Timeout: Shows That’s Got Me Glued To The Screen.

Like other drama-bloggers who (maybe) juggle between Twitter and their blogs, I find myself sharing opinions about shows I’m watching via multiple 140-character quick blurbs. Primarily because it’s quicker and easier that way, but for me it’s also fun to do it this way. My account is (still) public so you can follow unofficially but even so, honestly I keep having this nagging feeling that I’m side-lining my fellow blog-friends and readers who aren’t on Twitter, you folks who’ve engaged in lively and detailed conversations with me about shows way before my Twitter account!

So here’s a (long) summary of shows I’m watching, and what I think about them. I’m mostly hoping to incite discussions between us, if any, about any of the shows mentioned – those that aren’t are totally welcome too, cos tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Fall 2014 is a good drama season both in Jdramas and Kdramas! We’re spoilt for choice. So yes, this write-up’s really a prompt to get the conversation going!

PS I have more time this quarter hence more drama-watching because I’m only taking 2.5 classes remember. I swear I haven’t been slacking off in school!


Tomorrow's Cantabile (2014)
Tomorrow’s Cantabile (2014)

Tomorrow’s Cantabile 

The last time I wrote about this show, it was up to episode 4. I can’t believe we’ve surpassed the halfway (or going to, this week?) point of the show – time sure flies. I am still really, really liking this show – hesitant to call it love though, strangely – despite realizing and recognizing the flaws of the show, both on its own and when compared to its Japanese counterpart.

For me, some of the show’s flaws are more obvious than others, like the fact that it’s missing the musical aspect that made Nodame Cantabile such a darling or that absence of a particular feel, which I noted in my first impression. There’s also something to be said about their different interpretations of similar scenes namely those that appeared in the Jversion as well.

Generally, different is fine because different doesn’t always equal bad, but it’s more about scenes where say for example, Nae-il’s autonomy to decide and act for herself is seemingly taken away from her. What we are presented with instead, is Yoo Jin doing her saving for her as opposed to she doing that herself. It’s in scenes like that, that I find the Japanese version superior because their approach was always about striking a balance between Chiaki and Nodame, where both are each other’s shadow and light; no one outshines or takes away the merit of the other.

In general though, I still think Tomorrow’s Cantabile is holding its own despite the weak links in writing and characterizations. Although I am optimistic about where we’re headed in this second half, and how much Nae-il has progressed since I last wrote about her, truthfully I do still wish Nae-il is a more layered character. There are still moments where she feels flat and two-dimensional to me and that’s so frustrating, because I continue to be impressed and taken by Shim Eun Kyung. I’m beginning to truly understand that there’s only so much a talented actress can do when she’s limited by an average script, because this is exactly the case here. She’s got gravitas in emoting and conveying her feelings – conflicts, love and what-have-yous – through body language and facial expressions and so I hope the screenwriter takes advantage of what Shim Eun Kyung is capable of delivering, in this second half of the show.

In typical Kdramaland where male characters are more fleshed out than their female counterparts, Joo Won continues to knock the ball out of the park with his performance in this show. I’m genuinely really impressed by him. I absolutely love his Yoo Jin sunbae character, who feels like Chiaki yet distinct enough that he holds his own. What I hope for, going forward in the second half of the show, is for Tomorrow’s Cantabile to prove to its audience why these two fit together like yin and yang.

To me, Nodame and Chiaki’s relationship and connection to each other are rooted in their love, respect and passion for not just music because it’s music, but specifically the music that’s created and played by the two of them. The untapped emotions that they elicit from each other when one listens to the other – it’s a level playing field where they are both each other’s muse. It’s great, inspiring, and beautiful because even though we’re merely an audience to the sonata they weave together, we understand that it is no mere coincidence or fate that draws the two aspiring musicians to each other. What’s crucial is that we understand and recognize that music is their center, yet their devotion and sentiments towards each other alight from a different center – their hearts – and I dare argue that that makes all the difference. So I sincerely hope, hope, hope that Tomorrow’s Cantabile will be able to sell to me this same connection; the reason it’s got to be these two as the end game and not anyone else.

Last note – as much as I groaned at the insertion of a second lead because of Kdrama’s fixation towards love triangles, hot damn that guy playing Yoon Hoo is hella charming, and so is his character with his rather interesting backstory. I really enjoyed watching him conduct Mambo – come on PD-nim, too short! Too short! – because of that glint in his eyes; his expression positively sparkles in the face of music and I love it.


