the fourth (twitter) dimension.

So I may or may not have finally decided to enter the fourth dimension…

Right now the drive is WINNER-motivated (like with Tumblr too, isn’t?) because subbers seem to chat and stuff over there more than on Tumblr so I’m missing out on translated videos until later on when (if) they appear on my Tumblr dashboard and I… kind of hate that. Plus I’ve been watching and following a lot about WINNER (and dramas) but do not necessarily have anything substantial or lengthy enough to dedicate entire entries so… basically this is a drama- and WINNER-driven twitter account (for now) but like all things with me, the real goal is how long will I remain committed and I suspect over time when (if) I feel more comfortable, it’ll transform into another space for the sentimental bunny to word purge…


Keep it simple, don’t overthink! Haha okay let’s just consider this another social experiment (even though I’m still incredibly confused on how it works) and… maybe… come say hello if you’d like; I can be reached here.



2 thoughts on “the fourth (twitter) dimension.

  1. I see you, Jane! I freaking love Twitter. Like, a lot of the time, I don’t have an entire postful of stuff to say about a drama, but I do love commenting about it, so I’ll just type as I’m watching. That way, I get out my feelings or opinions but in nice 140 character or less sentences, lol

    1. I’m still so new to Twitter but I’m having a lot of fun! It’s sooo nice to be able to chat in real time about shows because yup, coming up with an entire post versus quick 140 characters = win.

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