Suntanned from The Sunshine Award!

A large part of me feels like I’ve lost the flair and interest to blog (the horror!). So in my continued attempt to overcome this, I figured this ‘award’ is a good exercise. One of my closest blogger-friends nominated me for this lovely blog award – thank you Heisui!

I’m so thankful she stumbled upon my blog about a year and a half ago (how time flies!) and has stayed through numerous emotional dramedy episodes in my life as depicted through the blog. I also really appreciate her no-nonsense responses about my constant reluctance to drama-write (…and yet still do it anyway…) because heck, sometimes even I can’t stand myself when I act that way. In short, she’s honest with her opinions and doesn’t mince words with me especially when it comes to my personal, emotionally-driven write-ups. Hard as her words can be to swallow though, I wouldn’t wish differently because honesty goes a long, long way with me. Thank you for sticking around and for this lovely nomination, sweets – you’re the real sunshine!

Now on to the award!

the sunshine award

The Rules

  • In a new post:
    • Thank the person who nominated you.
    • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
    • Nominate five other bloggers.
    • Write why you nominated these bloggers.
    • Write 5 or more questions for the bloggers you nominated.
  • Notify the bloggers on their blogs.
  • Put the award on your blog where FYI image above was made by and is fully credited to Heisui. Per her words, “You may use the image I made for the award, but you must credit me. You may NOT crop out the credits on the image itself.”

Heisui’s Questions

  1. How do you cheer yourself up if you’re not in a good mood?

    For the past year – poetry. Lots of it. Then it’s typically one of two things: watch an Asian drama (ha!) or write.

  2. If you could sum up your blog in one sentence, what would it be?

    Quite frankly, this comes to mind immediately: nostalgia bullshit. As I wrote in my About page, I wax nostalgia bullshit, as I like to think of it; emotional purge.” I still think so – I just happen to write about dramas on the side now.

  3. How would you like to be remembered in the blogosphere?

    As real as one gets – a whole person. I maintain this principle in my social media everywhere, that if you ever meet me in person or if you do know me personally, it would never cross your mind that there’s a disconnect between my online persona and myself in the flesh.

  4. What is it about dramas and drama blogging that makes you happy?

    When I was younger, it was a lot of things – it was like this whole new-yet-relevant world where my cultural context and background weren’t foreign to TV land. Later in my teen to early college years, it had a lot to do with escapism. These days it just… is. I see no more need to over-define or find reasons to justify what and why I like what I do. Shows that are able to move me for better or for worse, they make me happy.

    Drama blogging though… that’s a tough cookie. I’m forever on this 50/50 boat about it where I love it because its brought me all these great drama-blogger friends, awesome readers and basically, lots of kindred souls. Finding out that I’m able to speak for someone, or that my thoughts resonate and all that – as a writer, this is an amazing feeling. Trust me when I say it never gets old.

    Yet ironically and truthfully my Asian-typical, academically driven and science-biased mindset is still ingrained within me i.e. this doesn’t feel like the most intellectual activity and topic to write about. In other words, honestly I often feel like I’m wasting my time devoting so much time, effort and mental and emotional space to this so-called pastime activity. However, because I’ve been watching Asian dramas for more than a decade and can’t ever shut my mind (and mouth), now I rarely pick up and watch shows and not have opinions. Nowadays I don’t think too much about it though; when I feel like it, I write. When I don’t, I don’t.

  5. What is one of your favorite words or phrases?  Give the definition/meaning & explain why you like it.  (The word does not have to be in English.)

    Overcome. You are welcome to refer to this particular entry for greater depth. I love this word so much because I think it defines everything I am made of including the decisions and outcomes that have gotten me to where I am today, and the person that I am. It encapsulates my fighting spirit and general approach with life; I kind of love and hate that about it.

Passing The Love – Jandoe’s Nominations!

I almost always nominate the same bloggers and they almost always never do it haha, but that’s cool. There are many awesome bloggers out there and I do follow a few non-drama-related blogs, but I’m still so shy to approach them to personally let them know how much I admire their writing and poems… so I’ll keep this list drama-bloggers-only haha. Just click on their names to be directed to their blogs!