Liar Game (2014)
Liar Game (2014)

Liar Game 

Still awesome. Though I have to admit that despite the show’s A+ performance from script to directing to acting, surprisingly I am not at the edge of my seat with this show, forget obsessing over it. I like it because I always appreciate a good story and solid execution, but I’m not going ga-ga. I’ve no idea why… maybe it’s got to do with having watched the Japanese version and remembering enough about it that I know what’s going on? I really like the show though and am enjoying it heaps, even if it’s also true that Nam Da-jung gets on my nerves… like there’s naïve and there’s… stupid? She’s testing my patience with her overly gullible personality. If anything though, to her credit, I can’t remember if Nao was like this or worse.

Also! Ha to everyone who’s only now noticing the hotness of Lee Sang Yoon! HA! Teri and I totally called dibs on that side of him way earlier from Angel Eyes!


Misaeng (2014)
Misaeng (2014)


Everyone’s talking about this show, and rightly so. I love it so, so much.

I don’t know if I have anything to add to the already weighty and meaty discussions across blogosphere about this show, but I concur that this show deserves all the accolade and buzz. I admit that the first two episodes were so tonally depressing that I almost dropped it – mirrored real life too much that it suckered punch me to the pits – but it’s been on an upward trajectory ever since.

When the first two episodes aired and there were lots of buzz about it, I came across many people claiming it to feel like a Jdrama. It took me up until episode 4 or 5 to finally realize why they think so – I didn’t feel the same way when I watched the first two episodes – and I think it’s because it’s a character-driven show, as opposed to plot-driven which is Kdrama’s typical go-to modus operandi. Sure it’s a slice-of-life drama that’s reminiscent of all the Jdramas under that genre, but to Misaeng‘s credit, the show goes a step further by holding firm and rooting its story to its ensemble of well-fleshed out characters, acted by an amazing team of actors.

Lee Sung Min is just… an inspiration (though when is he not) and I am so glad they chose Kang So Ra as the sole female among the male-centric ensemble. She is kicking ass, let me assure you that, and definitely holding her own. As for Im Shi Wan, he is adorable and perfect for the role. I find that he conveys his emotions best through his eyes and it is truly something, the fact that he shines brighter in the quieter beats of the show than the obvious scenes. My 2014 gem i.e. best diamond-in-the-idol-dominated-rough find, Kang Ha Neul, continues to impress us all by giving us a restrained performance that’s affecting and impacting. His character Baek-ki spent most of the first six episodes in the background and yet he’s never once forgotten. He’s also not the er, nicest character and yet I find myself rooting for him anyway, because while I might not like him or someone like him in real life, I understand his motivations.

And that’s exactly the thing with Misaeng: the show’s characters feel like everyday people in your and my lives, with intentions, motivations, and backstories that’s uncannily familiar to us. Personally for me, I respond to each character viscerally, legit, and I think that’s saying a lot as is. Be it Im Shi Wan‘s adorably innocent Jang Geu Rae to the calculative and superficial Baek Ki, I finding myself caring for these fictional characters in the same way that I do with real people because you know, it’s crazy but in my mind they are real people and this, well- this pretty much explains everything.

As for the plot, I am honestly still amazed that it takes on the blandest and most common setting ever: the office. Yet the show has managed to paint such a realistic picture – if not in conflict then definitely in the dynamics and climbing-the-corporate-ladder struggles – and my favorite part is how the writer cleverly and insightfully inserts the relevance of baduk both in this mundane, everyday life as well as in Geu Rae’s inner monologues. This insertion gives the show and many of its key scenes an added layer of complexity and nuance, and the result is nothing short of impressive.

I’ve been live-tweeting – kinda – my watching experience with Misaeng and at the end of each episode I’ve pretty much been saying the same thing, and meaning it each time: best episode yet! Best Misaeng episode yet! The show keeps upping its own game and I love it. I friggin’ love it.

Also! Last but not least, Han Suk Yool people, Han Suk Yool! I love this character to bits and have noticed him from his very first scene. I feel like he’s not getting enough love and I want to change that. Han Suk Yool is portrayed by newbie (or not so newbie? Limited information about him online) Byun Yo Han and he is totally a hoot and a riot, my god why aren’t more people talking about him?! HAHA I genuinely love him so much.


