The Onionsoul Edition: #683.

I’m rewinding the clock to 4 AM on March 8, 2011:

My sister shared a thought on happiness the other day and I wasn’t sure what she was saying but,

there are two types of happiness in the world – the first is happiness that you feel after everything is done and over, the kind where you reflect upon much later and realize how happy you were when you were in it, and the second, and the more rare, is the happiness you feel in the moment. The now. The courage to realize, admit, accept, and appreciate the fact that despite everything you think is going wrong [with] your life and yourself, 

you actually have everything you need.

– Pinknerd | #683. Some People Can What Others Can’t


Funny, that sister was me. I was the one who told her this; I remember this only vaguely, but I know with certainty that it was something I thought a lot about back then. I think I was in a good place at the time and wanted to understand why happiness is so fleeting. Don’t look at me; three years later – I have nothing to add to this. It is what it is, exactly as it is. But we forget so easily, oh what ungrateful beings we are.

Say you’re okay, I’m okay – and mean it. Say life is going well, better than most – and mean it. The happiness that you feel in the moment – savor it. Don’t let it slide. Don’t wait five, ten years to pass by before you’ll at last allow yourself to look back and find yourself with a frown, thinking to yourself, “Ah, that was my happiness.” 

I am so fucking tired of your negativity and pessimism; you may not have everything that you want at this given moment, but you damn well have have everything you need. Everything else is bonus, of course you’ve to work to earn them.

How long are you going to sit there feeling sorry for yourself?

(I’m not waiting with you)


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