blogphilic: new directions? poll time!

Hi active new and old readers, if y’all don’t mind doing a 1-sec survey-of-sorts!

(Side note: I’m sorry this explanation turned out lengthier than I imagined. I need to learn to be verbose…)

I recently got into the groove of proper tagging and am seeing a sharp spike in new readers that it makes me nervous (hi) and has me thinking about the direction of blogphilic. If you’re new, this is how I run blogphilic for the past two years: I juggle between regular write-ups – think those personal write-ups and regular poetry inclusions – and drama-related write-ups i.e. I write about Asian pop culture, specifically Japanese and Korean dramas and from time to time, I dip my toes into KPop, though mostly to snark …okay, sometimes squeal. I don’t publish on any set schedules and generally, I try to post 50/50 materials.

I think it’s important to be explicit about this because I’ve lost lots of readers in the past over this. While I do support the age-old blogging rule of “it’s my blog and therefore I define the rules” – the truth is I am in conflict with this lately. I don’t write for people nor do I write to please anyone, but I do believe it is important to consider writing for the right crowd in the right setting and/or medium.

For once this isn’t about stats, rather getting new readers on non-drama write-ups is a pretty big deal because it feels like I am (finally) recognized as a writer. A personal achievement, sort of. The general idea I have is that drama write-ups gather readers because of the topic, but personal write-ups gather readers because of the writing – style, flow et cetera. So… I think it is a pretty big deal. The two genres are miles apart from each other, parallel in fact, that honestly, I’ve been wondering if something needs to be done. I would like to keep writing about both and so this is where y’all come in – poll time!

My problem-solving approach (ha, such an engineer!) is to create a second blog that is exclusively drama-related and thus, effectively reverting blogphilic back to a personal blog.

I’m interested to know whether my readers mind that I juggle and publish write-ups on two disparate topics … or you can’t care less. I’ve always believed that people will read whatever they fancy and ignore whatever they don’t, but admittedly my voice is different depending on what I write about. Okay I’ll be honest: it’s quite embarrassing to gush about boy bands when not 24 hours ago, I lamented about life.

I would love to gather your opinions – real people who actually read the write-ups I publish! – so I can decide and move forward. I know this is not a big deal to you (and you’re right) but it is a big deal to me. I admit I am kind of OCD about defining things clearly. There’s also that I’m having separation anxiety and feeling unfaithful to blogphilic – I have been with this space for 7.5 years now; we’ve waded through a lot together! Plus, it takes a lot of work to create a new blog – I’ll need to tinker around and that equals to significant time and effort. Drama-readers will have to bear with me, if the drama-blog is launched. I admit this has been on my mind for a while now, so your quick survey will likely clinch or break the deal. The latest thought I have is that maybe change is good? Yay, nay?

The poll will close in one week but I trust that you don’t need that long. It takes a sec :)

Thanks for the input and as always, thank you for reading!


10 thoughts on “blogphilic: new directions? poll time!

    1. Oh thank you for the suggestion! Still traveling with limited internet so can’t do this soon… will try though and thank youuuu for your response to this when I asked last week :)

  1. “Okay I’ll be honest: it’s quite embarrassing to gush about boy bands when not 24 hours ago, I lamented about life.”

    And this, this is life ^ Lol
    I will support whatever you do, of course, you know that. ;)
    I am glad to see you so happy though about the upturn of readers, because I’ve always fancied you to be a writer, no matter that you are an engineer and MUST insist on polls like this one! (lol)
    Once again, your devoted reader, even if I’m calculating a backlog of posts that I really must read! And will do, soon. :)

    1. You are alwaysss the sweetest :’) I am always rather silly when it comes to this haha, ahh I get ao self-conscious and wary … and later on time and again, realize no one finds it a big deal!

      Take your time with playing catch up, and hopefully the newer entries are worth reading :)

  2. no surprise what I chose :) Hey, it’s your blog. You’re in control so just do as you like. Readers can choose what we wanna read. Dun make it difficult for yourself

    1. Thank youuuu. I always get crazy self-conscious and wary aha… then it plagues me for days and I feel like I’m unable to write here… really glad so far everyone thinks exactly as you do :) I really have awesome readers! :D

    1. Thanks :) that’s what I think too but I always get self-conscious hahaha whenever the sharp spike happens. I’m so glad that so far all the responses are to keep things as is :)

  3. Hmm for me, it’s best to keep everything in one place and just tag them appropriately. As the others said, readers will filter anyway. Good luck with how you’ll decide in the end though :)

    1. Thank you senpai! Heeee. Still on holiday so just kinda mulling over it, but I’m really happy those who voted all said the same thing – I have awesome readers :)

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