Pride & Prejudice (2014)
Pride & Prejudice (2014)

Pride & Prejudice 

So I picked this up on a whim – totally didn’t plan on watching it because I’m not a fan of any of the actors, but I had time and so I decided to give it a try. Episode 1 was actually pretty good, entertaining at least. Episode 2 was cute and although both Caitlyn and me scratched our heads at the fact that he remembered her so clearly and emotionally, over a single it-almost-happened date i.e. not enough, in my opinion at least, to justify five years’ worth of grudge and bitter feelings, that aside the chemistry between Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee is really, really cute.

To be honest, I really wish the writer had gone ahead with a different title because it’s like… kind of insulting to the original namesake, but anyway on the plus side I’m happy to note that this is the same writer who gave us the surprisingly introspective School 2013. Frankly the overall storyline and conflicts thus far of Pride & Prejudice aren’t anything to drive home about …but this writer sure has a way with characterization because just like how she gave us poignant and emotionally nuanced characters in School 2013, she does so again with Pride & Prejudice. Admittedly, at the moment it’s really only our leading characters who are well-fleshed out but I think it’s only a matter of time before she’ll dig deeper into the side characters.

In general this show is low on my list because while it’s not bad, it’s not oh-my-god-it’s-great either. Still, it’s such a breezy and easy watch that I keep tuning in anyway. I like it enough to keep watching …for the group dynamics and that the leads stay in a share house (I love share houses!). I am looking forward to the hijinks that I’m sure will ensue; please happen! I also think that the sparks between Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee‘s totally there, just waiting for the right time to crackle and ha, I want to be there when that happens! Last but not least, as for the backstory involving her kid brother and her motivation to seek revenge, I’m curious… enough… to keep tuning in.

I would love to talk about this show so if you’ve things to say about it, I’m all ears!


Roommate Season 2 (2014)
Roommate Season 2 (2014)

Roommate Season 2

I’ve meant to write about this show, or maybe more like mention that I’m watching it and that I’m surprisingly enjoying it a lot – more than the first season. Who knew? Maybe the right recipe does lie in the right casting, because the dynamics and relationship between the current residents are friggin’ hilarious to watch. I think it’s a smart move to cast more extroverted people because they really keep the mood lively and jovial – even if yes, they do come off as annoying every now and then. Yes, I’m mostly talking about Joon Hyung and Jackson Wang. You could probably factor in Guk Joo too, but so far she hasn’t elicited a response from me where I mentally go, “Oh my goodness stop attention-seeking!” which I consider a good sign, because yup, sometimes I do mentally react that way with the other two.

Still, in general I am really enjoying watching this group bond together and I’m glad – SO GLAD – they did away with any forced love lines. Because come on, how much do I(we) love the friendly banter between Ji Young and Jackson? If ever something happens between them – I doubt it, not publicly at least, but let’s say it does and if so, I would much prefer an au natural development.

I also want to applaud PD-nim for finally getting it right with the format, showcasing three or four brief stories per episode. Please keep the show this way PD-nim! There’s a cohesive enough format that the hour doesn’t just feel like we’re and they’re aimlessly meandering yet at the same time, there’s enough liberty for the casts to act as themselves and engage in activities which are entertaining to them and to us.

In short? Win-win!

Last note – I feel for Park Min Woo who’s mostly just swallowed into the background because the new people are so lively and outgoing, while those who are quieter like Seo Kang Joon, instead exude a presence and charisma which Min Woo unfortunately lacks. Some people just have it in them, I guess that must be true. I want to notice him, truly I do, but he just keeps being overshadowed by the new people – even Ryohei! Surprisingly even by the quiet Ryohei! – especially when they’re assembled together, so I hope PD-nim will do something about this. I mean, even Se Ho gets more screen time. Not… that I’m hating on Se Ho or anything, just y’know, Min Woo‘s gotta take the initiative to stand out, which Se Ho is pretty much all about.


Gomen ne, Seishun! (2014)
Gomen ne, Seishun! (2014)

Gomen ne Seishun! 