  • yupkigirl (now she goes by ojpy) – my senpai on how to blog on any topic, literally, with sass, confidence and poise. Love her.
  • Ellély – who pops in her blog too infrequently for my enjoyment, but never fails to affect me with her write-ups when she does. Now I’ve come to realize that it’s probably more of a personal preference, but I really genuinely love her writing style. I admire the fact that though she covers topics which are lighthearted and generally empty (I told ya I’m a paradoxical drama watcher-snob), she has this way of making her subjects sound/feel meaty without losing her flair (read: hilarity) and just, she’s doesn’t sound pretentious at all. I wish I write like her!
  • Mookiehyun – my recent discovery (seriously, where have I been before this?!) who is not afraid to be herself. She’s expressive about her likes and dislikes as she unabashedly spazzes about her favorites etc and yet, her opinions and write-ups manage to be both spazz-filled and introspective. Truly something, the way her writing is grounded to tangible, realistic feelings and analogies.
  • dmohican14 – I always enjoy our commentary-threads, in the far and few we’ve had. I also love the write-ups she does on Jdramas – I don’t watch any anime so I can’t comment on those, but some of her Japanese drama reviews are my favorites because she gets to the core message and elements of the show. I love the way she says it as it is without underestimating or belittling the storyline etc. She’s informative and insightful without being impersonal, which I also love.
  • Caitlyn – my Australian blogger-buddy haha. I honestly feel like we became fast friends and immediately clicked on blogosphere even though… we hardly see eye to eye on shows and people. Thanks to WIN: Who Is Next where we pretty much bandied together (with Rosie) and survived through it, I feel like we’re friends for life because of that damn show haha (I wish you all the best with Mix & Match!). She’s candid with her opinions and her blog is basically like a digest of her commentaries on shows she watched or is watching – not meant to be taken too seriously, but always a good start for conversation. Because she basically watches everything (while I complain about wanting to watch more…), I stalk her Twitter from time to time haha (oops cat’s out of the bag!) to find out what she’s tuning in and her quickie thoughts on shows!

Special shout out because she’s a true sunshine, this one –

  • Betsy – who’s on hiatus (kinda) because of personal reasons, but I love her and her write-ups so much.

Jandoe’s Questions

I don’t really have anything to ask…  so here’s my totally-made-up-on-the-fly questions:

  • Can you please share a quote from your favorite book?
  • Ice-cream, frozen yogurt or (gasp) neither?
  • Would you rather be someone who’s conquered the tip of an iceberg or a jack-of-all-trades? In other words, would you rather be a Ph.D graduate in something (haha) or street-savvy chameleon, and why?
  • What or who, for you, is “only recalled when a certain song is played, or the sky feels like a certain weather”? And if you don’t mind elaborating… I would love to hear all about that :)
  • What would you advise to a lost, wandering 23 year-old graduating grad student who, given her way, is tempted to just wail “I don’t know what to do with my life! (insert exasperated-not-a-smiley emoticon)” to anyone she considers older and/or more established in the life department? (HAHA)

Just a note that please don’t feel obliged to answer this – not answering is totally an option, as is just answering through the comment box. I don’t hold anything against anyone and in fact, everyone is welcome to answer my (lame) questions haha.

(I just hope you at least like ice-cream or frozen yogurt though cos if you dislike both, I… I’m not sure if we can still be friends!)

16 thoughts on “Suntanned from The Sunshine Award!

  1. Jan, thank you for this! I’m honored that even just a bit I managed to share something with you. as I always say, it’s your blog, it’s your thoughts. write what you want to write and not what you think you should write. I love your prose actually hahaha

    your questions by the way are so you… I don’t know how I’ll answer them! LOL

    thanks for the nom and I wish you all the sunshine too!

    1. D’AWWWW!!! You’ve taught and enlightened me well about blogging principles 101 ;)

      And my questions… totally on the fly honest! But I just realized they’re hard to answer for me too oops :p

      You’re most welcome and aw, thank you :*

  2. Thanks Jan! And wow I wasn’t sure how long I’ve been following your blog. It feels like I’ve read it for so long even though it’s only been a year and a half! And..I hope my words aren’t TOO hard to swallow. :P

    I like your answer to #3, btw.

    1. You’re right – it might’ve actually been a bit longer than 1.5 years (maybe 2-2.5 years?! Haha) but you’ve been great, don’t worry about it! You’re doing just fine ;)

      About #3- Oh thanks :D

      1. I can’t remember when I first found your blog. I feel like it was so long ago. *tries to remember* Or maybe just so much happened that it feels longer than it really was.

