within the cavity of desires.

So instead of doing homework, I ended up reading my old write-ups… The short story is why am I such a sentimental bunny… The long story is… well… here’s one of my favorite pieces from this year, maybe even ever. I wrote this in late May. I dared myself to share this on my personal Facebook and did so, only to then realize that on second thought maybe no one cares but you know, that’s okay, because I – just really love to write. I really, really do. And when I write, this is how my writing voice sounds like. It’s nice to be reminded of this.

you don't know me.

There is inexplicable wisdom in a moment of discovery, that split-second when you’re forced to come to terms with what you wish you were, and who you’ve turned into.

A few nights ago I laid awake in my bed, and remembered the many nights in the past thousands of miles away in a bed smaller than this one, when I did exactly this. Ten years have passed since I was thirteen, once a doe-eyed young dreamer with dreams so large I worried they would burst out of my being. I closed my eyes and it took mere seconds to conjure the memories of a place and time that is now long gone; the green-colored walls of my childhood bedroom, two single beds pushed together to form a queen with a sleeping figure lying beside me and the sticky, humid air replaced by the cool air from the ceiling fan. There were so many nights like this…

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