So I gave this show two episodes to convince me because on paper, it has all the right ingredients:

  • Kudo Kankuro is the show’s screenwriter
  • Leading man is the only J-idol I still have a soft spot for, Nishikido Ryo
  • Leading woman is the ever-awesome Mitsushima Hikari
  • Mitsushima Hikari is oh my goodness totally rockin‘ that bob hairdo
  • The male students are sweethearts, in a clever gender-norm switch!
  • It’s tonally slapstick funny, not stupid funny
  • In typical Kudo Kankuro style, the show’s dialogues are zippy and hilarious
  • The show’s tone is lightweight and breezy, with just enough heart to ground itself meaningfully

…but guys, unfortunately it’s not working for me. I find it more zany than slapstick, and even though I love both the leading man and woman to bits, just the thought of continuing episode 3 is like this big burden I don’t want to bear. So unfortunately I am dropping it… but if the above checklist appeals to you, I totally recommend that you try checking it out because hey, maybe it’s really just me and not the show!


Okay, that’s it from me. Love to hear from you guys about any of this or just anything else you’re watching and would like to share with me!

14 thoughts on “Timeout: Shows That’s Got Me Glued To The Screen.

  1. J, you continue to astound me!! How can you be watching so many shows when you’re so busy with school?? Or did I miss something? You on holidays now? :)

    Anyway, my take on the shows I’m following (or some not).

    1. Cantabile Tmr – Sori J, I tried, I really did. In fact, I tried again y’day. Nope, it didn’t do anything for me at all. In fact, I’d say I’m avoiding the show to keep JW’s great acting intact in my head.

    I watched ep 4 at random. And seriously, I can’t get into the characters at all. J version is still much too clear, every single character. CWJ is not Chiaki. I can tell myself that. JW is giving a different life to Chiaki, or at least he’s trying. But SEK? Sori J, she totally cannot make it. She’s trying to copy Juri too much and failing badly. I actually cringe watching her.

    Ok, I better stop, else will get bashing from your other readers. Apologeis all, above is only m opinions.

    2. Liar Game – Yes, Mr Dimples!! But I agree with you, while the show is good, it’s not gripping good. I’ve not managed to watch the J version, so I’m glad I can’t compare.

    3. Misaeng – You already know what I think of ISW. He’s the cutest thing at the moment!! I love this show. It’s simple yet gripping. Daily story of many office workers, I guess. Maybe not to that extend of harassment (I certainly hope not) but the politics is too real. I’m super glad my working environment is much, much better. I think it’s a great difference working for Asians and the western world, or maybe it’s just my line of work.

    But frankly, do women still get treated like that in Korea? That’s just so unfair that it’s crazy. my blood boil thinking women having to go through this.

    Hvn’t watch the rest of the dramas but I started Mr Back. Ep 2 was quite funny. And I finished 3 Musketeers. It was good! Do watch, only 12 eps, so very doable.


    1. HAHA OMG no I’m not on holiday, but it makes a hugeeee time difference, taking one less heavy class (though now I am starting to feel like I’ve too much time on my hands, which are unwisely spent!). It’s probably only until this end of the year that I’ll be able to watch so many shows, so might as well enjoy it though hehe :)

      1) No worries! I appreciate that you tried, and tried again. Understandable that you can’t get into it, especially since you re-watched the Jversion recently. My space is safe from trolls and heated debates though, as far as I know so it’s all good to comment on the unpleasant bits ;) Yup, I get you when you say SEK isn’t Nodame and trying to copy Ueno Juri – definitely the case in the first two episodes, but I think she’s progressed a lot since then (especially after episode 5 or 6). The character is still unfortunately not well-fleshed out and sometimes does feel like a caricature for me, but comparing her to the pilot episodes – marked improvements! As for Joo Won haha, yup he’s not Chiaki but for me he exudes a similar vibe and one I’m digging. Not everyone’s cuppa of course, so I’m happy to agree to disagree :)

      2) I’m surprised you don’t find it gripping good, given you entered with a blank slate! Huh, makes me wonder what makes a show at-the-edge-of-my-seat good… or maybe I’m just not that into mystery/thriller/suspense genre, even though I love a good mind game. If you have the chance later on, I do recommend the Jversion. I thought it was very cleverly done and given the 45-min duration of Jdramas, the show’s well-paced and concise without losing its suspense. Great stuff.

