Timeout: Who’s Ready for Another Round of Mischievous Kiss?

Okay Mischievous Kiss fans, have you guys watched this latest trailer yet? It sheds (somewhat) greater detail about the new season which by the way – when is it premiering again? Is it this month or next? I’ve lost track…

Also a quick note about the Okinawa special – I watched it but frankly, did not love it. I wanted to and believe me I was genuinely super excited about it and waited (im)patiently for its première but honestly Kotoko was kind of maddeningly immature (or just zany). She rubbed me off the wrong way in the SP and Naoki was Naoki-bot, but in general the tone of the SP didn’t resonate with me which is why I couldn’t and didn’t write anything about it. Overall it was cute and there were quiet moments between the two that’s reminiscent of season one’s magic but yeah, I just couldn’t get behind it.

Here’s to hoping that season two will remedy this!


7 thoughts on “Timeout: Who’s Ready for Another Round of Mischievous Kiss?

  1. Yep, I agree with everything you said. The Special wasn’t anything special, ha ha. I’m so looking forward to the next season though, I think it starts next month. The trailer makes it look awesome, and I like the guy playing the guy that likes Kotoko, and I love seeing Naoki jealous!

    1. “The Special wasn’t anything special, ha ha”

      HAHA spot on. Is it next month? Okies then I’ll forget about it for now hahaha otherwise the anticipation will just kill me. I love seeing Naoki jealous too cos at least that means it’ll finally spur him to action!

  2. I kinda agree with the special. It does not feel the same way as s1 but it’s too early to judge since we only got 45-50 mins of them gracing again our screens. Maybe with s2 and the trailers now are more promising than the SP. Oh jealous Naoki, my fave Naoki. :D

    1. I hope so too! I wish they made muchhh better use of that 45 mins of the SP cos they focused so much on that other annoying couple that random scenes. I agree that jealous Naomi was super cute though aha, but ugh they need to do something about making Kotoko not seem/come out like a dimwit. Hopefully season 2 will fix this !!

  3. So I wasn’t the only one? To be honest, I started watching the SP but I wasn’t jut feeling it. about 10 minutes in, I was already disinterested.

    This version’s Kotoko was the least irritating for me, but for some reason, she just rubs me the wrong way in the SP.

    I ended up fast forwarding a lot.

    1. YES more like I’m glad I’M not the only one! Frankly I feel like they spent way too much time on randm scenes and that other couple that Kotoko/Naoki and everything about them that worked in the first season got lost in all that filler. What a shame.

      About Kotoko, again I agree with you. Something was really off with her in the SP, like she was seriously just… for lack of a better word, an airhead and it’s so frustrating because we KNOW she’s capable of more and plus, the character was portrayed with more depth and buckets of heart in the first season just fine. I really really hope they (PD team etc cos I remember reading it’s a different production/writing team than the first one) redeem themselves in this second season cos it is suchhhhh a waste if they don’t.

  4. NGL: the preview of the SP made my skin crawl and I got second-hand embarrassment reading recaps of the show, so I decided to pass on it. I think I’ll leave their happily ever after to my imagination. Haha.

    On another note, I got your note about the Sunshine Award! Thank you so much! I promise I will answer your questions — they look super fun! Apologies if it takes a while though. I have been extremely busy with life and stuff (as you’ve probably noticed, my blog is in a comatose state right now =.=)

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