        1. Totally possible (I think so too haha). But since both you and I can’t remember our exact “starting” dates, I am gaging that that’s a good thing where our cyber-friendship-but-pretty-much-like-a-real-one is concerned :3

  3. I love your comments, Jane. We do often have different opinions but I think it’s great that neither of us are that serious that we can’t still respect each others opinions and get along well anyway. I totally feel the same way. We got through WIN together, that makes us friends for life, ha ha. Mix & Match is breaking my heart, and this time, I don’t have you and Rosie to discuss it with. I need my people!! You know, I don’t know how people put up with me on Twitter though, I pretty much spoil every show I’m watching, lol

    Okay, now I’m gonna answer your questions. Thanks for the nomination!

    1. I don’t have a specific quote but my childhood favourite book was Children of Cherry Tree Farm, and I still remember random things from it, like how the grey squirrels of London chased away the native red squirrels, or how hares jump sideways to escape their stalkers. It was old books like that that made me always want to come to England, actually, even though that particular series was set at a farm and was quite critical of London, lol. Well, old books like that and historical romance novels. And Monopoly.
    2. Ice-cream. I looooooove ice cream, choc mint in particular, even though I’m lactose intolerant so i hardly ever eat it, ha ha. Ooh, and McFlurries at McDonalds, and KFC Krushers. Yum!
    3. I think I would rather be a Jack of All Trades, because it just seems really handy. Like, if I had worked in a bunch of jobs that don’t need degrees, than I can do that work wherever I am. I’ll always be able to find something. It would also make me a k-drama heroine :-P.
    4. This one is really hard. I’m not generally a sentimental person, and I have a terrible memory, so a memory (or a person, etc) might be triggered by something, but then I’ll forget about it again. My plush toys always remind me of the end of Toy Story 3, and that reminds me of sitting there watching it with Mum with both of us sobbing our eyes out. At an animated movie *sigh*. Have you seen the ending to Toy Story 3? It’s really sad! My friend doesn’t understand my reaction at all but she’s not a toy person.
    5. This question made me smile. I’m a bit lost myself, that’s why I randomly uprooted and moved to London, lol. I don’t have any direction in my life, or any ambition. So I can’t give you any advice!

    Make sure you travel though. After you graduate and have a full time job, don’t make it so that your work takes over and you never get any time to yourself, or never take a break. That will just run you down. And always have something to look forward to, whether it be a holiday or a concert or a convention or whatever. At least, that’s how I get through my days. As long as I know i’m leading up to something, I’m okay. Even a new TV show starting is enough for me though, so i’m pretty easy to please, ha ha. So just make sure you always have something in your life that you enjoy, is what I’m saying.

    Oh, by the way, I absolutely LOVE the new Blog design!

    1. Aw I love this comment so much!!! Love your answers especially the last one – very sound advice, thank youuuu <3 I can't believe and didn't get the memo that you uprooted to London though – wait what why how? WOW. So impressed haha, how long are you there for and are things going great?

      PS I grew up with a lot of UK-based children books but hmmm funny, never heard of Children of Cherry Tree Farm. May need to Google it a little haha, it sounds super cute and it's even more adorable that you remember it fondly until now!

      PPS I actually wrote a pretty lengthy comment reply on your blog yesterday… and lost it… really annoying… it was about M&M mostly though haha. I will try to watch it (definitely gonna watch the latest episode if it features collabs with the girls and some Haru) but my Tumblr feed occasionally gets filled with M&M and I gage that the new people aren't instant faves? And some folks seem to be critical of one of them in particular? I forgot his now though grrr. Your recaps are making me wanna watch it just so we can sound off on this like we did with WINNER shows :p

      1. Sorry for the late reply!

        Children of Cherry Tree Farm is really lovely, it’s about a bunch of kids who move to the countryside and befriend a man living in the woods, lol. He teaches them about animals and nature and stuff. Thinking about it as an adult, the kids’ parents really shouldn’t have been letting a wild man look after their kids (the youngest is like, 7!), ha ha, but let’s ignore that plot hole :-P.

        As to London, it’s going pretty well. I was actually really lucky, I managed to find a job and a flat within 2 weeks of landing in London. Way quicker than I’d expected. And I’ve already got 6 concerts lined up in the next 3 months, and I got to see U-Kiss as well, which is something I would never have been able to do in Aus. I’ve had to sort of push myself to actually make friends though, lol, because i don’t make new friends usually, i just stick with my old friends. But now I’m like, if I want someone to go to Legoland with, I have to actually meet people! Facebook groups have been great for that, actually. Yay the internet!