      3) “I think it’s a great difference working for Asians and the western world, or maybe it’s just my line of work” -> I’ve been seeing this pop up a lot in the DB recap comments section, and I do think there is a difference, just generally irrespective of the field, especially in a highly hierarchical society like Japan and Korea (more than ours for sure, although we too adhere to the elderly first rule) where it’s an added layer of complexity when it comes to respect in the workplace i.e. on top of status, position, there’s totally and literally age to factor in too. As for the misogynistic environment – I wonder too if they exaggerated (slightly), because while we all know this does exist I wonder to what degree and where. On one hand I kinda wish they’re just exaggerating because if that is how it is in real life, goodness just like you it makes me so angry just thinking about it. Are you in a corporate setting too, as in very similar to Misaeng’s setting? My exposure to this world is actually limited- I’m more familiar with academia politics and environment since both my parents teach in universities, but I’m gonna enter the corporate world in a year’s time so- yelp! Not sure what to anticipate!

      Ah, Paloma (below) also suggested Three Musketeers!! I really like Lee Jin Wook (I’m so easy that way haha) so I think I will try to watch it during my Thanksgiving break in a few weeks time :)

  2. Hello Jandoe)) I’m happy to see that you have written a post about dramas,it’s always interesting to hear what you think.) I’m so busy with school right now that I don’t watch many dramas.Hovewer I’m still watching both tomorrow cantanile and liar game.I love tomorrow cantabile even more now then in the beginning,because of the development of all the characters.I absolutely agree with you about Yoo Jin,he is so well-written and I wish the same for Nae Il,but sadly I think screenwriter didn’t do her as complex and interesting character as Yoo Jin.I really want to see character development of her character and hope we will see it in the next 8 episodes.
    I still enjoy liar game,but,like you,I am not at the edge of my seat with this drama.I know all the twists and turns and while I appreciate some differences and really good acting,I don’t feel as excited as I want to.Memories of j-version are still so fresh and frankly speaking I prefer that one.I felt that j-drama was special,more mysterious and stakes were higher than in korean version.I will always prfer Shota Matsuda,but I must admit that Lee Sang Yoon is hot:D I love his character and always excited to see him on screen. As for Nam Da Jung,I think she is as naive as Nao was,but Nao annoyed me more in the beginning,while Nam Da Jung doesn’t annoy me at all.
    I also have just finished the three musketeers and it was awesome) I really recommend you to watch it if you have time.

    1. Paloma hello! Right now I wish that I am as busy with school as you are! Too much idle time and it’s like I can’t sit still but guilty if I keep wasting time over non-school stuff (dramas…) so in the end I just end up wasting time anyway without much progress… But anyway! Sorry for sidetracking aha, I bet it’s stressful but it’s good stress, to keep yourself busy and productive with school!

      OH! Your opinion about Liar Game is similar to Teri, interestingly, even though the Jdrama version is fresh on your mind! To me, now that I think about it – I think it’s a length thing. Like maybe the Jversion worked so well for me because it was short but full of impact. They wasted not even a minute of their typical 45 mins per episode and Matsuda Shot just exudes this mysterious and overflowing charisma that I really believed him to be a genius. So I echo your thoughts about the Jversion compared to the Kversion – which isn’t bad at all as we’ve agreed, just less… gripping. AH! I actually don’t remember Nao at all haha, so thanks for letting me know that Da Jung is less annoying than Nao- I will try to appreciate Da Jung’s character more :p As for Lee Sang Yoon, hehehehehe 8)

      Teri also recommended the three musketeers! I saw some photos of the king and his queen, they looked soooo cute (hahaha I’m such a sucker for romance in sageuk!) so I will try to watch it and it’s actually been on my to-watch list for awhile now :)

      1. It didn’t cross my mind before, but maybe everything is because of length. Liar game feels less suspenseful and gripping because of it. Jdrama was so mysterious and it was always intense without taking breaks for ordinary things. In kdrama it’s just a reality show and stakes aren’t that high, for me it took a great deal of mystery.
        I read so many good things about misaeng, I really want to watch it, but I’m afraid I will cry a river, because I can relate to main character so much.
        You should definitely watch three musketeers, prince and princess are one of the best couples I have ever seen in dramas, their chemistry is amazing.

        1. I think you will cry a river with Misaeng, we all do T_T So find the right time for it, no rush :) Just be sure to watch it okies!

          And okay I’ll definitely watch Three Musketeers during my break then. Sounds really good :D

  3. Re, RM season 2. I am enjoying the heck out of this show. I did not see season 1 so I can not compare but I really am loving the format. There are particular moments that make me especially happy and parts that bore me, but all in all, it is one show I download every week other than 1N2D.

