’m off to New York City (love) where Mum will join me and we have tickets to watch Mamma Mia. Next, we’ll stay overnight in New Haven to check out Yale – just because, ha – followed by 4 nights in Providence, RI. I’m hoping to visit Newport and another seaside town while we’re there plus the usual suspects, Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design – Third Sis’ dream school – and last but not least I’m saving the best for last i.e. none other than Boston. I’ve been to Boston before and loved it, so I’m really happy to visit again.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City (2013)
Brooklyn Bridge, New York City (2013)

The month of August will be filled with travels across Malaysia and a weekend in Singapore. That’s the plan, at least. I’m still trying to work out the details for these trips, but I’m not too worried since I have friends and family in Singapore and parts of Malaysia (duh), plus it’s not the first time I am visiting these places that I’ve in mind. It’s more like daily and weekend excursions with family and friends as we catch up.

In September, if all is well – I’ll get to spend a few days in Beijing, China before flying back here! I’m tagging along with Mum since it’s her conference trip, which also means that the details are still fuzzy and I’ve no control over them but the last time we spoke about this, it sounds like it is happening. I’ve never been to China, so I’m super excited especially since my American peers here in the US are constantly stoked, fascinated, annoyed or what-have-yous about this next big global thing, which makes it all the more necessary that I check it out aha.

I’m so close to the end of the term – there’s just one final exam left! Grrr. Gotta get back to the books but I just wanted to share my travel log for the summer because I hope and plan to share photos from time to time! Since I am now an owner of a swanky camera which takes gorgeous shots; makes me rather proud and happy to share any good shots I manage to capture. I hope you don’t mind! I think it’ll be a nice diversion from my thoughts-heavy personal posts, and off-the-fly drama-related write-ups. I’ll tag them appropriately with a Travel tag when I’ve the chance to clean up and update blogphilic. Regular blogging should restart in July because yo, it’s summer break.

Until then, if you’re familiar with the places I’ve mentioned and would like to recommend places and eateries etc to visit, or other helpful information, I’m all ears! Have a great summer, everyone! Feed the wanderlust in you!

I want to believe that even though the world’s edges have become harder,
I maybe be able to find a warm, soft place in it.
– Stewart Lewis, You Have Seven Messages

9 thoughts on “my traveling summer.

  1. Fancy fancy world traveler! That’s exciting for you. But no, I have no help for you because I don’t know a thing about those places.
    Oh – I’m planning my 4th trip at the end of the summer hahah.. I’m going to KCON after all. :)

    1. Saw your Tumblr! OMG CNBLUE is going to be there… Lucky you !! I would love to go if I’m around here, but sigh I’m never here over the summer for all the fun concerts Post some photos or definitely publish a write-up please :)

      PS It’s sooo good to have you back around here again! I’ve missed you around here! :)

  2. Whoa, that’s one busy summer, but it sounds fun. Unfortunately, I am not a world traveler (if I can’t get there by car, it’s a no) and the farthest east I’ve gone in the US was DC, so I can’t give any advice, but I look forward to your pictures.

    1. If you don’t mind answering (my curiosity haha) – where are you from, or more like where you at now? Are you on the east coast? Ahhh I would love to go back there…

      Thank you! Wasn’t sure if the photos are worth uploading (they generally take a lot of time to just scroll through, edit, upload and put together) so it is always a nice push when I remind myself someone would like seeing them :)

      1. I’ve been on the east coast forever it seems like (at least ten years or so), I need to go back west since the weather here does not like me. I was in DC for school, but for the most part I’ve been in North Carolina (so still east coast, just down south) mostly because my family lives here.

        Yes, please share your pictures. Since I can’t go to those places myself, the pictures are like the next best thing and your pictures always come out really good (coming from a person who cannot take good photos to save her life).

