Timeout: Oh The Horror! K-Remake Nodame Could Possibly Be… Yoona?!

RE: Girl’s Generation’s Yoona in Talks to Play Nodame 

Oh dear God, no.

I hesitate to share and discuss this article because I haven’t seen other websites reporting the same update (…yet?) but the moment I read this I had an instant mini-heart attack. Also near-tears, legit. No dear God, oh no. Please please please please do not take it. PLEASE turn down the offer. Just cos I said I liked you in Prime Minister & I doesn’t mean … I like you enough to play this coveted role. I’ve nothing against Yoona personally but this SM-domination and forcing idols down our drama throats pisses me off so fucking much. We don’t need idols to play every fucking leading role there is for God’s sake just cos they have a fan base, dammit – especially not this show. LEAVE NODAME ALONE.

Even if (huge if) she does have the acting prowess, I don’t think she is … suitable as Nodame? The thing about Nodame that stands out isn’t her beauty (she’s not ugly though I don’t think she is Yoona-beauty), rather her quirkiness. She is an adorable oddball; a bundle of talent and heart. I… just can’t see Yoona playing this role. Admittedly I still can’t imagine IU in this role either, the other idol name that’s been floating around nonstop. My pick is still Im Joo Eun but if I’ve to choose between these two idols… oh my god they should just let this project die then, cos an unsuitable Nodame which then leads to a disastrous K-remake leaves a bad taste to the original. In everyone’s fucking mouth.

Yes I’m annoyed. Angry. Up-in-arms about this. I am telling you, my devotion for Nodame Cantabile runs deep.

I recently completed reading the manga version of Nodame Cantabile – planning to write a blurb about this …soonish – and I feel like now I have an even better idea of the conceptualization of Nodame and Chiaki and most importantly, their relationship and overall story. What the manga writer had in mind and wanted to convey and any subtle between-the-lines that the animated and live-action versions might’ve missed. Basically, there’s nothing like going back to the original you know what I mean? Though it must be said that having read the manga, now I know for sure that Tamaki Hiroshi and Ueno Juri were perfectly casted – pitch-friggin-perfect – as Chiaki and Nodame respectively.

No one can top them, I know, but my god the Kdrama version should at least try to be on par.

On a side note, I rest my case about Joo Won as Chiaki because my life is currently being overtaken by Ojakgyo Brothers and well let’s just put this way: I see the magic in him now. While I still don’t think he is perfectly casted, now I believe he has what it takes to do the role justice. I think I will be surprised by him and honestly, I look forward to exactly that. Tamarelle if you’re reading this, bless you for recommending this show to me! Thank you sooo much. I’m really glad I decided to pick it up and yes, hopefully will get to write about it … soonish.

Okay enough sidetracking, back to the article-at-hand and here’s my reaction in a nutshell: Please dear God, no.

14 thoughts on “Timeout: Oh The Horror! K-Remake Nodame Could Possibly Be… Yoona?!

  1. The minute I heard the news, I thought “Jane is going to die!” Seriously. I’m not thrilled with this either, I really hope she doesn’t take the role. They said on Dramabeans that the original writer gets final casting choice so hopefully she says NO, lol.

    I don’t agree that idols are getting all the lead roles though. Realistically, idols only make up a small percentage of actors in dramas, and a lot of the idols that ARE working are actually pretty good. Or suit the role perfectly, like Siwon in King of Dramas.

    1. Your guess was spot on. I’m still crying imaginary blood tears at this update. Lots of blogs now are saying it’s confirmed which dear God, please. No.

      Realistically I hear ya about idols getting all the lead roles, but at the same time I think the trend really is such that they are being offered leading roles more and more when they… aren’t exactly deserving of those roles based on (lack of) acting chops. Siwon was a fantastic choice I agree, but we’ve seen too many blunders to one apt casting…

  2. My face was a perfect picture of WTF and so was my roommate’s when I showed her the news.

    I was reading the comments in DB and somebody raised the question about Masumi’s homosexuality. I actually forgot about that, as I was more concerned about Nodame’s casting and how they’ll deal with the Maestro’s weirdness..

