Timeout: It’s Here! It’s Here! WINNER’s D-day!

I am stuck with really crappy internet right now so I will keep this short, and I know I’ve been real quiet about this; I got tired of the hype and rants about the debut days – by that I mean non-stop teasers. Still, I thought I needed to document this in blogphilic because a year ago, they drove me to madness and also acted as saving grace. My boys are debuting y’all, D-day finally struck! In four hours we’ll at last have a debut album, two of three music videos and this Sunday they will attend their first debut stage on a music show. I’m so giddy with excitement!

winner debut album 2014_1

I plan on reviewing the album when I get back to quality internet connection (and my own laptop), but it won’t be until later in the week. My apologies for the lateness but please know that I’m totally with all the… Inner Circles (I know! What a fandom name! Really YG?! Can’t say it’s growing on me, but I don’t hate it) who are counting down to midnight Korean time (I swear all of us live in KST now ha).

Group hug for (im)patiently waiting for ten months and more than that, putting up with countless bullsh*t and trolling by YG, even to D-day. Fact, why is anyone even surprised he pulled this: BI and Bobby of Team B (and currently gaining further traction in Show Me The Money 3) were responsible (or contributed out of goodwill is the term used, I hear) one of two title tracks? Moving along now, I’m focusing on the whole picture and it’s that my WINNER boys totally participated in their first album; they will totally slay the KPop industry.

This debut album will be fantastic, I just know it.

winner debut album 2014_2

3 thoughts on “Timeout: It’s Here! It’s Here! WINNER’s D-day!

  1. The WINNER boys wrote most of the album, so BI and Bobby participating in one of the songs doesn’t really matter. I actually thought Min Ho’s solo was written by BI because when I heard it, it reminded me a lot of BI’s recent song from Show Me The Money and also their song from the final of WIN. I don’t love the album but I like it well enough, and I mean, I’m just happy they’ve finally debuted. Once i’m located and have a place to live again, I’ll be buying the physical CD. I plan on being with these guys from the very beginning to the end.

    1. I’m going to write my thoughts about the album in the my next post, so I’ll hold back on responses about that for now :) Since I don’t follow BI in SMTM3 (though I did listen to Be I) I can’t comment on the similarity between Be I and Empty, but Empty’s beat is pretty sick. I like the opening beat (tune? melody?) so much haha. What I’m more curious is – why do you not have a place to live now?! :O I’ve contemplated buying the album but it is soooo pricey :( I am just gonna contribute to the online sale through iTunes…

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