Timeout: It’s Literally Utter Madness Around Here.

I’m quickly popping in here to confirm that I’m still alive but badly knocked by two realities. Hard facts:

  • My wallet got stolen in San Francisco on Saturday. It contained practically my entire life and all forms of my identity, so it’s been the longest and scariest weekend of my life, and craziest-yet-productive Monday, too. I’m okay, the situation is… maybe okay. Put in a good word about me to Him, could you please? I kind of desperately need it.
  • School. I’m behind with a lot subjects because of this incident and in general, there’s A LOT of reading this quarter.

I meant to write about a lot of things, trust me, but right now I’m struggling to juggle school work. It is barely Week 2 but the work(over)load is something that only the quarter system can gift. If I get around to writing my many long-intended drama write-ups (there are so many on my mind!), they should be any one of these – will try to get through the list eventually though, promise -:

  • Reliving summer with the Beach Boys
  • More, more and more thoughts on the Discovery of Love
  • Joseon Gunman, also known as the gunman that disappointed me
  • Wakamonotachi 2014 and how it tugged at my heartstrings in all the right ways
  • …and whatever else I’d watched during summer break e.g. Ojakgyo Brothers 

I’m keeping my Haruki Murakami write-up on the back burner for now, but hope to get to it by the year-end.

I’m not on hiatus but it is so hard to find time to do anything, honest to God, because suddenly there’s too many things to do and sort out. I don’t know how many phone reps I’ve spoken to over the past 48 hours and I was in the banks all morning today. Then there’s calling the embassy and drafting letters and filing a police report and- yeah okay I need to and should get back to my required readings.

Good luck with school and work everyone, and here’s a quick PSA: please please don’t be stupid with your important items. Don’t stash them all in one place and carry them around, and most importantly, never put your guard down.


6 thoughts on “Timeout: It’s Literally Utter Madness Around Here.

    1. SIGH. Really long story but I was basically in a cafe with my friend, had my guard down and so it was an hour later when I noticed what wasn’t in my bag… and the texts and calls from my bank. I was either pick pocketed at the cashier counter or when I was at the table and didn’t pay attention to my bag…

        1. Yeah :( thanks though hun, it is so sweet that HR first thing that comes to your mind is my safety :3 (this incident really taught me that there are friends and then there are… friends who actually cares)

  1. Oh no, that’s terrible! The amount of crap you have to go through sorting these kind of things out is so frustrating. So many phone calls! And it makes it hard to think of other things like your readings when you have all of that mess to sort out. I’m glad you’re okay though!

    1. Thanks Caitlyn! I’m slowly getting things sorted and for the most part, most of them are, but you’re right – come to think of it, thank goodness it wasn’t an assault or anything… I ended up dropping a class though aha because it was so hard to focus and I was falling behind. I think that turned out to be a smart choice, now I’m doing okay with school and personal life :) How’ve you been?? (and of course what are you watching haha)

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