    Now I am just convinced that there should not be a Korean remake coz I can’t really see how they’ll be able to do it. Or actually I can, for sure, it will be a very watered down version of the original.

    To quote one more comment, ND is a very “Japan” thing that it will be very hard to remake into a different cultural setting.

    1. Mine too. Still can’t get over the casting, I really really really hope she says no. I think it’s interesting that there will be a Korean remake but I am with you on that they shouldn’t if they’re not gonna do proper on it. I mean if you’re gonna cast idols then fine, but at least cast someone who actually fits the Nodame character yunno… Someone who can act well too… I’m also totally with you that I think it will be a watered down – or highly modified – version. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

      About the homosexuality, it would be interesting if they continue to go with it – I’d be up to know who is gonna play that role. I think the Maestro slapstick crazy will still retain cos Kdramas have shown us they can do that. I’m also really curious who will play Eita’s character and yup, personally I find ND to be a very Japanese kinda show too with all the inside cultural jokes kinda thing.

      Above all it’s the main characters that drive the show, our beloved Nodame and Chiaki and gosh, it’s really hard to stomach Yoona as Nodame. Still praying and hoping against hope she will say no. At this point quite frankly I would much rather go with IU as Nodame.

      1. ,btw, have you heard of Eita’s new drama, Young People? Any plans to check it out?

        I have only seen him in 2 dramas (NC and OD), and I like him in ensemble ones, so I will probably try watching this one.

        Hopefully, this one will be subbed.

        Drama slump is so yesterday. I am drowning in dramas, what with FTLY, HSKOS, and Marriage without Dating, all my nights have an episode penciled in. Dunno if I should be happy or not.

  3. J, hv you fainted?? I’ve been taking deep breathes trying to digest the news. Nope, it’s not digested and don’t think it will ever be……unless some miracle happened – 1) they change the story & the show or 2) Yoona somehow became Juri. OK, I’m out for now, despite JW being lead. I love JW and admire his acting skills. Seriously I was going to check it out for JW but with Yoona, I just can’t get past the fact that she’s all cute & fluffy with limited substance. I’m disappointed having to make this decision but come October I’ll still be watching out for the reviews & recaps. J, you watching?

    Now on to your other thread….AE

    1. Did not faint, but smoke probably went out my ears hahaha. Sooooo annoyed and still trying to get over it until now. Hate the casting. HATE THE CASTING SO MUCH. I hope she says no…

      Just answered what I’m watching in the other comment, but yeah recently wrapped Ojakkyo Brothers. No plans thus far to pick up anything new cos I’m secretly STILL trying to finish Secret Love Affair and In A Good Way but we’ll see. When the mood strikes, never know what I’ll pick next. Will keep you posted ;)

  4. I prefer the actress who played Geum Jan Di or Han Chae Young or even IU to play Nodame rather than Yoona..it’s hard to accept it..I hope Yoona won’t take the role.. but I read in Yahoo, she already cast as Nodame…CMMIW..huhu..

  5. I share your opinion! I’ve been suffering for days thanks this casting.

    But THANK GOD today the news say that Yoona will NOT be playing Nodame after all! *phew* We dodged that bullet!

    I checked Im Joo Eun’s page on Hancinema and they had an article about her recently doing a cameo appearance in “Endless Love”. The article also says that she is currently searching for her next big project.

    I’m seriously dying to see her play Nodame! She’s available, they’re looking, so why can’t the stars align and make this happen?!

    1. I read the news today and let out a huge sigh of relief – can’t believe the tension seriously. Ahhh you’re raising my hopes about Im Joo Eun. I don’t mind Park Bo Young too honestly, I just hope they play it smart and sensibly with the casting now, after this mess that was Yoona as Nodame!

      1. By the way, there’s a new Korean drama called “Marriage not Dating”. It’s seriously good! Only 4 episodes have aired so far, but it gets better and better with each episode. I recommend it!

        1. I’m still traveling right now with limited internet (seriously in this day and age, no free Internet?!) But I hope to check it out when I can :) the other one is obviously Joseon Gunman. Are you watching it?

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