Typing this at the airport, my plane is due to board any minute now to guess where? Philly!

Oh my god I am so ridiculously excited. This is what I’ve survived the past nine months for. This. I’ve grown rather fond of Stanford and the bay area, but it’s not the same. Philly is a homecoming of sorts to familiar streets, faces, and a long list of favorites. Which also means I’m on a semi-hiatus, more or less, because you know how it is when I travel – blogging ceases. Thinking ceases. Everything just kinda slows down, just the way I like it.

Oh yes. After my (disastrous) exam yesterday, I dropped by the bookstore to buy new moleskine journals because apart from traveling, I hope this will be the summer that I return to written words. The goal is to do less blogging and typing ha and more handwritten, private thoughts because I am serious about being a work-in-progress, ya know? I’ve mulled a lot about working on improving my self-esteem and retrieving my misplaced self-confidence and I think it’s helpful to reconsider what thoughts and opinions are shared to the world-wide web because really, do people need to know everything? The answer is simple: no.

Nine months ago, the elegance of words, mostly through poetry, saved my soul. It’s hard to forget that, so here’s my way of giving back. I intend to handwrite some of my favorite poetry and quotes for my personal keepsake. Consider it my happiness project? Pretty stoked. I hope to keep at it through the summer – hope. That’s the key word there. We’ll see.

moleskine journals

Okay, I’m out. My summer break officially starts now. Y’all too, have a great summer!!


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