        1. Time to look up Cherry Tree Farm! Will maybe even consider getting it for my niece, it sounds super cute! :D

          WOW so did you like decide to move to London first with no plans or strings attached and then figured things out when you’re there? SO amazed by your bravery and spirit, go girl! But HAHA how much do I love that the thing you’ve got lined up is KPop concerts? Making friends is both pain and joy, I swear haha, but I’m happy that you found a rather quickie way to go about doing that – I hope that’s been successful and bring you too cool/interesting folks!

          1. Ha ha, yeah, I swear K-pop (and j-pop) wasn’t the reason I moved here but I’m gonna take advantage of every opportunity I have! And yeah, I just moved here with no plans or anything, I was just sort of winging it. It’s not really a risk cos if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just go home, lol

  4. Haha, you found me out, I am quite the frequent lurker on your blog. Yes, our conversations have been few, but fun and I always enjoy reading your eloquent write-ups (even when you’re despairing). Thank you for the nomination and I promise to write a response soon.

    1. HEHE nawww it’s really a big thanks from me for deciding this space’s worth lurking around ^_^ Looking forward to your reply, whenever you’ve the chance, anddddd are youuuu by any chance watching Tomorrow’s Cantabile? I think I need to write a first impression about it, I actually really love it!

      1. Yes, Tomorrow’s Cantabile is unexpectedly better than I thought it would be! Joo Won’s a decent Chiaki and Shim Eun Kyung is slowly easing into Nodame. Group 8 has ruined so many manga adaptations for me, but I really like this one. If you do a first impressions post, I will probably spazz all over it.

  5. Hello Jan!

    Apologies for the late reply. I suck!

    • Can you please share a quote from your favorite book?

    I don’t have an all-time favourite book per se but when I was scanning your questions, the quote that instantly popped into my mind was this one by Douglas Coupland: “Your 20s are muck and shit and pain and loneliness and horror.” As depressing as it might sound, this just about sums up my immediate post-college years. On the upside, things do get better once the — for want of a better word — angst bottoms out. I’d like to think that I take life a lot less seriously now than a decade ago.

    • Ice-cream, frozen yogurt or (gasp) neither?

    Depends on a) the brand and b) whether it’s on sale. Haha. But when I have the time and the equipment, I like to make my own.

    • Would you rather be someone who’s conquered the tip of an iceberg or a jack-of-all-trades? In other words, would you rather be a Ph.D graduate in something (haha) or street-savvy chameleon, and why?

    I’m not sure it’s a question of either or. I’d choose the Ph.D route if there was a subject I was really passionate about and if I could imagine myself devoting the rest of my life to its study. I’m not sure what you mean by “jack-of-all-trades” though. When you say “street-savvy chameleon”, I imagine someone who’s able to adapt to different situations and reinvent him/herself constantly. This is a great trait to have but I think it has more to do with one’s personality than course of study. (Though granted, you’ll find that most people who fall under this category often aren’t Ph.D candidates XD)

    • What or who, for you, is “only recalled when a certain song is played, or the sky feels like a certain weather”? And if you don’t mind elaborating… I would love to hear all about that :)

    I’m not sure if I understood your question correctly but here goes: The Bitter End by Placebo always reminds me of the time I spent in France many years ago. I was volunteering on a farm there and I ended up becoming friends with the owner’s daughter who was a huge Placebo fan. We no longer keep in touch but back then, TBE used to be our song, so to speak, and we’d play it every chance we got.

    • What would you advise to a lost, wandering 23 year-old graduating grad student who, given her way, is tempted to just wail “I don’t know what to do with my life! (insert exasperated-not-a-smiley emoticon)” to anyone she considers older and/or more established in the life department? (HAHA)

    I think a lot of people go through this phase. I know I was extremely disillusioned and bitter even before I graduated from university and was considering dropping out with one term left to go. (Fortunately, I didn’t do that. However I did ditch my graduation ceremony to go work on the aforementioned farm).

    I’ve always known what I don’t like/want to do but from my experience, it takes a while to figure out where exactly your interests lie. (Of course, there are a lucky few who are born knowing just what they want to do straight out of the gate). You might not necessarily love your first job but you’ll definitely be able to take away a lot of things from it. As you go through life, you’ll find yourself gravitating towards certain things or uncovering new interests. My advice: read a lot and widely. Make it a point to experience new things (this doesn’t necessarily have to involve travelling — it could be sth like learning how to code or knit). If there’s a project you want to do, just go ahead and do it. Don’t overthink it. No idea is ever perfect and you might have to refine it or do a 180-degree pivot at some point but it’s better than not doing anything at all because you think it’s stupid. I’ll leave you with this and hopefully, you’ll be able to get something out of these manifestos:

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