    I find the contradictions about this love line thing amusing . The viewers of S1 was annoyed about the loveline bet SeHo and Nana but in S2 they clamor for love lines bet Sunny-RyoHei and Jackson-YoungJi. Personally, I like that there are none, and hopefully it stays that way. I was actually a bit irritated at PJH at the first ep, something about him just rubbed me the wrong way, but he grew on me on the succeeding eps. As for GukJoo, I like her. I like that she is confident, and that she does not go out of her way to become the center of attention.

    Unfortunately, I am not watching any dramas atm save for Bad Guy (which, I am now 3 eps behind), purely for lack of interest. I believe I was able to complete one drama this year. Gone are the days where I can finish 3 in a month. I did try watching ep 1 of O. Shun’s Nobunaga and it was unexpectedly funny.

    My nights are filled with variety shows though, Roommate, WGM (I used to watch for the JongHyun-Yura couple and watch the others if I have nothing else to do, but ever since the LTE couple came, I just tune in to their portion and dropped the rest) RunningMan (depending on the guest) , the new PD Na show, and tune in religiously to 1n2d. The 1n2d eps have been getting better and better.

    Boy, was this comment long. Sorry, I guess I was just excited to share.. :)

    1. Hellooooo oozzeee! I wondered what you’re up to and watching and boy, am I surprised you’re not watching any dramas! And even more so that it’s been a slow year for you! I’ve heard a lot about Bad Guy, but can’t seem to make myself watch it (crime/thriller movies are okay, but dramas I need more prodding haha) Like I’ve been telling everyone, do give Misaeng a chance when the mood strikes :) I want to watch Jdramas again… wanted to pick up the Kyou wa… i.e. Ayase Haruka show but apparently subs are real slow :( So I’m just gonna wait until all episodes and subs are available. Probably means waiting until January though…

      I’m actually just as surprised that you’re watching a lot more variety!! And wow, I didn’t know you watch a lot of variety too ^_^ don’t think you’ve mentioned that before ehe. But soooo happy there’s someone else who’s enjoying RM S2 as much as I am! I laughed at what you pointed out about the coupling – so true. I think it’s like the PDs and viewers do want something to happen between at least two housemates, but at the same time because of the nature of the K-ent, there’ll be some degree of staging and lots of editing aha. Everything you said about the rest of the cast though, yup. I actually don’t particularly fancy Guk Joo, but I do love that she’s real, sassy and confident about herself yup.

      Also! I’m actually watching WGM for So Eun-Jae Rim too hahaha. Forgot to mention here :p They’e hilarious and super cute, although as per usual with WGM and me – I’ll be super into it the first 2/3 watch and then my interest just kind of fizzles. Still watching them, but no longer giggling like a crazy person over the cute though haha. I do loveeeee him though, cos I am pretty certain he is NOT faking himself i.e. tryna be all cool and all, and that’s really refreshing.

      As for 1N2D, I LOVED the original season, watched bits of S2 and tuned in to this most recent one for Jo In Sung just last week hahaha. It doesn’t seem bad at all but there’s like a guest every week in this new season and my nostalgic heart finds an issue with that (just a lil!) cos the first two seasons were all about the cast. Then again though, I am not watching it so I will take your word about it that’s getting better and better ;)

  4. As I was reading this post, I just kept saying “Yep, yep, yep” as I agreed with everything you said, lol. So for most of the shows you talked about, I have nothing else to say! I’m glad you like Tomorrow’s Cantabile because so do I, but I keep reading so many criticisms about it and i don’t really understand why. So for you to like it, who was so excited for it and loved the original so much, I feel I’m not wrong in enjoying it too, ha ha

    With Pride & Prejudice, I’ve stalled on it, for some reason. I haven’t watched beyond episode 2 yet, and I’m an episode behind on Misaeng as well. And it’s not that I don’t like them, I just can’t find the motivation to watch them when I’ve got other stuff I can watch. Same with Roommate 2. I wasn’t going to watch it, and then I watched the first two episodes and decided I would stick with it, but then didn’t watch another episode, lol. And now I’m too far behind. The episodes are just too long for me to catch up.

    With Misaeng, I absolutely get why people say it feels like a j-drama. I thought the exact same thing; it’s not makjang, it doesn’t have a dramatic overarching plot; it’s just about the characters. And each episode centres around a new character within the office, which is very j-drama-esque.

