the way we were.

Tonight I hung out with my two closest friends from undergraduate days – Housemate #1 and my so-called little brother. We’re finally back in the same time zone and geographical continent: home, oh sweet home. We had to part ways at 11 PM because the restaurant closed at that time, and we needed to be home before midnight (curfews…) since all of us live with our parents again now. Funny how different things are now compared to a year and a half ago. 

These little details, along with how much fun the meet-up was – always, of course – really made me realize just how much I miss those days when curfews were nonexistent and so we’d move from restaurant to café to whatever else, so long as something is still open and the night is oh so young. There were just as many nights that we’d walk aimlessly in the city (Philly!) till late, together always, or hang out until past midnight at any one of our apartments playing intense mafia games, watching TV, playing cards and chowing down food, of course lots of food. To look back now and truly understand with eyes wide open that “ah, that was my youth – my years of freedom” and realize it’s now a bygone era of a time back when. Mannnnn. Those really were the days.

Now I know why dramas like Orange Days and Honey & Clover continue to be made; why In A Good Way stirred my heart and tugged at my heartstrings, all within the first five minutes; why Answer Me, 1997 and its sister-sequel-of-sorts Answer Me, 1994 were worldwide cult-favorites – those were the days of pure, unadulterated youth. Irretrievable and impossible to replicate, this bunch of strangers-turned-friends who were there for each other through the best and worse moments of our lives, the lamest and coolest versions of ourselves and definitely one of the most defining period of our lives; we were stars, such bright stars, brimming with hopes and dreams. Those days were sweet like nothing else, bittersweet to the core, and live on in our memories.

“Ah, that was my youth. Those were my years of freedom.” 

I took a photo of us, mid-embrace. When I am old and alone I will remember that I once held something truly beautiful.
Joe Dunthorne, Submarine

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