Timeout: Another Quickie Update.

I’m writing this as an excuse to cover up for all the other stuff I’m not writing about. I seem to be experiencing a terrible case of writer’s block (or writer fart as I like to think of it) and there’s so much drama in real life right now that the words just seem to escape me. What does being home means? A million different things and it is like I never learn, which makes reality such a slap in the face each time. Don’t let my words fool you though – life is mostly good, despite emotions running wild. I’m coping. I’m fine just fine. Really.


I promise I will eventually get to that overall review of Angel Eyes because I have a soft spot for the show and it’s not that bad as people seem to paint it online. I hope to write another entry about Roommate (which I am falling out of love with…) and write a blurb about Nodame Cantabile manga – yup the manga, which is the only version I did not delve into until now.  It is just really hard to write about shows and whatnot when my surrounding is just … I don’t even know how to describe it. It is like this lump in my throat; there. Not intruding, but it makes me feel uncomfortable to do anything. I feel out of sync, stuck in limbo between the past and present.

I feel the need to give an early warning that if I do get to do any writing, I suspect they will mostly be about home – try as I might, the truth is that this love-and-hate mixed emotions runs deep. If it is one thing about writing that I’ve learned, it is that one can’t force oneself to write. You can discipline yourself to a schedule, but you can’t force the words to come together when they’re still maturing. Sometimes you simply have to ride the waves, which is what I’m doing now. I’m just apologetic that I’ve been riding the waves for almost two months now. I’m a broken record player. I’m sorry.

I leave for Sydney and Adelaide, Australia in 10 days so more traveling, too. This blogger is occupied with reality.

Thank you for your continued patience and for still sticking around!

One thought on “Timeout: Another Quickie Update.

  1. you managed to describe exactly those feelings that no one can’t describe. Sometimes, you just feel overwhelmed because you have no control over things that happen. While they don’t destroy you, they still hurt and they make you think about stuff over and over again…I’m in one of those phases too. I keep translating to stay distracted~ That’s why I have yet to watch more than the 3rd episode of “Angel’s Eyes”. >< I want to watch it too, but I'm not in the right mindset… oh well, i'll watch it sooner or later before 2014 ends xD

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