        1. Ah I see! One of the girls I hang out with a lot here is from NC :)

          Thank you! Haha honestly though… I still can’t take good photos to save my life too. Apparently swanky camera does not equal to photography skills (sad face), but I try :p

  3. Oh, I totally forgot to reply to your comment in the other post, I’m so sorry! I actually don’t know much about Sydney or Adelaide transport. The times that I’ve been to Sydney, i’ve just bought daily train tickets because that’s all I needed. But if you’re going on a train, bus and ferry all in one day, or just two of those, then get the multi ticket. The website is good though, because you can work out what train stations you’re going between and how much it costs, and then decide which ticket is the best option. If you’re only going to be there for a couple of days, then just get a daily ticket each day. Presumably you’ll only be in the city doing the standard tourist stuff, so it’s probably all in Zone 1. The zoo, the Opera House, all of that is right in the city in Zone 1. I’ll get some suggestions off some Sydney friends and let you know what they recommend.

    Have you sorted out your accommodation? I can recommend a hostel, but i tend to stay in 4-6 bed female dorms with a shared bathroom, so if that’s not your thing, you won’t like my suggestion, ha ha

    I find it hilarious that out of all the cities in Australia apart from Sydney, you’re going to Canberra and Adelaide, two of the least populated and interesting cities in the country! Canberra has a lot of art galleries and museums though. I never consider it a tourist destination because the only reason it exists is because Melbourne and Sydney couldn’t decide which of them should be the capital city so Australia was like “OKAY, we’ll just build a new city and that can be the Capital”, lol. That’s where Parliament is.

    Adelaide is a really lovely city, but it’s really small as well, and not particularly touristy. They have 1 tram, that goes to the beach, that’s touristy I suppose. I’ve only been there once for a weekend, and we wandered around the city and looked at the architecture and had dinner near the beach. It’s funny, when you fly over the city, you look out and it’s like “wait, is that it!?” because from the plane it just looks like 4 buildings, lol. The city centre is really cute.

    1. Thank you thank you! I know… my choices are off haha, but the backstory is: I’d planned for Melbourne and Sydney (considered Perth too), then I found out my sister has her course in Adelaide – the deal was if I got my ticket, accommodation is free haha so I jumped ship and moved my dates, but unfortunately my friend in Melbourne that I was gonna crash with won’t be around on the new dates… then as I was talking to my old buddy in Canberra about Sydney and Adelaide, she offered her place for a night. My brother said the same thing you just did about Canberra hahaha but it’s more like returning a favor? I hope there are still lots to enjoy though, although omg Adelaide is tiny…? O.o What is with me and small towns…

      I am staying at the Malaysia Hall Sydney cos they’re super affordable haha. They’re basically a hostel, but two-to-a-room. Not my kinda thing… but considering I’m paying for this trip myself, beggars can’t be choosers hahaha. Thank you though for offering! Also thank youuu for asking your Sydney friends :D Can you ask them where Randwick is i.e. zone 1 or 2? That’s where the Malaysia Hall is… It’s supposed to be closer to UNSW and away from the city so I think it’s zone 2? Alsoooo have you been to Olympic Park, is it worth checking out? I was just looking at the Sydney map the other day haha and noticed this.

      Adelaide I’m gonna with my sister (and her husband and baby hahaha omg I’m such a third-wheeler) and they are planning on renting a car, so hopefully we will get to go beyond Adelaide :D I heard there is this island nearby, Kangaroo Island? Have you been? Curious if it is worth checking out aha.

      1. Again, i’m so sorry for the late reply, I swear it’s not intentional!

        I’ve never been to Kangaroo Island and I know absolutely nothing about it, lol. Actually, you’re making me think I should really brush up on my Australian geography! There are some lovely vineyards in South Australia, I bet you’ll end up driving through some. Or around them, anyway, lol.

        I don’t really think there’s much at Olympic Park. I’ve only ever been to the stadium to watch a couple of concerts, but I don’t think there’s much around there to really look at. Well, there are nature walks and the Aquatic Centre. My Sydney friends have been decidedly unhelpful with suggestions on things to do, I think because they live there, they can’t actually think of anything for tourists. I’m the same with Melbourne. When people ask me what stuff to do there, I’m like “…”.

        Malaysia Hall doesn’t look like it’s very close to a train station, i think Bondi Junction is the closest (half hour walk), which is zone 1. But the buses in that area, if you’re going from the city, would require a MyBus2 ticket. If you’re travelling on both train and bus, get the MyMulti ticket. Malaysia Hall is so cheap, i didn’t even know things like that existed. Accommodation for Malaysian students!? Now i’m wondering if there’s anywhere for Australian students. Not that I am one but still, that’s awesome.

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