“girls like you don’t disappear.”

Note-to-self and countless others with hearts like warriors. Don’t settle.

“The problem is that
the worlds inside of you
are expanding and not by inches,
there are universes living in your stomach
growing in a way 
that not even God can explain
and maybe this is the problem
you are too busy looking for ways
to explain yourself away 

I don’t know how to tell you 
that it’s not emptiness breathing inside of you
it’s fucking magic,
it’s breathing,
it’s chosen you because growing things
look for warm places
and you are the warmest place of all 

girls like you don’t know how to shrink
girls like you don’t have it in them 
girls like you don’t wait for love 
you don’t howl for love, you are not
your shaking knees or your hungry fingers
girls like you don’t disappear

and if you tried, the wolves would find you,
one of their own 
heart like a warrior, heart like a float 
they’d create a new moon to yowl at
they’d name that moon after you
they’d call it ‘miracle.’”

– Azra.T, The Moon and More | 5000letters


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