    1. HEHE about me liking TC, although sometimes I also think I’m “easy” when it comes to shows (and good-looking guys… :p) I’m surprised I’m liking it as much as at the back of my mind I am sometimes critical about certain scenes and dialogue etc. I guess my modus operandi with this show is to close an eye and focus on things I like about it- seems to work haha!

      P&P is honestly… normal. Like not a bad one, but not a standout either. Even so, I keep tuning in haha cos it’s such a breezy watch and I guess maybe I can’t wait for the romance to blossom. I don’t actually find Choi Jin Hyuk swoony hot like most people seem to find him, but him and Baek Jin Hee are really cute together :p

      If you’re too far behind RM or any variety show really, it’s just easier to pick up from the most recent episode aha and forget backtracking. Too much time… I do find RM2 very watchable though so I would recommend picking it up again whenever the mood strikes!

      And Misaeng love love love. Maybe it’s not for everyone actually so it’s okay if you end up not continuing, but ahhh I love it so much hahaha

  5. thank you for recommending Misaeng!!! I agree with everything you said about the drama (I am just finishing my own post on it lol). The actors are just perfect for the characters I haven’t seen a well-casted drama like this one in a long time. Even the finance officer was a hoot! Oh yes, I also love Han Sukyool! He balances the characters very well with his quirky side. I can’t wait to watch the next episodes and thank you again for recommending it, it may change my life at work? hahahaha

  6. Tomorrow’s Cantabile- I’ve watched up to episode 8, I think, on Tomorrow’s Cantabile, and I might get to episode nine, but after that I’ll probably drop it. I find myself zoning out most of the time whenever I watch an episode and I can’t really get behind any of the characters, even Yoo Jin, who arguably has the biggest character arc. I don’t know what it is, but something’s just ringing hollow to me. I do agree though that Shim Eun Kyung is doing a lot with very little and Nae-il feeling more like a person than an idiot made me stick with the drama longer than I normally would have. And Yoon Hoo, he’s so awesome. I was totally ready to dump on him because I didn’t see the need for a love rival for Yoo JIn, but Park Bo Geum is so charismatic.

    Liar Game- Love it, oh so good. Yes, Lee Sang Yoon is hot (and he could crack a smile once in a while so we could see those dimples), but Shin Sung Rok deserves all the awards. Best villain ever.

    I never have enough time to watch Misaeng. I keep meaning to, but that first episode is so looooong. An hour and a half is seriously pushing it and company dramas are just not my thing, but I really want to see what the fuss is so I might marathon it this weekend.

    Aw, I’m so sad you didn’t like Gomen ne Seishun! I agree, it’s totally ridiculously and I don’t even think it takes itself that seriously, but for me it’s crazy in the right way.

    1. Noooooo! You’re dropping TC?? AWWW :( But I understand… honestly I’m surprised I’m still so invested up until now aha. I totally hear you on your reasons though especially when you said how it rings hollow. I found myself nodding along to what you said about the cast and YES I think the same way about Park Bo Geum! Ugh who is this dude, he’s totally slaying the role and adding value to the production rather than take it away. I find that ultimately, Nae-il either works for some people, or not at all. I’m like I think my affection for SEK is stronger than for Nae-il, hence my sticking around and keep trying to find the silver lining.

      Shin Sung Rok is madddd awesome in Liar Game omgggg. He was THE BEST in the two recent episodes, especially that last scene in ep8. OMG talk about hella creepy! …and I’m really happy people are starting to see the hot-wonder that is Lee Sang Yoon :D

      The first two episodes of Misaeng is a real hurdle, but it’s a necessary evil. It’s also depressing like hell, so if you find yourself discouraged please try to watch until episode 3 or 4 at least!! I know that’s a lot of time to spend on a show you’re not even sure you want to commit to, but it’s kinda necessary to get into the groove of Misaeng and make a justified reason to not watch it. They made the mistake of starting off on a super long and tonally downer first two episodes, but it gets better after that, promise :)

      I’m sad too!! I really wanted to watch it and keep to it, but sigh can’t seem to convince myself to pick up ep 3. I want to watch the new Ayase drama, but subs are slow so I think I’ll wait until it’s completed, though this probably means watching it in January! Sob sob.

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